DEEP Dream Impact live results and updates from New Years Eve event in Saitama

DEEP Dream Impact 2014
DEEP Dream Impact 2014

DEEP Dream Impact takes place on December 31, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. The star-studded event sees Japan’s best MMA fighters from different promotions finally square off.


The main event is Satoru Kitaoka’s Lightweight title defense against Yoshiyuki Yoshida.  DEEP Champions Otsuka and Kazunori Yokota will face Pancrase Kings Shintaro Ishiwatari and ISAO respectively.

DEEP Champion Yuki Motoya will face former RFA Champion Matt Manzanares at flyweight, and DEEP Champ  Tatsunao Nagakura will meet George Hickman.

Former DEEP Champs Tatsumitsu Wada and Mizuno Hirota will face Shooto Champ Ryuichi Miki and Kim Kyu-Hwa respectively.

Pancrase Champ Kiyotaka Shimizu will meet Yuya Shibata.

Four women’s bouts will also take place, including Ayaka Hamasaki versus V.V Mei Yamaguchi, and Emi Tomimatsu versus Emi Fujino.


December 31, 2014
Saitama Super Arena
Tokyo, Japan

Prelims start at 3pmJST
Live PPV on Niconico here (instructions here)

#18 – Lightweight Championship
Satoru Kitaoka 北岡 悟(LOTUS/DEEPライト級王者)DEEP Champion
Yoshiyuki Yoshida 吉田善行(Team Curran)

Kitaoka shoots and keeps Yoshida down and against the cage for the entire round. He is so strong. Yoshida tries for a reversal but cant get it.

Rd 2. Kitaoka shoots again. Keeps Yoshida against the cage again the whole round.

Rd 3 sees Yoshida get some punches in and have a brief moment on top but its all Kitaoka.

Satoru Kitaoka by UD


#17 – Flyweight
Yuki Motoya 元谷友貴(CB IMPACT/DEEPフライ級王者)DEEP Champion
Matt Manzanares マット・マンザナレス(Black Dragon Martial Arts)Former RFA Champion

Yuki picking his kicks and punches and one sets Matt down. Yuki goes in for the kill but Matt survives and gets out of a tight armbar to end the round with a takedown.

Rd2. Motoya working the leg kicks hard. Then a flying knee and front kick knock Matt down. Yuki works on him against the cage to the bell. Hard knees to the headd.

Rd 3. Yuki catches a kick and puts Matt down. From there he mounts and pounds on him for a couple of minutes until the ref has seen enough.

Yuki Motoya by TKO rd 3


#16 – DEEP vs Pancrase Bantamweight
Takafumi Otsuka 大塚隆史(AACC)DEEP Champion
Shintaro Ishiwatari 石渡伸太郎(CAVE)Pancrase Champion

Otsuka uses kicks to set up his beautiful wrestling. Ishiwatari knows he kneeds the KO and he hunts for it. Once he rocks Otsuka he tries to finish him. And keeps coming with punches and soccer kicks.

Shintaro Ishiwatari by KO rd 1


#15 – DEEP vs Pancrase Featherweight
Kazunori Yokota 横田一則(フリー/DEEPフェザー級王者)DEEP Champion
ISAO Kobayashi ISAO(坂口一族) Pancrase Champion

Yokota clotbeslines Isao! From top he gets a gruesome kimura but Isao gets out!

Rd 2. Both striking with Isao getting to the cage. Now 2 low blows in a row from Yokota. Yokota keeps shooting but Isao defends. They each drop one another in an exchange!

Rd 3. Yokota finally gets his takedowns but Isao just cage walks up and presses him to the cage until the ref breaks it.

Kazunori Yokota by UD


#14 – Flyweight
Tatsumitsu Wada 和田竜光(吉田道場)Former DEEP Champion
Ryuichi Miki 神酒龍一(CAVE)Shooto Champion

Wada has lethat low kicks. Miki returns fire with punches.

Rd 2. More of Wadas kicks doing damage and when Miki fails shoots he tries for soccer kicks. One lands with a thud. Miki keeps up a frantic barrage of atikes.

Rd 3. Miki face and right calf are toast. but he keeps it up. Wada with the shoot and quickly gets a back take and choke!

Tatsumitsu Wada by Submission rd 3


#13 – Flyweight
Yoshiro Maeda 前田吉朗(パンクラス大阪稲垣組)
Haruo Ochi 越智晴雄(パラエストラ愛媛)

Holy soccer kicks! Tons of them!!! Ochi with the wrestling u derhand throws and Maeda with the auper bjj takedown reversals.

Rd 2. Maeda gets standing back gaainst the cage and literally kicks off it to get the takedown! Then he earns mount and beats on Ochi for the rest of the round.

Rd 3. More flyweight insanity with rolling reversals. Ochi gets a tight guillotine and Maeda waits it out twice.

Yoshiro Maeda by Majority Decision


#12 – Featherweight
Mizuto Hirota 廣田瑞人(CAVE)
Kim Kyu-Hwa (Pohang BD BJJ)

Trauma abounds! Kim trades with Hirota and even knocks him down! Hirota blisters him from the outside but nobody expected the Korean newcomers face to be so stong.

Rd 2 andd Hirota waits. Kim shoots and Hirota reverses him and thors him down and soccer kicks him out!

Mizuno Hirota by KO rd 2


#11 – DEEP vs Pancrase Bantamweight
Toshiaki Kitada 北田俊亮(パラエストラ千葉)
Taichi Nakajima 中島太一(パラエストラ東京)

Both fighters with kicks. Kitada with more control in clinch and cage work.

Rd 2. Nuts. Back and forth on this one but Kitada spent most time dominating and working pressure when it went down.

