DEEP 70 Impact recap and photos: Kaz Nakamura’s bittersweet retirement passes the title to Nakanishi

DEEP 70 Impact Kazuhiro Nakamura's final match
DEEP 70 Impact Kazuhiro Nakamura’s final match

At DEEP 70 Impact on December 21, 2014, Kazuhiro Nakamura’s retirement fight title match with Yoshiyuki Nakanishi was a bittersweet affair. The match went the full three rounds, with Nakanishi earning the right to take the belt from the Champion.


Kaz took his time coming out to say hello to all the fans who came to wish him well. Once in the ring, he gave them what they wanted, and stood toe to toe trading leather with Nakanishi. However, Nakanishi made it clear with his first take down that he aimed to fight for the belt, not pay his respects.

In the second, Nakanishi went past Kaz’s striking to clinch and punished him in the corner before being pushed off. The tide massively turned when Nakanishi got his next takedown, went to mount and rained down elbows and punches on Kaz. The legend weathered it all to get an amazing reversal. The Champ then stood up and threw kicks down to Nakanishi and tried for a flashy body stomp at the bell.

In the final round, Kaz landed big overhands while Nakanishi kept shooting. Once he succeeded, the threw more elbows from mount to batter Kaz. Kaz eventually recovered half guard and stood out, where he started throwing bombs at Nakanishi again, who landed his final shoot at the bell.

While it wasn’t Kaz’s best performance, it was an entertaining bout. Nakanishi clearly had the Champ figured out and although he couldn’t finish him, his performance was definitely one of a victor. Nakanishi claimed the belt, while Kaz waited in his corner for his retirement final gong. There were definitely wet eyes all around as he stood alone in the spotlight for his final 10-count.


Welterweight Championship

Challenger Yuya Shirai opened up the bout with low kicks and picked shots from the outside. Champion Yuta Watanabe gauged his distance patiently, and then landed one right on the button for a knockdown. Shirai turtled up in defense, but Watanabe was unstoppable, until the referee stepped in at just the halfway mark of the first round.


Daisuke Nakamura showed Yoichi Fukomoto a thing or two about the strength of experience as he fended off submission attempts through the opening rounds, getting a reversal to threaten with his own, and calmly enduring a rear naked choke attempt that might have put lesser men to sleep. Daisuke ended the battle by punching Yoichi so hard that he spun around to fall flat on his face in the other direction.

Shigetoshi Iwase came in with bad intentions against Yukinari Tamura. Iwase’s onslaught of punches was returned by Tamura’s low kicks, and when Tamura was down, his grappling indeed saved him. However Iwase was not to be denied and got the KO in the second round.

Koichi Ishizuka was in trouble early on as Daisuke Endo dropped him with punches and followed him down to deliver more. Ishizuka found his timing in the second round with nice counters, and then got his own takedown with ground and pound. Ishizuka really turned up his striking in the third, and while Endo still was able to knock him hard, Ishizuka damaged both of Endo’s eyes and earned the UD.

Mateus Irie came out like a crazy man against Juri Ohara with punches and a takedown. However, Ohara reversed out and began his ground and pound with about 30 unanswered punches. When the ref called it off, irate Irie protests that he was defending.

During the intermission, many of the fighters on the DEEP Dream Impact New Years Eve card were present. Kiyotaka Shimizu and Satoru Kitaoka both spoke.

To cap off the undercard, Takashige Hirukawa had an exhibition match with Tribe Tokyo MMA teammate Kiyotaka Shimizu as his retirement ceremony commenced.

For the full play by play of all 15 matches, please click here.


DEEP 70 Impact
December 21, 2014
Differ Ariake
Tokyo, Japan

#15 – KING KAZ Retirement Match: Middleweight Championship
Yoshiyuki Nakanishi def Kazuhiro Nakamura by UD

