PANCRASE 247: Sato reigns KOP, Rin wins, Shimizu subs

Pancrase 247 on May 19, 2013 opened up a new era for Japanese MMA through the first ever live stream and broadcast for the promotion. A Welterweight title match and two international women’s bouts were featured on the card, as well as many Pancrase rankers battling for supremacy.

Pancrase 247 served as a progression of sorts for the Neo Blood Rookie King Finals, which began after eight preliminary matches were held. Bantamweights Sho Nonaka and Nobuki Fujii triumphed in their respective battles to earn the first finals spot. Satoshi Inaba will face Hulk Oshiro in the Featherweight division. Syperfly, Lightweight, and Welterweight saw the opening round of competition.

At 5pm JST the live stream promptly started. First on the main card was a catch wrestling rules match titled “Road to Uematsu” – Naoma Uematsu himself being the end of of the road. Takashi Hasegawa was the finalist who faced him, and Naoma delivered him a strong performance that ended with Hasegawa being forced to tap to an arm bar.

Gakin University wrestler Shinpei Ota met Takada Dojo’s Masakazu Takafuji in the first MMA rules of the main card. The first round saw Ota successful with a takedown and dominance on the ground over Takafumi, who was forced to recover guard, scramble out, and fight choke attempts the entire distance. Round two began as a repeat of Ota’s game plan, but a late rally on the feet with flying knees from Takafuji added another element. Ota endured and solidly got the decision, increasing his record to 4-0. He looks to be a good prospect to watch.

The third match’s entrance lasted longer than the actual bout. Yellowman’s Yuki Yasunaga faced Lotus rep Yasutaka Koga. Koga didn’t use any of his grappling prowess, as he wasted absolutely no time engaging in a rapid flurry which ended in a right that snapped Yuki’s head around. Koga watched his opponent lying face down on the canvas at just :36 into the first.

Match number four upped the ante in walk outs, as Yuji “Pink Typhoon” Hisamatsu made his way to the ring on the backs of pink satin undied men in tiger masks, wearing hot pink spats and his own puroresu headgear. It was the most interesting aspect of the bout, as “Animal” strongman Shinsho Anzai smashed it to the canvas where he battered his opponent but could not finish the (at times illegally) evasive and ineffective Hisamatsu. Anzai racked up a win and that was probably his only favorite moment of the middleweight mishap.

In the first women’s match of the night, Japanese demi-legend Emi Fujino took on the late stand in Amber Brown. The opening stanza was fierce into the clinch by both fighters, and the disparity between the two’s records was only evidenced by Emi’s more successful trips. The second round was proof of the cold hard facts as Amber sought to change tactics and shoot, but the ensuing ground game was Emi’s as she slipped a loose armbar to take the back and sink a choke that gave the American no other choice but submit.

One of the most overlooked fighters in Japan, Shunichi Shimizu, finally got his shot in the limelight versus up-and-comer Yuki Baba. Shimizu’s entrance with his entertaining brother Toshihiro – who he fought and submitted last year in ZST – was a lighthearted start to the match. A tentative opening minute saw both fighters simply gaging distance, Shimizu’s chosen combination attack for the fight was apparently kick and shoot and Baba kept him at bay with jabs. Shimizu’s own straight right rockets into Baba’s teeth and he followed with his kick and shoot but got his neck taken for the effort, where he waited out a full 30 seconds for the bell.

The second round of the ranking match was way too cautious to be entertaining, and both fighters were penalized with yellow cards for it. In the final 30 seconds Shimizu turned on the heat with a flying knee and ended in mount raining punches to a clenching Baba’s head. Shimizu came out in the third a new man, attacking and smashing Baba into the corner, then working into a perfect backmount. Finally Shimizu lived up to his hype and surprisingly abandoned a RNC opportunity in favor of a smothering arm bar that forced Baba to tap.

Then the brothers Shimizu invited Pancrase CEO Masakazu Sakai into the ring in what seemed like a title shot permission proposition, but they sang Happy Birthday and give him flowers instead.

Two popular fighters faced each other in the next bout, Taichi Nakajima and Motonobu Tezuka, just elevated to hero status by a short stint in the UFC. All three rounds had a remarkably similar ring to them: Taichi tries to strike, Tazuka slams him down and lays, until Tachi finds a way to reverse at the end of the round. Round one, Tezuka smothers, Taichi reverses a N/S to end in a scissor lock momentarily, then he ends the round in his own N/S. Round 2, Tezuka stuffs it to the canvas again, gets to side mount and does nothing to finish. Taichi finds a way to reverse, tries to sub Tezuka, and the crowd is going absolutely nuts – for Tezuka (?). Round three and Taichi comes out with a striking vengeance, Tezuka still stuffs it, gets the back and a seatbelt, and again, does nothing to finish. Taichi craftily finds his way to the top with GNP with 30 seconds to go and tries a last ditch effort to rip an arm bar at the bell. Tezuka wins it by a new method: Position.

