April 13, 2013
Seoul Olympic Park Olympic Hall
Seoul, South Korea

ROAD FC held its 11th card this past weekend in Seoul Olympic Hall to a sold-out audience and its first ever international internet stream.  Lasers, fire, dry ice and super LEDs set the stage with a backdrop of incredible sound in the Olympic Hall which has recently been reoutfitted for Kpop concerts.

The undercard, Young Guns 7, showcased the quarterfinals and semifinals of the Bantamweight tournament in seven fights that pitted the hottest rising Korean talents and two from Japan.  Advancing to the top of the brackets was Song MinJong, on the rebound from back to back losses against Andrew Leone and Masakatsu Ueda and showcasing a very patient and much-improved game.  Song got the better of Alan Yoshihiro by not playing his ground game, and then took on Korean Zombie’s first protege – literally with a standing guillotine.

Song will meet Lee KilOo, who himself also came off of back to back losses against stellar opponents in his young career: Shintaro Ishiwatari, Kang KyungHo, and Makoto Kamaya.  Lee showed his own increasing level of ring control by outclassing Hong JunGi, then dispatched Moon JaeHoon with some incredibly sharp and accurate punching.

In the Main Event, Murat Kazgan from Turkey backed up his home country hype by demolishing Lee HyunSuk.  When Kazgan came at him with strikes, it was evident that Lee wasn’t going to survive the barrage.  Then the Turk manhandled him to get a very quick and tight guillotine.

Cha JungHwa, of recent Ryo Chonan smack talk rivalry and coming off of two wins over Igor Gracie and a Kazakh in his home country, welcomed UFC vet Luis Ramos to Korea.  Luis brought the gym boxing coach – yes, Jose Aldo’s boxing coach – with him as a corner, but it wasn’t a stand up game he played.  Luis wanted to eek out a sub like Roan Jucao did before him, and shot for takedowns as his primary attack.  Cha neutralized most of it, and when it was on the ground, he wouldn’t allow the Brazilian to pass.  A final flurry saw Cha with a top mount crucifix and then a very bad decision attempt at an armbar that gave Luis position but got stopped by the bell.  Apparently without enough of a domination performance by either man, the judges saw fit to call it a draw.

The super underdog Son HyaeSeok took  two week’s replacement notice match against the Super Hulk, Ikuhisa Minowa.  A very boisterous Son took the fight to Minowa who responded with evasiveness for the first round.  The second saw Minowa going all-out for leg locks and heel hooks but a tough as nails Son kept struggling out of them, finally getting the Japanese legend’s back and landing repeated blows to no defense.  Minowa barely made it into the third round, and a refreshed Son took it straight to him until the ref jumped in.  It was a sad ending for the Super Hulk, and an overjoyed one for the underdog.

Sokoudjou’s first fight in Korea saw him matched with Whi SeungBae of Team Posse – and hundreds of fans backing their coach.  The African Assassin played a cautious game against Whi who hadn’t seen cage action since KOing Denis Kang.  In the second round, things got a little more confrontational with each fighter looking to land the big one.  Neither being successful it went to the third, and Sokoudjou blazed on the kicks to Whi’s left thigh until it looked like he would buckle.  The tough-as-nails Korean didn’t check them, but he didn’t back down either, and it went the distance, with Sokoudjou receiving the victory.

Joachim Hansen returned to the world of MMA with a match up against Korean superstar Seo DooWon.  The first exciting round saw the two trading strikes until Seo landed a right that snapped Hansen’s head around and almost put him out.  Seo dove in and eventually got it to the ground, where Hansen deflty swept to recover and Seo countered with a roll of his own to catch a guillotine right at the bell.  In the second, Hansen knew he’d been bested, and takes advantage off his back when tripped by Seo to start looking for the submission. Hansen reverses to top, gets position and cranks on an arm in triangle that forces Seo to tap.