#14 – Welterweight Championship
Yuta Watanabe def Yuya Shirai by TKO, rd 1

#13 – Lightweight
Daisuke Nakamura def Yoichi Fukomoto by KO rd 3

#12 – Lightweight
Shigetoshi Iwase def Yukinari Tamura by TKO rd 2

#11 – Bantamweight
Koichi Ishizuka def Daisuke Endo by UD

#10 – Lightweight
Juri Ohara def Mateus Irie by TKO, rd 1

#9 – Lightweight
Seita Katsuki def Hiroki Kishino by UD

#8 – Welterweight
Yuki Suzuki def Nao Yoneda by Majority Decision

#7 – Bantamweight
Ken Saotome def Fuhito Hasegawa by Decision

#6 – Featherweight
Yuki Ohara def Takeshi Ogane by Unanimous Decision

#5 – Lightweight
Kazuyuki Numajiri def Liger Narita by TKO, rd 1

#4 – Bantamweight
Satoshi Yamasu def Michihito Abe by Submission, armbar, rd 1

#3 –
Tatsuya Tomozane defeats Kazushi Tsukagoshi by Submission, RNC, rd 2

#2 – Flyweight
Adaniya Tomohiro def Kenji Yamanaka by Unanimous Decision

Shinya Sugiyama def Toshinari Ogawa by Unanimous Decision


Ringside photography by Akihito Tatematsu


#15 – KING KAZ Retirement Match: Middleweight Championship
Yoshiyuki Nakanishi def Kazuhiro Nakamura

yoshiyuki nakanishi def kazuhiro nakamura_76.jpg
yoshiyuki nakanishi def kazuhiro nakamura_77.jpg
yoshiyuki nakanishi def kazuhiro nakamura_78.jpg
yoshiyuki nakanishi def kazuhiro nakamura_79.jpg
yoshiyuki nakanishi def kazuhiro nakamura_80.jpg
yoshiyuki nakanishi def kazuhiro nakamura_81.jpg
yoshiyuki nakanishi def kazuhiro nakamura.jpg
yoshiyuki nakanishi def kazuhiro nakamura_1.jpg
yoshiyuki nakanishi def kazuhiro nakamura_2.jpg
yoshiyuki nakanishi def kazuhiro nakamura_3.jpg
yoshiyuki nakanishi def kazuhiro nakamura_4.jpg
yoshiyuki nakanishi def kazuhiro nakamura_5.jpg


#14 – Welterweight Championship – Yuta Watanabe def Yuya Shirai

yuta watanabe def yuya shirai_18.jpg
yuta watanabe def yuya shirai_19.jpg
yuta watanabe def yuya shirai_20.jpg
yuta watanabe def yuya shirai_21.jpg
yuta watanabe def yuya shirai_22.jpg
yuta watanabe def yuya shirai_23.jpg
yuta watanabe def yuya shirai.jpg
yuta watanabe def yuya shirai_1.jpg
yuta watanabe def yuya shirai_2.jpg
yuta watanabe def yuya shirai_3.jpg
yuta watanabe def yuya shirai_4.jpg
yuta watanabe def yuya shirai_5.jpg


#13 – Daisuke Nakamura def Yoichi Fukomoto

daisuke nakamura def yoichi fukomoto_25.jpg
daisuke nakamura def yoichi fukomoto_26.jpg
daisuke nakamura def yoichi fukomoto_27.jpg
daisuke nakamura def yoichi fukomoto_28.jpg
daisuke nakamura def yoichi fukomoto_29.jpg
daisuke nakamura def yoichi fukomoto_30.jpg
daisuke nakamura def yoichi fukomoto.jpg
daisuke nakamura def yoichi fukomoto_1.jpg
daisuke nakamura def yoichi fukomoto_2.jpg
daisuke nakamura def yoichi fukomoto_3.jpg
daisuke nakamura def yoichi fukomoto_4.jpg
daisuke nakamura def yoichi fukomoto_5.jpg


#12 – Shigetoshi Iwase def Yukinari Tamura

shigetoshi iwase def yukinari tamura_8.jpg
shigetoshi iwase def yukinari tamura_9.jpg
shigetoshi iwase def yukinari tamura_10.jpg
shigetoshi iwase def yukinari tamura_11.jpg
shigetoshi iwase def yukinari tamura_12.jpg
shigetoshi iwase def yukinari tamura_13.jpg
shigetoshi iwase def yukinari tamura.jpg
shigetoshi iwase def yukinari tamura_1.jpg
shigetoshi iwase def yukinari tamura_2.jpg
shigetoshi iwase def yukinari tamura_3.jpg
shigetoshi iwase def yukinari tamura_4.jpg
shigetoshi iwase def yukinari tamura_5.jpg


