Live results, updates: ONE FC 22 main event Middleweight Championship Igor Svirid vs Leandro Ataides


ONE FC 22 Middleweight title Leandro Ataides vs Igor Svirid
ONE FC 22 Middleweight title Leandro Ataides vs Igor Svirid, by David Ash,



ONE FC 22 takes place on November 7, 2014 in Singapore headlined by the Middleweight Championship between Igor Svirid and Leandro Ataides.  The event will broadcast live on FOX Sports in Asia and stream internationally on Livestream.


November 7, 2014
Singapore Indoor Stadium

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#10 – Middleweight Championship
Igor Svirid vs Leandro Ataides

Svirid, with a backing up counter right to the chin of Ataides and a follow up barrage of punches that end with a right to the temple crumple Ataides to the canvas.

Igor Svirid def Leandro Ataides by TKO, rd 1, :17

#9 – Co Main event – Lightweight
Koji Ando vs Zorobabel Moreira

Rd 1. Nice and technical first out of both fighters. Zoro’s reach and kicks are a sight to behold, Ando lands some night lefts off combinations. Ando eats an knee for a throw and slam at the end of th round.

Rd 2.
Ando comes out strong, catches a kick and trips Zoro down. Zoro scrambles up and Ando goes to town with strikes on the tiring tall man. Zoro’s kicks still come out strong, but Ando shrugs them off, keeps his combos coming. Ando still flat footed and looks for a KO punch, while Moreira keeps on utilizing his reach advantage by throwing jabs and leg kicks. Ando lands two straight left hands that tag the tiring Moreira relentlessly.

Rd 3.
Ando is haunting Moreira with a huge amount of punches on the feet. Moreira’s backing up looking gassed. Ando keeps his offense tight against Moreira peppering the Brazilian with all kinds of punches from different angles. Moreira is really slowing down last minute of the fight. Ando caught Moreira with left straight and a deadly right upper cut that hurt the Evolve standout leading to a third round stoppage.

Koji Ando def Zorobabel Moreira by TKO, rd 3, 4:21

Ando says, “I want to challenge the champion, and when I leave the cage, I want the belt.”

#8 – Welterweight
Bakhtiyar Abbasov vs Luis Santos

Rd. 1
The Brazilian came out very composed. He threw a nasty inside leg kick to Abbasov. The Azerbaijan fighter attempted a takedown but the scary Luis Santos stuffed with ease. Luis Santos introduced himself in an emphatic fashion as he made a quick work of Abbasov with a cracking knee to the rib.

I saw Luis Santos’ eyes before unleashing that knee and I swear I saw him see Abbasov’s ribs open and pierced that right knee of his to Abbasov’s rib. He is really focused and so relaxed. Such a veteran of the sport.

Luis Santos def Bakhtiyar Abbasov by TKO, rd 1, :53

#7 – Welterweight
Tatsuya Mizuno vs Brayan Rafiq

Rd 1.
Rafiq does a good job keeping the pressure against the cage, and Mizuno grabs the cage to stop a takedown. Mizuno defends a takedown with a nice kimura grip to takedown, twice ending up on the ground and capitalizing with top position, but not able to get the lock before Rafiq gets up.

Rd 2.

Mizuno spends the round inside Rafiq’s guard with pressure and sporadic punching. Ref calls them to stand, and for the final stanza they trade knees, punches and elbows, with Rafiq getting a near knock down but doesn’t finish before the bell rings.

Rd 3.
Mizuno’s the fresher fighter coming into the last and final round. Mizuno’s stalking Rafiq with knees and punches. Rafiq is obviously tired, dropping his hands down, inviting Mizuno to be more aggressive. Rafiq is fatigue but still throws heavy punches. End of the third round.

Tatsuya Mizuno def Brayan Rafiq by UD

#6 – Welterweight
Dwayne Hinds vs Christophe Vandijck

Rd. 1
A high energy, fast-paced start for Hinds and Vandjick. Hinds is throwing the heavier blows between the two, but it was Vandjick’s relentless Judo attacks made a huge difference for the first couple minutes of the bout. The Belgian scored a trip over Hinds, transitioned into full mount and started punishing Hinds with nasty ground and pound that made Hinds tap. Another first-round stoppage for tonight’s show!

Christophe Vandijck def Dwayne Hinds by Submission to strikes, rd 1, 2:20

#5 – Featherweight
Cary Bullos vs Major Overall

Rd. 1
Bullos looking very calm so as Overall. The American connected another soccer kick that stunned Bullos and took his back, caught the Filipino fighter in a rear naked choke, Bullos tapped. Another first round win for Overall. He’s on fire!

Major Overall def Cary Bullos by Submission, rd 1, :29

#4 – Featherweight
Rocky Batolbatol vs Martin Nguyen

Rd. 1
Both fighters battle tested their chins with vicious strikes against each other. Batolbatol connected several overhand lefts while Nguyen scored a cracking body shot and a takedown.
Rd. 2
Nguyen and Batolbatol picked up where they left off in the first round. Batolbatol counter punching very well, dropping Nguyen with heavy leather but the Aussie kept his cool and got Batolbatol’s back, sunk in a rear naked choke and made the Filipino tap.

Martin Nguyen def Rocky Batolbatol by Submission, RNC, rd 2, 2:10

#3 – Featherweight
Waqar Umar vs Amir Khan

Umar takes an arguable low blow and Khan goes in for the kill with a knee, punches and elbows.

Amir Khan def Waqar Umar by TKO, rd 1, 1:25

#2 – Welterweight
Zuli Silawanto vs Jeff Huang

Jeff Huang def Zuli Silawanto


#1 – Women’s Atomweight
Adek Omar vs Kirstie Gannaway

Gannaway uses her boxing to open up the round.  She clinches and gets the takedown, where she capitalizes on back position.   Omar tries to slip out the back.  Gannaway repositions and catches a triangle before Omar can escape her clutches.

Kirstie Gannaway def Adek Omar by Submission,  triangle, rd 1, 2:34