In the second women’s match, cult icon and Queen of Pancrase Rin Nakai took on King Of The Cage Champion Brenda Gonzales. Brenda came out with a gladiator on her shirt and Rin came out as one – plus Victoria Secret wings. Rin bounced around the ring and away from Brenda for half a round until the ref stopped and warned them both to engage. Brenda attempted a spinning backfist which opened the door for Rin’s game. She stuck on her tentacles and looked for the suplex, finally contented with slamming and dragging her prey down from behind and sinking in a RNC.

The main event of the card, a Welterweight title defense by the King Of Pancrase Takenori Sato against Shingo Suzuki was a fast paced affair not without controversy as a hip throw by Sato landed both fighters on the cement outside the ring – a definite argument for a cage or at least a meter landing around the ring. The back and forth first round pitted Sato’s judo against Suzuki’s KO power, both finding success in each. The second round was the ring fall out, and after a lengthy rest and recovery period, Suzuki came back with an allergy to hip tosses and the round went in all levels but that. The final round saw Suzuki picking shots and Sato looking to shoot. Sato’s dominant pressure pinned Suzuki in a corner and he ended it succinctly with a sickeningly wrenched keylock that made Sato grimace.

The first Pancrase card to be streamed live was a fun affair, and a commendable effort for the promotion.  While better pairings have been seen in recent cards, it’s worth noting that the Ustream arrangement came after the card was set.  As Pancrase expands further into the international circle with alliances between gyms and other promotions, and allows its own top fighters to challenge themselves elsewhere, it will continue its reign as one of the most respected promotions long after this, it’s twentieth year.

PANCRASE 247 Rookie King Tournament Finals
May 19, 2013
Differ Ariake
Tokyo, Japan

#9 – ウェルター級 キング・オブ・パンクラス タイトルマッチ 5分3ラウンド
佐藤豪則 (TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A) Takenori Sato vs Shingo Suzuki ランキング1位 鈴木槙吾 (ALLIANCE)
Takenori Sato defeats Shingo Suzuki by submission, armlock, rd 3, 2:36

#8 – アテナルール バンタム級 5分3ラウンド
Queen 中井りん (パンクラスヴィーナス) Rin Nakai vs Brenda Gonzales ブレンダ・ゴンザレス/初参戦 (FIT NHB/ハイブリッドファイター)
Rin Nakai defeats Brenda Gonzales by submission, RNC, rd 1

#7 – バンタム級 5分3ラウンド
ランキング1位 手塚基伸 (総合格闘技道場コブラ会) Motonobu Tezuka vs Taichi Nakajima ランキング8位/2012年NBT同級優勝 中島太一 (パラエストラ東京)
Motonobu Tezuka defeats Taichi Nakajima by unanimous decision

#6 – バンタム級 5分3ラウンド
ランキング4位 清水俊一 (宇留野道場/ハイブリッドファイター) Shunichi Shimizu vs Yuki Baba ランキング6位 馬場勇気 (ロデオスタイル)
Shunichi Shimizu defeats Yuki Baba by submission, armbar, rd 3, 1:20

#5 – アテナルール ライトフライ級 5分3ラウンド 特攻天女
藤野恵実 (和術慧舟會GODS) Emi Fujino vs Amber Brown アンバー・ブラウン (FIT NHB/ハイブリッドファイター)
Emi Fujino defeats Amber Brown by submission, RNC, rd 2

#4 – ミドル級 5分2ラウンド
安西信昌 (TEAM CLIMB) Shinsho Anzai vs Yuji Hisamatsu 久松勇二 (和術慧舟會横浜道場)
Shinsho Anzai defeats Yuji Hisamatsu by unanimous decision

#3 – スーパーフライ級 5分2ラウンド
ランキング2位 安永有希 (東京イエローマンズ) Yuki Yasunaga vs Yasutaka Koga 2012年NBT同級優勝 古賀靖隆 (Lotus世田谷)
Yasutaka Koga defeats Yuki Yasunaga by KO, rd 1, :36

#2 – フェザー級 5分2ラウンド
ランキング7位 高藤正和 (高田道場) Masakazu Takafuji vs Shunpei Ota 太田駿平 (D-ONEジム)
Shunpei Ota defeats Masakazu Takafuji by decision