#11 – Koichi Ishizuka def Daisuke Endo

koichi ishizuka def daisuke endo_12.jpg
koichi ishizuka def daisuke endo_13.jpg
koichi ishizuka def daisuke endo_14.jpg
koichi ishizuka def daisuke endo_15.jpg
koichi ishizuka def daisuke endo_16.jpg
koichi ishizuka def daisuke endo_17.jpg
koichi ishizuka def daisuke endo_18.jpg
koichi ishizuka def daisuke endo_19.jpg
koichi ishizuka def daisuke endo_20.jpg
koichi ishizuka def daisuke endo_21.jpg
koichi ishizuka def daisuke endo_22.jpg
koichi ishizuka def daisuke endo_23.jpg


#10 – Juri Ohara def Mateus Irie

juri ohara def mateus irie_17.jpg
juri ohara def mateus irie_18.jpg
juri ohara def mateus irie_19.jpg
juri ohara def mateus irie_20.jpg
juri ohara def mateus irie_21.jpg
juri ohara def mateus irie_22.jpg
juri ohara def mateus irie.jpg
juri ohara def mateus irie_1.jpg
juri ohara def mateus irie_2.jpg
juri ohara def mateus irie_3.jpg
juri ohara def mateus irie_4.jpg
juri ohara def mateus irie_5.jpg


#9 – Seita Katsuki def Hiroki Kishino

seita katsuki def hiroki kishino_20.jpg
seita katsuki def hiroki kishino_21.jpg
seita katsuki def hiroki kishino_22.jpg
seita katsuki def hiroki kishino_23.jpg
seita katsuki def hiroki kishino_24.jpg
seita katsuki def hiroki kishino_25.jpg
seita katsuki def hiroki kishino.jpg
seita katsuki def hiroki kishino_1.jpg
seita katsuki def hiroki kishino_2.jpg
seita katsuki def hiroki kishino_3.jpg
seita katsuki def hiroki kishino_4.jpg
seita katsuki def hiroki kishino_5.jpg


Special Exhibition Match, Takashige Hirukawa’s retirement
Takashige Hirukawa vs Kiyotaka Shimizu

takashige hirukawa retirement match_17.jpg
takashige hirukawa retirement match_18.jpg
takashige hirukawa retirement match_19.jpg
takashige hirukawa retirement match_20.jpg
takashige hirukawa retirement match_21.jpg
takashige hirukawa retirement match_22.jpg
takashige hirukawa retirement match.jpg
takashige hirukawa retirement match_1.jpg
takashige hirukawa retirement match_2.jpg
takashige hirukawa retirement match_3.jpg
takashige hirukawa retirement match_4.jpg
takashige hirukawa retirement match_5.jpg


#8 – Yuki Suzuki def Nao Yoneda

yuki suzuki def nao yoneda_20.jpg
yuki suzuki def nao yoneda_21.jpg
yuki suzuki def nao yoneda_22.jpg
yuki suzuki def nao yoneda_23.jpg
yuki suzuki def nao yoneda_24.jpg
yuki suzuki def nao yoneda_25.jpg
yuki suzuki def nao yoneda.jpg
yuki suzuki def nao yoneda_1.jpg
yuki suzuki def nao yoneda_2.jpg
yuki suzuki def nao yoneda_3.jpg
yuki suzuki def nao yoneda_4.jpg
yuki suzuki def nao yoneda_5.jpg


#7 – Ken Saotome def Fuhito Hasegawa

ken saotome def fuhito hasegawa_12.jpg
ken saotome def fuhito hasegawa_13.jpg
ken saotome def fuhito hasegawa_14.jpg
ken saotome def fuhito hasegawa_15.jpg
ken saotome def fuhito hasegawa_16.jpg
ken saotome def fuhito hasegawa_17.jpg
ken saotome def fuhito hasegawa.jpg
ken saotome def fuhito hasegawa_1.jpg
ken saotome def fuhito hasegawa_2.jpg
ken saotome def fuhito hasegawa_3.jpg
ken saotome def fuhito hasegawa_4.jpg
ken saotome def fuhito hasegawa_5.jpg


