A personal update from MMA-in-ASIA’s Managing Editor, Lee Li


First of all, a huge thank you to all the readers who have made this website a success, and to all the people in the Asian MMA industry from fighters to promoters who toil endlessly for the is amazing sport in Asia.

When I started ASIA MMA as a Facebook page in 2011, I never imagined that a resource meant to consolidate information on Asia’s MMA scene would grow into a full-fledged website that is read world-wide. It was been an amazing journey. I have been thrilled to watch firsthand as Asia’s MMA community has grown exponentially. I have taken pride as Asia’s MMA fighters have grown their fan bases and succeeded in international competition.

Along with the MMA community, MMA-in-ASIA has constantly grown. We have taken on excellent writers and photographers from Japan to Malaysia. As a team, we have provided the most on-the-ground coverage of Asian MMA events out of any and all MMA websites. We have been first in providing interviews in English from the up-and-coming prospects to the legendary MMA figures in Asia MMA.

Therefore, it is with mixed emotions that I announce relinquishing my role as Managing Editor for MMA-in-ASIA. I have accepted new personal commitments which will preclude me from fully executing my responsibilities to MMA-in-ASIA. So I will take this moment to make some changes to the way we are structured.

Our writers – Zike Sugawara, John Hyon Ko, and Joanna Ash, among others – as well as our photographers – Akihito Tatematsu, Davis Ash, among others – will continue their excellent coverage of Asia’s MMA scene for MMA-in-ASIA. We will open up the website to more submissions from new writers and photographers as well (for enquiries, please email lili.asiamma@gmail.com). A new section for press releases will be added for the industry to connect directly with the community.

As the owner of MMA-in-ASIA, I still believe our MMA community in Asia needs this website, however I will no longer be involved with content creation and day-to-day management. I will leave that to our excellent contributors, and announce managing responsibility transitions at a later time.

I love ASIA MMA; it is my main focus in life and I will continue to strive for its development in other areas. I thank all of our partners and especially our steady sponsors VENUM Fightwear and ROAD Fighting Championship, without whose support we absolutely would not have been able to continue.

I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your support during MMA-in-ASIA’s formative years, and hope that you continue to trust this website as a source of direct, in-depth and trustworthy information on ASIA MMA.

Lee Li (Asia MMA)