The final match of the night is for the Lightweight Championship belt, months in the making from a 16-man tournament of qualifiers.  Nam YuiChul faced Kume Takasuke as the best of the division, in a match that saw style clash and counter.  The first round saw quick action from Kume with a combination that opened up a shoot, but Nam’s wrestling base got it back to standing, and eventually against the cage for the remainder of the round.  Kume hasn’t seen the second round in a while, and seemed determined to finish, getting a tight guillotine that the Korean powers out of.  Again Nam gets it agains the cage and an outside ref swats at his hand for holding it.  Nam finishes the round attempting to gain a choke from the back, but Kume’s wise and eventually is saved by the bell.  Round three saw Kume  with a takedown and Nam reversing it, for more of his pressure attack from above, but with no finishing intent.  Kume ends the round with Nam crushed against the cage.

The judges deem it a draw and require a fourth round to determine the winner.  Kume comes out like a man possessed, and Nam comes out like a beast.  Nam’s takedowns in the round edge him out in front, along with a too-early standing restart when Kume has top position and is punching.  The decision goes to Nam YuiChul, making him the new Lightweight Champion of ROAD FC.  He thanks Kume on his knees, and Kume is visibly shaken and cries after the decision.


#6 – [라이트급토너먼트 결승전] Lightweight Tournament Final and Championship
Nam YuiChul defeats Kume Takasuke by decision, round 4

#5 – 경기 [페더급매치]
Joachim Hansen defeats Doo Won Seo by submission, arm in triangle, round 2, 3:14

#4 – 경기 [라이트헤비급매치]
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou defeats Seung Bae Whi by decision

#3 – 경기 [미들급매치]
Son Hyae Seok defeats Ikuhisa Minowa by TKO, round 3, :55

#2 – 경기 [웰터급매치] Welterweight Match
Cha JungHwa versus Luis Ramos – DRAW

#1 – 경기 [라이트급매치]
Murat Kazgan defeats Hyung Suk Lee by submission, round 1, :50


로드FC 영건스 7서울 올림픽공원 내 올림픽홀 17시 30
Young Guns 7 Bantamweight Tournament Quarter- and Semi-finals

[1경기 밴텀급 토너먼트 리저브매치] 김민우 vs. 김성재
: 김민우, 2라운드 종료 3대 0 판정승
Kim MinOo defeats Kim SungJae by decision

[2경기 밴텀급 토너먼트 8강전] 문제훈 vs. 사토 쇼코
: 문제훈, 2라운드 종료 2대 1 판정승
Moon JaeHoon defeats Sato Shoko by decision

[3경기 밴텀급 토너먼트 8강전] 홍정기 vs. 이길우
: 이길우, 2라운드 종료 3대 0 판정승
Lee KilOo defeats Hong JungGi by decision

[4경기 밴텀급 토너먼트 8강전] 송민종 vs. 알란 요시히로
: 송민종, 2라운드 종료 3대 0 판정승
Song MinJong defeats Alan Yoshihiro by decision

[5경기 밴텀급 토너먼트 8강전] 이윤준 vs. 김호준
: 이윤준, 1라운드 50초 카운터 펀치에 이은 파운딩 TKO승(레프리스톱)
Lee YoonChul defeats Kim HoJoon by TKO, round 1, 1:50

[6경기 밴텀급 토너먼트 준결승전] 문제훈 vs. 이길우
: 이길우, 1라운드 2분 32초 카운터 레프트펀치에 이은 파운딩 KO승
Lee KilOo defeats Moon JaeHoon by TKO, round 1, 2:32

[7경기 밴텀급 토너먼트 준결승전] 송민종 vs. 이윤준
: 송민종, 1라운드 3분 3초 리어네이크드초크 서브미션 승
Song MinJong defeats Lee YoonChul by submission, RNC, round 1, 3:03

UFC vet Yasuhiro Urushitani signs with ONE FC, faces Rey Docyogen in Manila (