ROAD FC 008.FINAL4 – Bitter Rivals
Result (경기결과)

7th bout : Kyunh-ho Kang vs. Andrew Leone
(Kyung-ho Kang won by Rear-Naked Choke / Round 2)

6th bout : Denis Kang vs. Hye-seok Son
(Denis Kang won by TKO / Round 1)

5th bout : Jong-dae Kim vs. Bob Sapp
(Jong-dae Kim won by TKO / Round 2)

4th bout : Doo-won Seo vs. Toru Harai
(Doo-won Seo won by Decision / Round 3)

3rd bout : Soo-chul Kim vs. Sato Shoko
(Soo-chul Kim won by TKO / Extra Round 1)

2nd bout : Kyung-ho Kang vs. Je-hoon Moon
(Kyung-ho Kang won by Rear-Naked Choke / Round 3)

1st bout : Andrew Leone vs. Min-jong Song
(Andrew Leone won by Decision / Round 3)

*ROAD FC announced to go “2nd round” of ‘Soo-chul Kim vs. Sato Shokoh’.

It was very close fight between Soo-chul Kim and Sato Shokoh. They fought inch to inch. And this very close fight lead them to extra round and Soo-chul Kim finished Sato Shokoh by Knee strike in 1st extra round.

ROAD FC representative explained about decision as, “It was real exciting fight. Two fighters fought to death. Fans enjoyed their fight. And it was hard to tell who won ’til 1st extra round.

We understand that there is argument of doubtful decision, but ROAD FC got no right to mention or step over the decision. That’s on judges’ hand but not us.

After the fight Soo-chul and Sato told ROAD FC that both of them agreed result of their fight; however, both fighters told ROAD FC that they will have to finish this un-finished business soon. So, we deicide to give them a re-match right away.

It will happen before this year’s gone”.

So, ROAD FC fans and two fighters will know who is real deal within this year.

ROAD FC is planning to have 3 more events on Sep, Oct and DEC 2012.