Rd 3. Kitada survives a KO and stomps to come back with an armbar attempt and end the rpund attempting a choke from top mount!!!

Toshiaki Kitada by UD


#10 – DEEP vs Pancrase Flyweight
Yuya Shibata 柴田MONKEY有哉(総合格闘技スタジオSTYLE)
Kiyotaka Shimizu 清水清隆(TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A)Pancrase Champion

Shimizu attacks and puts Monkey down and lands tons of elbows to his head in the process. Monkey recovers guard and tries for a gogoplata but Shimizu slams him and he is out!

Kiyotaka Shimizu by KO rd 1


#9 – DEEP vs Pancrase Lightweight
Yasuaki Kishimoto 岸本泰昭(総合格闘技道場コブラ会)
Yoshiaki Takahashi 高橋“Bancho”良明(パラエストラ八王子)

Amazing first round grappling! Bancho hits to throws and tries for a darce and a half nelson? Kishimoto defens so well and comes back with one sub attempt in a scramble.

Rd 2 just as nuts! Kishimoto with the first big double leg. Bancho staves off the trips and gets back control to work for all kinds of craziness.

Rd 3 and Kishimoto has the control now and he drops Bancho. Soccer kick!!! . But then Bancho neurralizes his trips with a back take. Bancho with his own knockdown! Too tired to finish it. Kishimoto with the final back take and Bancho slams him. Bancho spins out.

Kishimoto by Split Decision

Bancho should have had that. I agree with Shimada.


#8 – Middleweight
Hirohide Fujinuma 藤沼弘秀 (フリー)
Hikaru Sato 佐藤光留 (パンクラスmission)

Sato is just plain strong. He has heavy hands and clinch and a mean shoot. once he head throws Sato he locks an arm with his legs and gets the favorite aubmission of the night.

Hikaru Sato by Submission rd 1


#7 – Women’s Featherweight
Ayaka Hamasaki 浜崎朱加 (AACC)
V.V Mei Yamaguchi (Riki gym/武徳会)

Ayaka doesnt tuch gloves but throws punches and puts VV on the defence. Ayaka with the trip. Spends the round on top with VV having strong guard.

Rd 2. VV knows she is behind and she turns up her striking. But Ayaka still the dominant with takedown attempts and offence.

Ayaka Hamasaki by UD


#6 – Women’s -59kg
Shizuka Sugiyama 杉山しずか (禅道会)
Leica ライカ ライカ(フリー)

Leica does tries to keep it standing but Sigiyama is too strong. When she lands the throw, Sugiyama pressures Leice until she isolates an arm and the ref stops as Leicas face distorts.

Shizuka Sugiyama by Submission rd 1


#5 – Women’s Lightweight
Emi Tomimatsu 富松恵美 (パラエストラ松戸)
Emi Fujino 藤野恵実(和術慧舟會GODS

The Emis meet! Both respectful but viacious punching first round. Fujino landed more and harder.

Rd2 and they stand toe to toe and bang! Tomis overhand rights land and her jab gets inside. Fujino keeps up an onslaught with the 1 2 3 combos and although Tomis feet and head are fast she takes the punishment.

Emi Fujino by UD


#4 – Women’s Flyweight
Satoko Shinashiしなしさとこ (フリー)
Hamada Rika 濱田リカ (キングダムNADESHIKO)

Shinashi gets Rika down and beats on her for the round. Rika is gutsy but has no way to escape. Eventually Shinashi finds a gruesome armbar and it is stopped.

Satoko Shinashi by Submission rd 1


#3 – Bantamweight
Makoto Kamaya 釜谷真 (Honey Trap)
Yoshiki Harada 原田ヨシキ (マッハ道場)

Kamaya gets a takedown and ends it by control, then clamping onto Hiradas neck and jumping for the guillotine.

Makoto Kamaya by Submission to guillotine rd 1


#2 – Featherweight
Tomoya Kato 加藤友弥(フリー)
Kil Young-Bok キル・ヨンボク(TEAM FORCE/ROAD FC)

Kil is tossing around Kato at will. He has to because Kato lands shots that rock him.

Rd2. It is all about the wrestling for Kil through the entire round.

Kil YoungBok by majority Decision


#1 – Featherweight
Tatsunao Nagakura 長倉立尚(吉田道場)DEEP Champion
George Hickman (Tiger Muay Thai/ MMA)

Hickman opens with some nice kicks and tripdowns and cuts Nagakura with an elbow. But Nagakura comes back with knockdowns and controls the last min on the ground.

Rd 2 and Nagakura comes out blasting but Hickman nails a take down and keeps him defending a choke until the last minute.

Rd3. Hickman hits the td by Nagakura has his number. Nagakura lands shots and Hickman dodges with a few kicks.

Nagakura by UD



#4 – Flyweight
Sota Kojima 小島壮太
Masato Kobayashi 小林聖人

Kobayashi came out like a man on fire with heavy hands and 2 big takedowns. But midwat thru the first Kojima figured out the defence and started trading in the clinch. In the second they both landed inside but Kojima definitely landed many more elbows and got 2 knockdowns.

Sota Kojima by UD


#3 – Bantamweight
Hiroto Sakuma 不良先輩

Another amazing first round KO. Both guys come out willing to bang.

Roy by KO rd 1


#2 – Welterweight
Hidetora 秀虎
Ten Sato 佐藤天

Sato gets 2 trip downs but it is the pounding in the clunch that kills Hudetora.

Sato by TKO rd 1


#1 – Flyweight
Naoyuki Kato 加藤直之
Yuma Horiuchi 堀内佑馬

Horiuchi by KO in seconds of rd 1