GRACHAN 10: Live Ustream event Full Results


GRACHAN slams onto the international scene with a live Ustream for their tenth event. The caged MMA promotion will include kick rules matches, lots of up and coming fighters looking to break into MMA, and a crossover MMA match for Thai champ Kuntap Weerasakreck.

July 15, 2013
Differ Ariake Arena
Tokyo, Japan


Yuki Yamamoto defeats Yosuke Notsu by TKO, rd 1

Masahiro Oishi defeats Takaaki Ito by TKO, rd 1

Toru Harai defeats Keiji Sakuta by Decision

Kimihiro Eto defeats Kuntap Weerasakreck by TKO

Ken Saotome defeats Shinji Ishida by Decision

Alan Baudot defeats Akira Iezaki by TKO, rd 1

Yuki Nakahara defeats Hiroki Kishino by decision

Senzo Ikeda defeats Kirihito Kodama by Decision

Tsutomu Koganei defeats Kota Yokoyama

Karuro Saito defeats Makoto Sato by Decision

Atsushi Makigaya vs Keichi Iio Split Rule DRAW

Mike Mike defeats Oliver Oliver by TKO, rd 2

Duke Horiuchi defeats Hiroaki Motegi by Submission, RNC, rd 1 live at 16:00 JST

第19試合 MMAルール 100kg契約 5分2R
森川修次(チームクラウド)SHUJI MORIKAWA (5 – 7 – 2)
K.C(オーストラリア/ファイブリングスドージョー)KACEY HOLMES (1 – 0 – 0)

Morikawa with the quick throw. Kasey looks for a guillotine from the bottom. He looks for an arm bar, Morikawa keeps him flat. Eventually Morikawa mounts and ground and pound ensues until Serizawa calls it. Morikawa smiles and looks at his little trophy, thrilled.


第18試合 MMAルール 70.3kg契約 5分2R
山本勇気(パラエストラ千葉)Yuki Yamamoto (3 – 5 – 1)
野津陽介(FIGHTER FACTORY)Yosuke Notsu (3 – 2 – 0)

Yamamoto goes down with a caught kick, but dazes Notsu with upkicks. He gets up and goes on the assault, taking the sprawling Notsu’s back. Many punches and he goes for a choke, can’t sink it, so goes back to punching. Notsu rolls and defends, Yamamoto still controls him. Notsu gets rid of the hooks, but turles and Yamamoto stands over him raining hooks until the ref stops it.

Yuki Yamamoto defeats Yosuke Notsu by TKO, rd 1

第17試合 MMAルール 63kg契約 5分2R
大石真丈(フリー/元修斗世界フェザー級王者)Masahiro Oishi (22 – 17 – 9)
伊藤貴昭(総合格闘技津田沼道場)Takaaki Ito (3 – 2 – 1)

Ito comes out striking. Oishi gets it against the cage, works around to his back, and throws him. From mount, Oishi looks for a sub. He gets to the back and keeps control of Ito with a body triangle and alternately punches and looks for a choke. Ito tries to stand out of it, but it’s impossible.

Masahiro Oishi defeats Takaaki Ito by TKO, rd 1

第16試合 MMAルール 65.8kg契約 5分2R
咲田ケイジ(パラエストラ千葉)Keiji Sakuta (8 – 8 – 0)
原井 徹(フリー)Toru Harai (7 – 6 – 1)

Harai rocks Sakuta with a combination then takes him down but ends on the bottom. Sakuta with a nice liver kick. Harai with a spinning backlist, good head movement. Second round is a slug fest, Harai gets the brunt of it and Sakuta takes him down. It’s back up and Harai now goes on the offence, getting Harai down. These guys both want to finish. Harai with a big throw, Harai plays rubber guard. Harai with an elbow and Sakuta with teeps. It goes down, Harai has the back and a body triangle. Sakuta won’t let him sink the choke, but Harai works hard for it, then hammers the punches until the bell.

Toru Harai defeats Keiji Sakuta by Decision

第15試合 MMAルール 70.3kg契約 5分2R
クンタップ・チャロンチャイ・ソンチャイ(タイ/パラエストラ千葉/元WMC世界ウェルター級王者)Kuntap Weerasakreck (0 – 2 – 0)
江藤公洋(和術慧舟會HEARTS)Kimihiro Eto (0 – 0 – 0)

Kuntp low kicks and Eto shoots, gets him flat on his back, mounts. Kuntap hangs on then looks to bring his legs up. Eto’s going to town on him though. Kuntap’s left brow is cut, soon it’s called.

