ROAD FC 19 Young Guns 18 play by play and photo album


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November 9, 2014
Seoul Ramada
Seoul, South Korea


Young Guns 018 Results


#7 – Baek Seung-Min vs Hong Yung-Gi

Round one begins. Hong with a hard body shot and he follows up with a knee and some shots to the head. He blasts about fifteen unanswered shots to the face. The ref steps in.

Hong Young-Gi defeats Baek Seung-Min by TKO in 22 seconds


#6 – Yoon Jin-Su vs Tyrone Henderson

Yoon lands a left hook. They clinch and Henderson lands on top. They are scrambling relentlessly. Henderson gots a guillotine. Yoon taps.

Tyrone Henderson defeats Yoon Jin-Su via guillotine choke at 1:18


#5 – Ha Tae-Woon vs Heo Yoon

They meet in the center. Ha clinches and Heo gets out. They start to exchange and Heo takes Ha down. Ha gets back up and presses against the fence. They break. Heo is connecting with his jab. Ha lands a overhand right. They clinch and swing each other around. The action is limited. Ref separates again. Headkick by Ha that lands lightly. Ha clinches and pushes against the fence. Round is over.

Second round. They both throw kicks and then they clinch again. Ha hasa Heo against the fence. Tey go to the center. Heo hits Ha with a low blow. They start again. Ha pushes forward with punches. They clinch and fight on the fence. Ref breaks them apart. They start to exchange and Heo lands a clean punch. Then, Ha gets the takedown. Ha is throwing down some ground and pound. Ref stands them up. They throw more punches and clinch again. The round is over.

Ha Tae-Woon defeats Heo Yoon via decision


#4 – Matsuoka Takasi vs Seok Sang-Jeon

They exchange immediatley and Takasi drops Seok. They stand and Takasi drops him again but Seok fights back and drops Takasi. Hard ground and pound by Seok. They scramble and Seok grabs an arm. Its over.

Seok Sang-Jun defeats Takasi in the first round by armbar at 1:50


#3 – Stuart Gooch vs Oh Jae-Seong

Round one is underway. Oh clinches and pushes against the fence. They break and start to try to find their range. Nothing is really landing. Gooch drags Oh to the ground but Oh lands on top. Gooch is working rubber guard. The ref stands them up. They both clinch and exchange knees. Oh hits him with a hard right hand and takes Gooch down. The ref stands them up again. They dance around the ring and the round ends.

The bell sounds for round two. Oh lands a double leg after a flurry. Gooch goes for a omoplata but Oh pulls out. Then, the action slows so it is stood up. Oh lands a body shot and a right hand. Oh lands a takedown. Gooch goes for a omoplata again and it is a lot closer than last time but Oh escapes. The both stand and start to exchange. They are both slowing down. The last ten seconds Gooch is throwing knees and Oh is lunging punches. The round ends.

Oh Jae-Seong defeats Stuart Gooch by Decision


#2 – Jung Kwang-Seok vs Kim Woo-Jae

Kim presses against the cage and gets a takedown early in the first. Jung gets back up and they stand. Low blow stops the action for a second. Then, they immediately stand and bang. Kim gets a takedown and moves to half guard. Jung gets back up and then Kim takes him down again. Another low blow stops the action again. First round ends.

Second round begins. They are both throwing haymakers. Jung goes for a takedown and Kim stuffs. Kim reverses and presses against the fence. He takes it to the ground. He has got top control against the fence. Kim takes another low blow. They engage again and Kim presses once more against the fence. He is going hard for a takedown. They go back to the center. They start to exchange wildly. Kim presses against the fence. Round ends.

Kim Woo-Jae defeats Jung Kwang-Soeok via Decision


#1 – Park Jun-Young vs Lee Jung-Kyung

Lee drops Park with a right hand follows up with ground and pound. Stand back up and then a takedown by Lee. He takes the back and works for a rear-naked choke.
Lee Jung-Kyung defeats Park Jun-Young 1st round Rear-Naked Choke


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