ROAD FC 14 live results and updates


February 9, 2014
Seoul Olympic Hall
Seoul, South Korea

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Main Card Matches:

#6 – Lightweight Superfight
Yoon Hyun-Bin versus Takaya Tsukuda

Yoon gets knocked around and the audience gasps repeatedly. But he comes back with a stunning KO. The crowd goes nuts. But Yoon stays humble. And his coach Seo Doo-Won starts bawling from happiness.

Yoon Hyung-Bin defeats Takaya Tsukada by KO, rd 1

#5 – Featherweight Tournament Final Match
Kwon Bae-Yong versus Choi Mu-Gyeom

While the first round could go to Kwon, Choi’s jiujitsu starts becoming remarkably effective event though he has to work it after being taken down. True to ROAD FC style, the judges can’t decide who won after 3 rounds, and ask for a fourth. Choi brings home the bacon by swarming and smothering Kwon. It’s a very surprising outcome from the MMA Story underdog who breezed through the tournament, while Kwon handed some ferocious opponents losses.

Choi Mu-Gyeom defeats Kwon Bae-Yong by Decision

#4 – Lightweight Superfight
Kume Takasuke versus Eduardo Simoes

Kume is owning the BTT black belt in everything. Into the 3rd and Eduardo has blood dripping down his face from Kume s new Nam inspired grinding. This was totally expected to be a grappling war but it turned out to be a smash seminar from Kume on Simoes face.

Kume Takasuke defeats Eduardo Simoes by Unanimous Decision

#3 – Bantamweight Match
Kim Soo-Chul versus Tezuka Motonobu

Kim basically killed Tezuka. An amazing display of strength against a very strong opponent and boxing that took him out.

Kim Soo-Chul defeats Tezuka Motonobu by TKO, Rd 1.

#2 – Flyweight Match
Jo Nam-Jin versus Yamagami Mikihito

One hell of a first round! Into the second and Jo is owning Yamagami! Big takedown and Jo continuously switches up guillotine attempts with position changes. 3rd round and Jo shows the beast. He runs right at Yamagami allowing no stance for striking. Jo gets it to the canvas and while Yamagami gets two lucky reversals this fight is all Jo.

Jo Nam-Jin defeats Mikihito Yamagami by Unanimous Decision

#1 – Light Heavyweight Match
Kim Nae-Chul versus Noji Ryuta

Some heavy hands and bodies. Kim keeps it against the cage much of the round. Fun kicks end the first. Rd 2. Kim goes on a shooting spree and flattens Noji. A very good win for him.

Kim Nae-Chul defeats Ryuta Noji by TKO, Rd 2


Young Guns 11 Preliminary Matches:

#5 – Featherweight
Kim Yi-Sak versus Lee Hyung-Seok

Two very active Featherweights go two rounds of craziness. Lee frustrates Kim with just about everything. Into the second and Lee almost knocks down Kim. He senses that is where he an et a win so he keeps it standing and pressures Kim. Kim has good head movement and Lee is tired so no ko ends the match.

Lee Hyung-Seok defeats Kim Yi-Sak by Unanimous Decision

#4 – Bantamweight
Kim Dae-Myung versus Kim Ho-Joon

Very active first round. Both guys strike and land with near kos. Ho Jun gets the first takedown. He is able to dominate in the position with standing back control but eventually give it up. Due mung comes back to rock him. Rd 2. Fantastic second round . Dae-Myung capitalises on a slip then Ho Jun locks on an arm bar. Dae-Myung doesn’t tap to it but the position Ho Jin gets allows him to mount and pound on Dae-Myung until the ref stops it at the very tail end of the round.

Kim Ho-Joon defeats Kim Dae-Myung by TKO, Rd 2

#3 – Featherweight
Kwon Se-Yoon versus Lee Jung-Yung

Trading striking until Lee gets a trip. From the BotOm Kwon tries for an ankle lock. Lee waits it out and eats up kicks but returns with a leg lock attempt of his own. Rd 2. Lee hits a beautiful double leg. Kwon gets up and jumps guard looking for a triangle. Lee negates his attempts and works back to mount to pound for a bit then slap on an arm bar. Kwon is crafty but Lee has all the goods.

Lee Jeong Young defeats Kwon Se-Yoon by Submission, arm bar, Rd 2

#2 – Bantamweight
Cho Yeong-Seung versus Jin Tae-Ho

Dominant first round by Cho who comes out with unpredictable striking to set up cage clinch and take downs. Jin is difficult to get off his feet but Cho eventually does. Rd 2. Cho has the same strategy but gets in some knees first. One lands hard to Jin s groin for a short time stop. Cho again with the fight against the cage. He gets Jin down and looks to pass from half guard. He starts pounding to make that happen. While Cho can’t get the sub he is looking for he does dominate with ground and pound to the end of the fight.

Cho Yeong-Seung defeats Jin Tae-Ho by Unanimous Decision.

#1 – Catchweight -75kg
Munguntsooj Nandinerdene versus Nam Ye-Won

Nandin comes out swinging and assaults Nam on the feet. After the first 2 minutes the tide changes when Nam is able to get a takedown off the cage. He puts the Mongolian down again and works to the back where he gets a tap to rnc.

Nam Ye-Won defeats Munguntsooj by Submission, Rd 1