Kimihiro Eto defeats Kuntap Weerasakreck by TKO

第14試合 MMAルール 61.2kg契約 5分2R
石田晋士(総合格闘技津田沼道場)Shinji Ishida (2 – 0 – 0)
五月女健(R-BLOOD)Ken Saotome (2 – 4 – 1)

Saotome looks for tackles, when he can’t, he pushes to the cage and works it until he gets a big double leg. Ishida defends but Saotome picks his ankle around and tries to flatten him. Ishida is able to get back to standing, but a quick trip gets him on his back and Saotome in guard.

Saotome tried to shoot in the second, and Ishida seems wise to it by striking and advancing, but he still ends up on his back. Saotome doesn’t look to finish and it’s stood up. Saotome with another flurry of punches to a big throw. He smothers Ishida on the canvas and intermittantly lands strikes. He transitions to a bad position for a choke and gets swept but brings it back. It’s stood up for the final leg of the fight and Saotome again tackles.

Ken Saotome defeats Shinji Ishida by Decision

第13試合 MMAルール 無差別級 3分2R
Alan Baudot(マッハ道場)(0-0)
家崎 明(六本木ドランカートップチーム)Akira Iezaki (0-0)

Alan quickly overwhelms Iezaki. A leg kick spins him around, and Alan follows up to punches while he’s downed until Kenichi Serizawa steps in. Hayato Sakurai translates his thank you message for the crowd.

Alan Baudot defeats Akira Iezaki by TKO, rd 1

第12試合 MMAルール 70.3kg契約 5分2R
中原由貴(マッハ道場)Yuki Nakahara (1 – 0 – 0)
岸野紘樹(R-BLOOD)Hiroki Kishino (0 – 4 – 1)

In a stand up test of combos, Yuki lands the first sharp one that puts Hiroki on his butt. He lands another sharp right-left. Hiroki’s nose is already bloody. The southpaws stand and trade, but it’s definitely Yuki with the better aim. Against the cage Hiroki lands some knees. The round slows a bit, and Hiroki lands a combination. Hiroki with a single leg to end the round.

Hiroki comes out strong in round two, Yuki throws him down in a clinch. Hiroki’s very light on his feet and dancing a lot, Yuki seems to be waiting for counters. He lets Hiroki swing wide and gets the opportunity to grab and hip toss him. Yuki trying to sprawl as Hiroki tries for double leg, ref breaks it. Nice right by Yuki, but he needs more action this round to seal it. Yuki’s bombs start finding their mark in the last 30 seconds, and Hiroki comes out with a spinning backfist to end it.

Yuki Nakahara defeats Hiroki Kishino by decision

第11試合 キックルール 75kg契約 3分3R Kick rules
剛王(Raja bangsa)vs 佐々木克義(K-STYLE)

剛王 received Kick to the groin, unable to continue, No contest

第10試合 キックルール 70kg契約 3分3R Kick rules
山本征敏(拳神ジム)vs 小泉 竜(BLUE DOG GYM)

小泉 竜 defeats 山本征敏 by decision

第9試合 MMAルール 56.7kg契約 5分2R
己吏人(パラエストラ東京)Kirihito Kodama (3 – 1 – 1)
仙三(FREEDOM@OZ)Senzo Ikeda (2 – 3 – 0)

Senzo Ikeda defeats Kirihito Kodama by Decision

第8試合 MMAルール 75kg契約 5分2R
小金井力(FIGHTER FACTORY)Tsutomu Koganei (0 – 0 – 1)
横山浩太(AK)Kota Yokoyama (1 – 1 – 0)

Tsutomu Koganei defeats Kota Yokoyama

第7試合 MMAルール 58.5kg契約 5分2R
佐藤真実(和術慧舟會HEARTS)Makoto Sato (4 – 2 – 0)
斎藤狩路(フリー)Karuro Saito (0-0)

Karuro’s really excited about his debut, a’la Rocky. Sato shoots and Karuro kicks himin the groin by accident. Karuro must have a muay thai background, but he doesn’t engage. When he does, he’s going for illegal downed opponent shots, and gets a yellow card. Sato’s definitely looking to get it on the ground but Karuro has good defense – sprawl and underhooks. Karuro gets a leg sweep and Sato goes for a heel hook. Sato finally gets a TD at the end of the round.

