DEEP: King Kaz Fight in Fukuyama results and updates


DEEP: King Kaz Fight in Fukuyama
June 30, 2013
Fukuyama, Japan

Kazuhiro Nakamura vs. Daijiro Matsui

A cautious beginning, and Kaz throws a flying knee. A few more trades and Kaz puts Daijiro down, following up with punches to the face that seal him a very quick win.

Kazuhiro Nakamura defeats Daijiro Matsui by KO, rd 1

#5 – Moon Kibum vs Shinji Sasaki

Sasaki enters to some contemporary take on traditional Japanese music in full wedding kimono and bright red hair. Team MAD’s Moon has Kim DongHyun in his corner. Moon connects with a nice combo. Moon shoots and gets it. Sasaki’s tight guard is creeping up and he looks for an arm bar. Moon stacks and gets the arm free but stays in Sasaki’s dangerous guard. Sasaki gets a triangle but during a flip over, Moon slips out and back to standing. Sasaki clinches in Moon’s corner, throws knees, and one of Moon’s catches him in an ugly low blow that crumples him. He takes the full five minutes to recover. The engage again on the feet, Moon with a nice flying knee. Sasaki retaliates with a high kick that Moon catches and puts him down with at the end of the round.

Round two. Moon goes for a quick clinch. Ref breaks, Moon attacks with combos up and down and leg kicks. He presses forward until he gets underhooks again. Sasaki looks genuinely afraid of Moon’s fists and bobs back every time he fakes a jab. Moon keeps up the charge, shoots, but Sasaki grabs the underhooks. He gets Moon to his knees and takes his back before he’s down. Moon stands up and fights the RNC. He falls back, and taps.

Shinji Sasaki defeats Moon Kibum by Submission, RNC, rd 2

#4 – Kickboxing rules 3 x 3
Masori Toshihiro vs Ono Takashi
Toshihiro dominates until Ono lands a nice high kick. Toshihiro comes back with a kick that takes out Ono’s legs. Rounds 2 and 3 sees Toshihiro dominant again.

Masori Toshihiro defeats Ono Takashi by Unanimous Decision

A brief break and the audience listens to some American pop music, then get treated to a kid’s judo demo.

Kento Kayukawa vs. Takashi Ito

#3 – Seo Ye Jung vs Keiko Tomita

Round one. The women take to the center of the ring striking, but quickly clinch. The taller Keiko looks for trips. Eventually she’s able to muscle Jung down. She mounts and lands some shots but Jung’s able to work back around and force Keiko to get guard. From the top now Jung throws punches. Ref stands it up. Keiko clinches and throws some knees at Jung.

Round 2.  Jung comes out with a huge right but Keiko slips it and clinches.  A nice outside leg trip and she gets it down, but it’s Jung capitalizing on the position and getting on top.  She’s a little too eager and Keiko reverses to mount.  With a quick bout of gnp, the ref jumps in.

Keiko Tomita defeats Seo Ye Jung by TKO, rd 2

Kim DongHyun takes the ring and thanks Kazuhiro Nakamura. Maximo Blanco takes the ring as well. Suzuki Sato, boxing champ also speaks a few words.

# 2 – Yuma Ishizuka versus Nao Yoneda

Round 1. Yuma hits a shoot and and works for a reverse triangle. Nao slams him on his head twice for the effort. Nao escapes and tries to land punches on the grounded Yuma, who keeps looking for more subs. Nao works to side, really controlling Yuma’s shoulders, but the ref stands them. Nao with a nice hip throw to side control and this time he smashes Yuma’s face with repeated left hooks. Yuma has his left arm free but can’t seem to do anything about Nao’s head control.

Yuma again wants to work off his back and quickly goes down. It’s not a smart option against Nao’s strong base in guard. Yuma rolls, briefly giving up his back and allowing Nao to work from the top. Yuma is patient, and finally gets the triangle he was looking for, and it’s tight. Nao resorts to rib shots, and the ref breaks it up! Nao with another toss to inside half guard, then works his knee out to side control again. No bridging from Yuma, he just lays there defending the rights coming at him. Again he turtles and again Nao beats on him from the top.

Nao Yoneda defeats Yuma Ishizuka by Unanimous decision

#1 – Yuki Yamazaki vs Yutaro Kawaguchi

Kawaguchi throws the first strike that lands, a nice low kick, then the two clinch and struggle for takedowns for about a minute.  Kawaguchi wins the exchange and gets to mount, but Yuki gets up.  In a second trip attempt, Kawaguchi snaps n a tight arm bar  that forces Yuki into all sorts of crazy positions to defend.  Eventually he spins out and goes on the attack, dropping Kawaguchi with a nice right hook in his own corner.

Yuki Yamazaki defeats Yutaro Kawaguchi by KO, rd 1, 4:05

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