ROAD FC 13 results: Nam keeps LW title, Minowaman KOs his 100th opponent, Nakahara-Cha draws


ROAD Fighting Championship headed to the south central city of Gumi, South Korea for its 13th event. On October 12, 2013 eleven fights took place and once again the Japanese contingency was strong. A commendable turnout from the small city MMA fans of about 4,000 filled the hall at the start, and mobbed the cage at the finish. Once again the production was exciting and seamless, and a night of good matchmaking set forth an entertaining event.

The Young Guns 9 undercard started off with a flying knee KO of Kim KyuHwa by hometown fighter Kim SeongJae who improved his record to 5-4 and probably moves up in the card order for his next shot out. Han YiMoon bested Gumi’s flashy Kim HyooRyong by walking through a wall of punches to a decision win. Debutant Jeon EoJin also set back another Gumi fighter with a very quick TKO to Yoon JaeOon and in the process put himself on the heavy hands radar. Previously selected featherweight tournament player Yoon Heo proved his mettle by taking Jo ByoungOak after two rounds and making a late burst of grappling prowess to get a decision win.


Bantamweight rising star Lee YunJun, protege of Korean Zombie, set people talking as he entered the arena under “Free association”. Lee was a little more tentative out of the corner since his shellacking of Takafumi Otsuka, but managed to land welting kicks to the left thigh of Kamaya Makoto. Makoto’s style was exciting with an early high kick that stumbled Lee but it wasn’t enough in the judges’ eyes and the Korean took the UD win.


The Featherweight Tournament took another hit as Kil YoungBok came in over 5 kilos at the weigh in which scrubbed his participation and advanced darkhorse Choi MooGyeom to the final. Kosuke Umeda, after getting his own buy to the semis when Kim ChangHyun failed to make weight, faced Kwon BaeYoung in the only tournament match of the night. Umeda looked to be the aggressor, but a perfectly timed flying knee to the midsection from Kwon changed everything. Umeda crumpled with a grimace, holding his gut, and ate punches as the ref dove in.


As the main card started, four matches took to the stage in the opening ceremony, leaving the crowd mumbling about returning hero Kwon ASol. The concern was unfounded as the gloved-up Korean striker quickly came out for the first bout against Koji Nakamura. Kwon’s ring rust apparently had set in, as he was never able to come to life. Nakamura grew confident from repeated unanswered assaults and grew creative with his striking, until he head kicked Kwon to the canvas. The stunned Korean crowd’s disappointment was palpable, but Nakamura roused them to cheer for him.


UFC vet Issei Tamura was given a very harsh welcome to ROAD FC by previous Bantamweight title contender Song MinJong. Tamura came out with a gameplan to diffuse the quick Korean’s assaults with alternating striking and shots, but an early blocked kick broke his hand and set the plan awry. Tamura was left with a smaller bag of tricks and Song capitalized on it by stuffing his takedowns and reversing him in the final minute to get a submission by RNC.



Minowaman‘s entrance was given full fanfare as ROAD FC marked his 100th fight with a video intro showcasing his career. The crowd loved it, and cheered the entire time the Japanese legend took to enter the cage. Kim Hoon received excellent recognition as well, and a hushed stadium watched as he looked to hone in on his mark very early on. Waiting for the heavy hand of Kim proved to be in vain as Minowaman ducked, covered, and retaliated with an overhand right that sent Kim home on a stretcher. ROAD FC gave a nice short and sweet ceremony for Minowa’s accomplishments, and the exclamation point came with his repeat rendition of iconic cheer “Fight! Fight! Fight!” before he left the cage.



Andrews Nakahara versus Cha JungHwan was a barnburner in the making. Both fighters were coming off draws in their recent ROAD FC outings and emotionally set for a win to recover. Both fighters turned up the heat in their game as well, with Nakahara being much more active in the early rounds versus his recent performance against Bae MyoungHo, and Cha pressing the action extremely well since his last outing against Luis Ramos. Nakahara’s strikes were walloping and plentiful, and Cha ate a lot of them as he aggressively sought after him. Both men threw everything but the kitchen sink, Nakahara showing that he’s well-rounded with a beautiful lift and throw. The two men were awarded a draw for their efforts, and quickly ushered out of the cage, an anticlimax to an otherwise incredible fight.



The Lightweight Championship rematch between title holder Nam YuiChul and Kume Takasuke did not disappoint anyone looking to watch another full-out war between the strongest in the ROAD FC division. Kume decided to meet Nam head on in a battle of strength in wrestling and striking, which was a treat for fans who hadn’t seen much of the latter from both. Kume’s repeated onslaught and Nam’s blazing reversals and attacks fueled the fight through the first two rounds. Nam’s wrestling control and punching edged him on top in the final round and he deservingly kept his belt, proving he was the better fighter of the two in a bout that will go down as one of the best fights of the year.



ROAD Fighting Championship 013 in Gumi, South Korea
12th October, 2013 – J.H. Park Stadium


5 – Lightweight Championship Challenge
Nam Yui-Chul defeated Kume Takasuke by SPLIT DECISION, Round 3, to retain his Lightweight Championship Title

4 – Welterweight Superfight
Andrews Nakahara versus Cha Jung-Hwan was judged a Draw, Round 3

3 – Middleweight Superfight
Ikuhisa Minowa defeated Kim Hoon by Knock Out, Round 1 at 3:39

2 – Bantamweight Superfight
Song Min-Jong defeated Issei Tamura by Submission (Rear Naked Choke), Round 3 at 4:02

1 – Lightweight Superfight
Koji Nakamura defeated Kwon A-Sol by Technical Knock Out (Head Kick and Punches), Round 2 at 3:05

Young Guns 9 Card

7 – Featherweight Tournament Semifinal Match #2
Kwon Bae-Yong defeated Kosuke Umeda by Technical Knock Out (Knee and Punches), Round 1 at 1:41

6 – Featherweight Tournament Semifinal Match #1
Choi Moo-Gyum defeated Kil Young-Bok by Technicality (Failure to Make Weight)

5 – Bantamweight Superfight
Lee Yun-Jun defeated Makoto Kamaya by Unanimous Decision, Round 2

4 – Featherweight
Yoon Heo defeated Jo Byoung-Oak by Unanimous Decision, Round 2

3 – Featherweight
Jeon Uh-Jin defeated Yoon Jae-Oon by Technical Knock Out, Round 1 at :21

2 – Middleweight
Han Ee-Moon defeated Kim Hyoo-Ryong by Unanimous Decision, Round 2

1 – Flyweight
Kim Seong-Jae defeated Kim Gyu-Hwa by Technical Knock Out (Flying Knee), Round 2 at 3:06