ONE FC 10 results and updates


September 13, 2013
Istora Senayan
Jakarta, Indonesia

Undercard streamed live on Sherdog at 7:00pm Jakarta time on
Main card PPV streamed live on Livesport at 9:00pm Jakarta tme

#10 – Kotetsu Boku (20-8-2) vs Vuyisile Colossa (5-4)

Nail-biting first round! Colossa working the leg kicks and looking to get in with combos, Boku picking shots from the outside. Beautiful back and forth match. Round 2 and Boku throws a big looping left and and Colossa knees him but he recovers! Colossa figures out Boku’s tempo and has him on the run, but hasn’t capitalized on it. Then he picks leg kicks and starts destroying Boku’s legs! Then Colossa sets up the combos with kicks! A knee wobbles Boku! Boku ends the round looking as if he’s met a real Cheetah. Round three, Cheetah attacks! Boku only has single shots, hoping for a KO. He gets Colossa’s back, tries for a trip, Colossa ends on top! He chooses to stand, not chance to see his ground work. Colossa absolutely tees off on Boku against the cage and Boku just does not go down!!!! Colossa gets a needed win, and Boku proves he has a head of stone. Unbelievable.

Vuyisile Colossa defeats Kotetsu Boku by Unanimous Decision

#9 – Willy Ni (15-7) vs Vincent Latoel (13-13-2)

Ni comes at Latoel! Latoel weathers the onslaught and reverses a trip by Ni, securing a guillotine that … works!

Vincent Latoel defeats Willy Ni by Submission, guillotine, rd 1

#8 – Jake Butler (2-0) vs James Kouame (2-1)

Jake rushes for the clinch and Koame plays it! Butler tries for a single and lands a big throw! James scrambles, Butler drags him back and works around to an arm in shoulder choke.

Jake Butler defeats James Kouame by Submission, front choke, rd 1

#7 – Bruno Pucci (2-0) vs Bashir Ahmad (2-0)

All of Pakistan must be watching this fight right now. Bashir looks very collected, and Pucci looks alert. Incredible, they trade striking and damage each other! Big throw by Pucci! Ahmad smartly grabs half guard on the way. Pucci makes the positioning while Ahmad does the right thing to try to sit out. But Pucci is the better, much better, grappler and works around to a back choke.

Bruno Pucci defeats Bashir Ahmad by Submission, RNC, rd 1

#6 – Eugenio Diaz Tan (1-1) vs Vincent Majid (0-0)

Tan lands a looping overhand that knocks down Majid and he instinctively goes for the soccer kick but Majid recovers and double legs him, going to side and taking an Americana.

Vincent Majid defeats Eugenio Diaz Tan by Submission, Americana, rd 1

#5 – Almiro Barros (0-0) vs Kian Pham (6-7)

A nice an very active battle throughout the first with Barros showing great countenance his first time out and Pham neutralizing his takedowns. Round two sees a fast first minute until Barros gets a sweet shoot and takedown. He gets Pham’s back standing and is able to get him back down and attempt a choke. Again Pham is craftily out. Barros takes him back down and is in half guard and Pham gets a sweep! Round three and Barros is dominantly imposing his game now. He makes it to halfguard again and Pham just won’t let him escape or land any strikes, and eventually works to full guard. Pham goes for a last minute heel hook and then standing tees off on Barros! Nothing sticks, and it’s got to be Barros’ win.

Almiro Barros defeats Kian Pham by Unanimous Decision

#4 – Alain Ngalani (0-0) vs Mahmoud Hassan (1-1)

Alain Ngalani defeats Mahmoud Hassan by KO, head kick, rd 1


#3 – Caros Fodor (7-3) vs Seung Ho Yang (6-0)

Fodor looks serious as always. Tommy tries to run out to the cage. Yuji’s got a GoPro strapped to his head, this should be interesting. Whoops, lost the stream for the first minute. Comes back up and they’re clinching. Tommy’s got Caros against the cage and works for singles, Caros reverses and immediately gets a double and works to side control. Tommy fights off a great kimura attempt! Caros lands some strikes before the bell.

Round two and they engage quickly. Tommy goes for the clinch and Caros is doing much more inside striking because of it. Tommy momentarily gets Caros’ back and a polite ripple of applause ensues. But then Caros puts him against the cage and lands a steady barrage of knees, punches and elbows. Tommy’s taking tons of punishment and struggles for a takedown.

Round three and a flying knee just misses. Caros gets it down and Tommy is again forced to defend. Caros has his right arm now, and as Tommy signals “no no, I got this”, Caros elbows his ribs and gut. Ouch. Yuji says “look to finish” so Caros tries another keylock but Tommy turtles and eventually gets to his feet. Caros implements the same plan of smash the cage, takedown, and grinding it out on the canvas. Tommy’s made it to the last minute but there’s nothing that has has left in his tank to finish it.

Caros Fodor defeats Seung Ho Yang by Unanimous Decision

#2 – Max Metino (0-0) vs Long Sophy (0-0)

Cambodian Sophy choses cool traditional music, Metino cranks out like a rockstar in his home town. Almost two minutes with very little action from both, with a few staccato strikes from Metino. Finally Metino shoots, mounts, and starts punching. Sophy is hanging on and giving up his arms like a fangirl at a Ronda Rousey clinic. Metino finally takes one and rolls… over… and off. Sophy gets up and tries a soccer kick. Metino easily takes it back down.

Round two. Metino keeps faking head bobs and roundhouses. Sophy just stands there. Metino shoots and Jason Chambers calls out Sophy’s “cow catcher” defense. Metino works to crucifix and lands tons of shots but Sophy has no way to work out of it, just throws knees… this just goes on and on. Serizawa yells “finish” and FINALLY Metino goes for an Americana. The ref seems finished with watching the one-sided assault and stops it.

Max Metino defeats Long Sophyby by ref stoppage, rd 2


#1 – Raymond Tan (1-0) vs Brianada Rosadhi (0-0)

Lenne Hardt screams out Malaysia’s Tan and he saunters out happily. He’s a lanky fighter who founded Penang Top Team. Next out is Indonesia’s Rosadhi, looks like Mulilegowo in his corner. Serizawa is ref. Let’s go first fighters! Rosandhi shoots and Tan defends, thinks about taking the back but has his neck so he puts him out in less than 30 seconds.

Raymond Tan defeats Brianada Rosadhi by Guillotine choke, rd 1


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