iJudgeFights.com selects FightMetric for Data Provider

Our newest sponsor, iJudgeFights.com, is a Shanghai start up introducing a brand new concept in the world of MMA: an application that lets fans score fights live.  The platform will also be used in Big John McCarthy’s COMMAND officials course.  As one of hopefully many press releases to come regarding the launch of this exciting new app, here is the most recent information concerning their selection of FightMetric:
iJudgeFights (www.ijudgefights.com) is pleased to announce that we have selected FightMetric as our fight data provider of choice.
Shanghai,China- (May 15th, 2012)
iJudgeFights .com allows fans to score fights live, round by round, anywhere in the world and compare their scores with other fans and the real judges. One of the goals of iJudgeFights.com is to improve judging in MMA through education and analysis.
“When fans boo a decision it’s either because they see that the judges got it wrong, or the judges got it right and the fans don’t understand why. Our job is to close the gap in understanding by seeing how and why fans AND judges score fights differently. It’s also a lot of fun!” said Jordan Morley, Co-Founder and CEO of iJudgeFights.com.

Morley went on to say ”iJudgeFights.com will begin adding many social media elements and second screen functionality. FightMetric is the industry leader in fight –related data. We are very happy to be working with FightMetric to keep our fighter database up to date and provide real time fight data”.
FightMetric provides its clients, including the UFC, with live round-by-round data during MMA events. The information is available online at UFC.com, and other FightMetric partner sites, with FightMetric statistics powering fighter profile and events pages.
For more information about iJudgeFights.com please visit www.iJudgeFights.com or e-mail info@iJudgeFights.com
For more information about FightMetric please visit www.fightmetric.com or email info@fightmetric.com
About iJudgeFights
iJudgeFights is a website and mobile co-viewing app providing MMA fans a platform to score fights live round-by-round and compare their scores to other fans and the judges. iJudgeFights.com has partnered with C.O.M.M.A.N.D. and Big John McCarthy to improve judging in MMA via education and analysis. It is the ultimate “Social network for armchair judges”.
About FightMetric, LLC
Started in 2007, FightMetric® is the world’s only comprehensive mixed martial arts statistics and analysis provider, and is the official statistics provider of the UFC®. FightMetric counts among its clients some of the largest media companies in the world, including ESPN, FOX, and Microsoft. The company provides data and fantasy services, along with cutting edge research aimed at advancing the sport of MMA. FightMetric is based in Washington, DC.