Karuro rocks Sato with a right hook as the second opens but let’s him recover and shoot. Karuro tries to do something while Sato’s on his back, but can’t accomplish much. Sato finally decides to work a different position but cannot get the submission. After Karuro gets the judges’ rule, he ascends the cage and the commentators laugh.

Karuro Saito defeats Makoto Sato by Decision

第6試合 MMAルール 54kg契約 5分2R
牧ヶ谷篤(和術慧舟會群馬支部)Atsushi Makigaya (5 – 7 – 3)
飯尾馨一(ストライプル世田谷/TRIBELATEフライ級王者)Keichi Iio (5 – 3 – 0)

Iio has pinpoint striking. Makigaya shoots and fails, Iio tries to kick him while he’s down, time stop for illegal move but minimal contact and it’s restarted. Makigaya tries for another single, against the cage gets the double but Iio has his head. Makigaya throws punches until he’s out and Iio recovers guard. after a minute they are stood up. Iio’s corner is telling him to keep his hands up, however he doesn’t have to worry much. He goes for a double and somehow Iio ends up working rubber guard.

Into the second. Mkigaya tries to jump guard, grabs an arm and Iio slams him. Iio is teeing off on Makigaya’s nose. Makigaya goes for another shoot, Iio almost underhooks him over. Iio keeps having to wait for Makigaya to stand and he clearly wants it on the ground. Makigaya has no stand up and Iio has no TD defense. Makigaya has side control, goes for a key lock, Iio reverses and slams him. Finally Iio sprawls for a shoot and then looks to rain punches on the downed Makigaya.

Split ruling 1:1 – DRAW.

第5試合 MMAルール 無差別級 5分2R
オリバ(team東京clutch)Oliver Oliver (1 – 1 – 0)
マイク(フリー)Mike Mike (0-0) (bald)

Mike opens with a nice high kick. Oliver looks to clinch and throw. He can’t so he starts swinging. Mike lands a couple on the button, but they are both to big to go down. Oliver gets a throw but Mike lands on top and tries for a RNC. They scramble up. Slow standing work for the remainder of the round. In the second, Oliver clearly wants nothing more to do with this fight.

Mike Mike defeats Oliver Oliver by TKO, rd 2

第4試合 MMAルール 64kg契約 5分2R
堀内デューク(超人クラブ)Duke Horiuchi (1 – 1 – 0) (black)
茂木浩明(SPEED)Hiroaki Motegi (2 – 1 – 0) (white)

Motegi gets a hip throw, but Horiuchi holds on, they scramble up. Motegi hits another TD to land on top and starts pounding. Fast pace, he loses it, Horiuchi scrambles to his back and sinks a choke.

Duke Horiuchi defeats Hiroaki Motegi by Submission, RNC, rd 1

第3試合 キックルール 60kg契約 3分3R Kick rules
浅利一徹(BLUE DOG GYM)(Asarhi- white trunks) vs 大場 翔(天道會)(Oba – black trunks)

Oba is a monster in the first, but seems to have run out of steam into the second and Asarhi starts landing. In the third, Asarhi’s patience gets him more shots.

浅利一徹 defeats 大場 翔 by decision

第2試合 キックルール 70kg契約 3分3R Kick rules
後藤 晋(フリー)

第1試合 キックルール 62kg契約 3分3R Kick match 62 kg
勇磨(BLUE DOG GYM)Isamu Kuma vs 金木悠人(天道會)Kaneki Yuto

Isamu Kuma defeats Kaneki Yuto by decision

GRACHAN CHALLENGE対戦カード Amateur Bouts

MMAルール 60kg契約 5分1R
天野哲宏(BLUE DOG GYM) vs 成田政則(総合格闘技FCY,S)

天野哲宏 defeats 成田政則 by decision

MMAルール 70kg契約 5分1R

伊勢貴之 defeats  玉木栄 by Unanimous Decision

MMAルール 67kg契約 5分1R
橘翔太(超人クラブ/獄窓) vs 小板倫之(フリー)

橘翔太 defeats 小板倫之 by submission, triangle, 1:35

MMAルール 65kg契約 5分1R
林崎俊介(ノースキングジム) vs 三岡悟志(パラエストラ東京)

林崎俊介 defeats 三岡悟志 by Submission, Armbar, 2:41

MMAルール 65kg契約 5分1R
遠藤智基(R-BLOOD)Endo Tomonori vs 友野晴敏(DREAM FANTASY新潟)Tomono

Tomono gets and early TD and pounds on Endo, eventually going under and snagging an arm for a quick tap.

Tomono defeats Endo by Submission, Armbar, rd 1, 2:16