ONE Championship 27 prelims results and play by plays


ONE FC 27 Yang Jianbing def Ali Yaakub
ONE FC 27 Yang Jianbing def Ali Yaakub

ONE Championship 27 took place on May 22, 2015 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore. The preliminary fights kicked off at 7pm.

ONE Championship 27
May 22, 2015

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#3 – Featherweight
Stephen Langdown vs Alateng Heili

Rd 1, Heili with a nice hard right hook. Langdown scoots around. Heili shoots, Langdown stuffs, but Keili with the front duplex. Heili in side control, trying for elbows, Langdown tries to turn and stand, Heili takes his back, gets the duplex back down. Heili with another throw down and gets on a back choke. Langdown uses 2 on 1 and breaks free, back to his knees. Langdown explodes up and back to his feet! Langdown lands s nice combo, Heili comes back with a massive right straight. Heili finally gets in and gets the throw at the bell.

Rd 2. Heili assaults Langdown and gets the throw! Heili keeps up with the punches and soccer kick and the ref has to stop it!

Alateng Heili def Stephen Langdown by TKO, rd 2, :51

Alateng Heili def Stephen Langdown
Alateng Heili def Stephen Langdown

#2 – Featherweight
Waqar Umar vs Benedict Ang

Rd 1. Mitch Chilson talks about his student Ang and all the “World Champions” who walked him to the stage. Umar gets out his kicks early. Ang looks to get inside, slips on a kick so tries for a submission. Ang gets back to standing and Umar gets a standing guillotine. Ang lifts and throws him for a defense. Umar recovers guard. Umar tying up Ang’s hands. Ang stands out and Umar stays active with his legs in defense. Ang dives back in. Umar from x-guard attempt stands. Umar with a spinning back kick and they trade punches. Ang ducks under and gets a double. Umar ties up the arms again. Ang trying to figure out how to slip out and he does, throws elbows down.

Rd 2. Umar opens the round with his striking and lands, but Ang returns fire and clinches. Ang gets a trip and lands in half guard. Not much work and ref stands them up. Ang lands a huge kick into Umar’s groin. Ref doesn’t step in immediately or give any hand signal and Ang looks to set up with a soccer kick. Time stop and Matt Hume steps in the cage. Umar recovers. Back to a nice striking exchange, Umar keeping his jab active while and looking for one-offs. Ang comes in with a nice right hook and gets Umar down with a double, back into half guard. Umar recovers guard.

Rd 3. Umar looks to be tiring but still throws 2 spinning kicks. And sees this and slowly stalks in to clinch. Umar gets a standing guillotine and jumps guard. Lets go. Ang getting dirty in the clinch, drops levels, Umar gets his head. Ang out and steps back. Ang starts cutting him off but Umar is firing kicks and jabs. Clinch, quick ref break allows Umar to come off the cage, he lands a nice back kick and a punch. And cuts him off to the cage again, but Umar gets the single leg! Ang throws his legs up and gets a triangle and lands possible illegal elbows, Umar slips out, throws a little, ref stands it up. Ang with a big lateral drop with 30 seconds left. Ang with elbows and a soccer kick.

Benedict Ang def Waqar Umar by UD


“I trained very hard for the fight. I knew Waqar was a tough guy but I was ready for war and proved to be the better fighter tonight.”

Benedict Ang def Waquar Umar
Benedict Ang def Waquar Umar

#1 – Flyweight
Ali Yaakub vs Jianbing Yang

Rd 1. A Chinese grappler versus a Malaysian Muay Thai fighter. Yang happy to stand in the pocket with Yaakub. Yang gets a big double to the cage. Yang stands out of half guard, stands, throws punches down. Halfway through the round, Yang gets to side control. Yaakub pushes away from the cage. Yang has a crucifix but he’s too far over the center. Works to a better leverage, lands elbows. Yang slides onto mount and Yaakub turtles, Yang looks for and arm, allows Yaakub to stand. Yaakub tries a trip, Yang lands in mount. Yang throwing hammer fists for a whole minute. Yaakub throws up his legs for a last ditch reversal, Yang easily back onto mount.

Rd 2. Yaakub gets 1 kick off, and Yang takes him down. Yang gets to mount in seconds, turns for the arm bar and Yaakub taps.

Jianbing Yang def def Ali Yaakub by Submission, armbar, rd 2, :49