At UFC Manila, Phillipe Nover makes a dominant comeback over Nam Yui-Chul


Phillipe Nover defeats Nam Yui-Chul
Phillipe Nover defeats Nam Yui-Chul

UFC Manila took place at the Mall of Asia Arena in the Philippines on May 16, 2015. Philippe Nover returned to the Octagon and put on a dominant display of high-flying takedowns to split decision Nam Yui-Chul.

Play by play

Phillipe Nover vs Yui Chul Nam

Nover opens with a head kick, not much on it. Then Nover shoots and puts Nam on his butt, a very rare thing. Nam looks to stand but Nover keeps his legs and sits him down again. Nam keeps one hand on the ground but gets standing. Nover plants knees on his calf. Huge fireman’s lift and Nam sees airtime! Nover is back and in excellent form, he’s out-Nam-ing Nam at his own game! Nam doesn’t stay down, so Nover punches his head while still keeping the back. Nam won’t lift his hand off the canvas. When he does, Nover just puts him down again. Nam stands and Nover lands an elbow at the end of the round.

Rd 2. Now Nam looks mad. Doesn’t matter, Nover takes him down AGAIN. Maybe the division drop really hurt Nam. Another atomic drop from Nover, and he latches onto Nam’s back, rolls off and Nam punches him hard! But then Nam jumps into guard and Nover attempts a triangle! Nam blasts out and starts hammering down on Nover! Nover scrambles up and out! Nam tries to go in, clearly mouth gaping, eats a jab. Nover shoots, this time Nam defends it, but he’s against the cage and well, that’s what Nover wants. Another double. Nam fights his way back to standing and reverses Nover to the cage. Nover tries a trip but in slow motion Nam rolls onto the top. Nam starts punching but Nover goes for the triangle. Nam out and working to side control, Nover keeps his guard and Nam punches to the bell.

Rd 3. Now surprisingly the Koreans get vocal and chant “Nam Yui-Chul!” It works, Nam gets a brief double. Nam looks for the trip, when Nover defends, he tosses him. Nam stays on top, looks to pressure, and Nover grabs for a guillotine. Nam pops out and is in mount now, then gets a d’arce! Nover almost recovers guard! Nam has an arm triangle but it’s not in the right position and he’s blocked by the cage. Nover tries to butterfly to kick him off, Nam pushes himself off tha cage ad finally gives up the choke. Nam swings wildy to the bell.

Phillipe Nover defeats Nam Yui-Chul by Decision, 29-28, 28-29, 29-28

8 Phillipe Nover defeats Nam Yui-Chul