#6 – Yuki Ohara def Takeshi Ogane

yuki ohara def takeshi ogane_19.jpg
yuki ohara def takeshi ogane_20.jpg
yuki ohara def takeshi ogane_21.jpg
yuki ohara def takeshi ogane_22.jpg
yuki ohara def takeshi ogane_23.jpg
yuki ohara def takeshi ogane_24.jpg
yuki ohara def takeshi ogane.jpg
yuki ohara def takeshi ogane_1.jpg
yuki ohara def takeshi ogane_2.jpg
yuki ohara def takeshi ogane_3.jpg
yuki ohara def takeshi ogane_4.jpg
yuki ohara def takeshi ogane_5.jpg


#5 – Kazuyuki Numajiri def Liger Narita

kazuyuki numajiri def liger narita_2.jpg
kazuyuki numajiri def liger narita_3.jpg
kazuyuki numajiri def liger narita_4.jpg
kazuyuki numajiri def liger narita_5.jpg
kazuyuki numajiri def liger narita_6.jpg
kazuyuki numajiri def liger narita_7.jpg
kazuyuki numajiri def liger narita.jpg
kazuyuki numajiri def liger narita_1.jpg
kazuyuki numajiri def liger narita_2.jpg
kazuyuki numajiri def liger narita_3.jpg
kazuyuki numajiri def liger narita_4.jpg
kazuyuki numajiri def liger narita_5.jpg


#4 – Satoshi Yamasu def Michihito Abe

satoshi yamasu def michihito abe_4.jpg
satoshi yamasu def michihito abe_5.jpg
satoshi yamasu def michihito abe_6.jpg
satoshi yamasu def michihito abe_7.jpg
satoshi yamasu def michihito abe_8.jpg
satoshi yamasu def michihito abe_9.jpg
satoshi yamasu def michihito abe.jpg
satoshi yamasu def michihito abe_1.jpg
satoshi yamasu def michihito abe_2.jpg
satoshi yamasu def michihito abe_3.jpg
satoshi yamasu def michihito abe_4.jpg
satoshi yamasu def michihito abe_5.jpg


#3 – Tatsuya Tomozane defeats Kazushi Tsukagoshi

tatsuya tomozane defeats kazushi tsukagoshi_22.jpg
tatsuya tomozane defeats kazushi tsukagoshi_23.jpg
tatsuya tomozane defeats kazushi tsukagoshi_24.jpg
tatsuya tomozane defeats kazushi tsukagoshi_25.jpg
tatsuya tomozane defeats kazushi tsukagoshi_26.jpg
tatsuya tomozane defeats kazushi tsukagoshi_27.jpg
tatsuya tomozane defeats kazushi tsukagoshi.jpg
tatsuya tomozane defeats kazushi tsukagoshi_1.jpg
tatsuya tomozane defeats kazushi tsukagoshi_2.jpg
tatsuya tomozane defeats kazushi tsukagoshi_3.jpg
tatsuya tomozane defeats kazushi tsukagoshi_4.jpg
tatsuya tomozane defeats kazushi tsukagoshi_5.jpg


#2 – Adaniya Tomohiro def Kenji Yamanaka

adaniya tomohiro def kenji yamanaka_11.jpg
adaniya tomohiro def kenji yamanaka_12.jpg
adaniya tomohiro def kenji yamanaka_13.jpg
adaniya tomohiro def kenji yamanaka_14.jpg
adaniya tomohiro def kenji yamanaka_15.jpg
adaniya tomohiro def kenji yamanaka_16.jpg
adaniya tomohiro def kenji yamanaka.jpg
adaniya tomohiro def kenji yamanaka_1.jpg
adaniya tomohiro def kenji yamanaka_2.jpg
adaniya tomohiro def kenji yamanaka_3.jpg
adaniya tomohiro def kenji yamanaka_4.jpg
adaniya tomohiro def kenji yamanaka_5.jpg


#1 – Shinya Sugiyama def Toshinari Ogawa

shinya sugiyama def toshinari ogawa_7.jpg
shinya sugiyama def toshinari ogawa_8.jpg
shinya sugiyama def toshinari ogawa_9.jpg
shinya sugiyama def toshinari ogawa_10.jpg
shinya sugiyama def toshinari ogawa_11.jpg
shinya sugiyama def toshinari ogawa_12.jpg
shinya sugiyama def toshinari ogawa.jpg