Starting at 15:00 KST, ROAD FC 10 in Busan gets under way with the Young Guns #6 undercard.  MMA-in-ASIA starts off at cage side to bring you live updates and results.  The event will broadcast on South Korean station XTM at 21:00 KST, and on approximately 10 hours later, at 5:00PM EST in the US.


Saturday, November 24, 2012
BEXCO Auditorium
Busan, South Korea

ROAD FC – Young Guns 6

#1 – [페더급매치] Featherweight
김옥명(데라히바 코리아) Kim Ok Myoung vs. 유재학(덕소일격필승) Yoo JaeHak

Kim wastes no time in getting Yoo down, taking his back and getting the RNC within a minute.

#2 – [밴텀급매치] Bantamweight
홍정기(주짓수월드) Hong JungGi vs. 김영준(샤카짐) Kim YoungJun

Fantastic first round out of Hong, the judoka, who takes Kim down repeatedly and opens up his face in multiple places with punches and knees.  Hong with some nice throws in the second, following up with some punches that end it for Kim as the ref steps in while he covers.

#3 – [밴텀급매치] Bantamweight
알란 요시히로(토마스짐) Alan Yoshihiro vs. 김현성(팀매드) Kim HyunSeong

A great first round as both fighters go for and defend TDs.  Alan’s craftiness gets Kim down and he goes for a RNC that the bell interrupts.  In the second, Alan goes for a TD and gets mount, but Kim reverses.  Alan reverses again, works quickly to the back and gets at tap from Kim by RNC at about halfway through the round.

#4 – [밴텀급매치] Bantamweight
한이문(팀피니쉬) Han YiMoon vs. 정준회(대구MMA) Jeong JunHo

Another great back and forth round out of young guns as Han and Jeong both trade knees in the clinch and wrestle back and forth against the cage.  The bell stops a guillotine by Jeong.  Han comes out the aggressor in round two with some TDs and nice combinations, but Jeong gets a trip and ends on top with some hammerfists.  Jeong’s going for a sub at the end of round two.  The judges give it to Jeong for edging out more effective work.  Brutal knees and body shots from both guys.

#5 – [페더급매치] Featherweight
정민주(대구MMA) Jeong MinJu vs. 최무겸(MMA STORY) Choi MooGyum

Jeong’s Machado banner gives insight to his game plan, and he tries to shoot, trip and throw Choi but he gamely stuffs them all.  Finally Jeong gets a heel and tosses Choi, but Choi works off his back for subs until the end of round one.  Completely dominant second round by Choi who mounts Jeong and double hammerfists him ala Kim DongHyun in UFC Macau, PRIDE style.  Judges give it to him for that one.

#6 – [밴텀급매치] Bantamweight
문제훈(익스트림컴뱃) Moon JaeHoon vs. 김성재(구미MMA) Kim SeongJae

This is a two round stand up war, and in the first Mun almost beats the teeth out of Kim.  My Mac has blood splatter all over it, proof to come later.  Mun wins by decision, after a very dominating second round stalking and brutalizing Kim, and where he does one of those flying flat-footed Korean kicks.

#7 – [페더급매치] Featherweight
정영삼(주짓수월드) Jung YoungSam vs. 허윤(팀매드) Heo Yoon

What starts out as a back and forth tangle sees Jung with a takedown then Heo with a trip of his own, and capitalizing on it by tying up both of Jung’s arms and pounding his face until the ref steps in.

#8 – [미들급매치] Middleweight
손혜석(팀맥스) Son HyaeSuk vs. 박일철(퍼스트짐) Park IlChul

A slow start for the big guys.  Park starts stalking and landing by the end of the round, but is definitely needing that 60 seconds rest.  Park continues to stalk, and lands a nice combination at the end that backs up Son and seals the win in his favor by the judges.  Would have liked to see a KO, but that’s the way it goes.


#1 – [미들급매치] Middleweight Superfight
이둘희(대구MMA) Lee DoolHee vs. 박정교(정심관) Park JeongGyo

In the clinch Park lands a knee that dazes Lee and all he can do is go for single legs.  It doesn’t work and Park batters him, getting a standing kimura, taking him down and submitting him.

#2 – [라이트헤비급매치] Lightweight Superfight
육진수(팀맥스) Yuk JinSu vs. 카나메 오오와키(CMA) Kaname Oowaki

Kaname was wearing red jeans, black Uggs and a black lambswool jacket yesterday.  The was the most interesting part of the match until Yuk turned something on inside him in the second round, took hot pants down, and beat him until his head bounced off the canvas.  Double-tap and not a submission.  The ref stops it and Yuk gets a win post-Minowaman.

#3 – [라이트급 토너먼트 4강] Lightweight Tournament Semifinals Match 1
쿠메 타카스케(얼라이브) Kume Takasuke vs. 윤철(팀포마)Yoon Chul

Yoon comes in as a late replacement, and he’s got an uphill battle against the Alive superstar.  He defends Takasuke’s takedowns for a couple of minutes, but once Takasuke has him down, it’s only a matter of time before he mounts.  The ref doesn’t stop the horrendous beating Yoon is taking and finally he gives up his back.  Takasuke gets a tap, or something equally as brutal, Yoon is spitting blood and not moving.  Takasuke progresses on to the Lightweight title match in February.

#4 – [라이트급 토너먼트 4강] Lightweight Tournament Semifinals Match 2
남의철(강남 팀파시) Nam YuiChul vs. 뷰실 콜로사(팀콜로사) Vuyisile Colossa

Colossa comes out with a takedown!  He snaps Nam’s head back and has him on the run.  Great stand up! The second round sees Nam come back with a huge take the back and try transitioning for a RNC to an arm triangle but Vuyisile lasts the distance and doesn’t submit!  Third round, Vuyisile with some huge combinations, Nam with a huge takedown, he’s looking for an arm but Colossa defends.  Both guys have smashed faces at this point.  Colossa is able to recover guard and get to his feet, unleashing an assault on Nam that repeatedly wobbles him but Nam is tough and weathers the barrage, a fucking amazing battle this is!  Nam’s takedowns and what he does with them outweigh Colossa’s striking and he gets the judges’ vote for a win, progressing on to meet Takasuke for the Lightweight belt.

#5 – [-97.5kg급 계약체급매치] Catchweight Superfight
제프 몬슨(아메리칸탑팀) Jeff Monson vs. 강동국(팀맥스) Kang DongGook

Kang deals with Jeff’s attempts to take him down, and the two even trade on their feet a little.  At the end of round one, Kang gets a double leg against the cage! Into round two. Monson gets Kang against the cage and peppers him with punches but isn’t able to take him down. Most of the action is at the end of the round when Kang gets overconfident and shoots. Jeff gets his neck and lands some big knees to Kang’s dome. In the third, Monson can’t get Kang down again, so his only option is to get him against the cage and work him hard. His efforts get him the decision win.

#6 – [미들급 타이틀매치] Middleweight Title Defense
오야마 슌고(프리) Shungo Oyama vs. 이은수(큐브MMA) Lee EunSu

Oyama trades kicks with Lee, who has his hands wide and a strange stance. Whoa, it does the job! He lands a huge right that stumbles the champ, and follows him down until he’s completely out. We have a new ROAD FC Middleweight Champion!