#1 – 〜ROAD TO 植松直哉〜最終戦 キャッチレスリングルール 67kg以下契約 5分2ラウンド – Catch wrestling rules
植松直哉 (ネクサセンス) Naoma Uematsu vs Takashi Hasegawa 長谷川孝司 (パンクラス稲垣組)
Naoma Uematsu defeats Takashi Hasegawa by submission, armbar

NEO BLOOD Tournament – Rookie Finals and Round 1

#18 – ▼ウェルター級1回戦 Welterweight Round 1
上原広誉(ハイブリッドレスリング鹿児島)Hirotaka Uehara vs KAZZ(GRABAKA)鈴木“PJ”敏和からKAZZにリングネームを変更
KAZZ defeats Hirotaka Uehara by TKO, rd 1, 3:27

#17 – ▼ウェルター級1回戦 Welterweight Round 1
レッツ豪太(総合格闘技道場コブラ会)Let’s Gota vs Tamotsu Kitada 北田 有 (和術慧舟會富山支部S.P.O)
Let’s Gota defeats Tamotsu Kitada by KO, rd 2, 4:01

#16 – ▼ライト級1回戦 Lightweight Round 1
竹川光一郎(和術慧舟會 トイカツ道場)Koichiro Takekawa vs Akihito Hara 原 昭仁(坂口道場一族)
Akihito Hara defeats Koichiro Takekawa by KO, rd 1, 2:19

#15 – ▼ライト級1回戦 Lightweight Round 1
林 源平 (HEAT) Genpei Hayashi vs Ben Buchan ベン・ブッカン(総合格闘技津田沼道場)
Ben Buchan defeats Genpei Hayashi by submission RNC, rd 1, 1:14

#14 – ▼フェザー級準決勝 Featherweight Semi-finals
ハルク大城(ボスジム)Hulk Oshiro vs Kohei Tokeshi 渡慶次 孝平(P’sLAB吉祥寺)
Hulk Oshiro defeats Kohei Tokeshi by KO, rd 2, 4:01

#13 – ▼フェザー級準決勝 Featherweight Semi-finals
稲葉 聡(秋本道場 jungle junction)Satoshi Inaba vs Daiki Shimizu 清水ダイキ(アカデミア・アーザ水道橋)
Satoshi Inaba defeats Daiki Shimizu by unanimous decision

#12 – ▼バンタム級準決勝 Bantamweight Semi-finals
藤井伸樹 (Alliance) Nobuki Fujii vs Gaku Suwazono 諏訪園 岳(AACC)
Nobuki Fujii defeats Gaku Suwazono by submission, RNC, rd 2, 3:32

#11 – ▼バンタム級準決勝 Bantamweight Semi-finals
CORO (和術慧舟會 TLIVE) vs Sho Nonaka 藤井 伸樹(ALLIANCE)
Sho Nonaka defeats Coro by split decision

#10 – ▼スーパーフライ級1回戦 Super Flyweights Round 1
石田 源(闇愚羅) Gen Ishida vs Penny Shimizu ペニー清水(坂口道場一族)

#9 – ▼スーパーフライ級1回戦 Super Flyweights Round 1
中山ハルキ(GRABAKA)Haruki Nakayama vs Masatatsu Ueda 上田将竜(緒方道場)
Masatatsu Ueda defeats Haruki Nakayama by unanimous decision


#8 – 試合はミドル級(83.9kg)5分2R。
川和真 defeats タカタ・ルシアノ by KO, rd 1, 2:37

#7 – 試合はミドル級(83.9kg)5分2R。
ジョシュア・エディ defeats マルコム・ヘンドリックス by KO, rd 2, 3:35

#6 – 試合はミドル級(83.9kg)5分2R。
natural9・谷部翔太郎 vs NOVAUNIAO・エリック・マイケル・フォート DRAW

#5 – 試合はウェルター級(77.1kg)5分2R。
林完 defeats 柴田和伸 by KO, rd 1

#4 – 4試合はライト級(70.3kg)5分2R。
ロバート・カン defeats 左禅丸 by submission, arm bar, rd 1, 4:34

#3 – 試合はフェザー級(65.8kg)級5分2R。
深澤駿 defeats 小畑公史 by KO, rd 2, 1:25

#2 – 試合はフェザー級(65.8kg)5分2R。
和術慧舟會TLIVE・牛久絢太郎 vs M-16ムエタイスタイル・柳井康 DRAW

#1 – 試合はバンタム級(61.2kg)5分2R
山本哲也 defeats 平丸勝基 by submission, RNC, rd 1, :34