ROAD FC 15 Main card official results, recap, and photo albums

ROAD FC Flyweight Champion Jo Nam-Jin
ROAD FC Flyweight Champion Jo Nam-Jin

ROAD FC 16 took place in Gumi, South Korea on July 26, 2014. The main event featured the inaugural Flyweight Championship match between Jo Nam-Jin and Song Min-Jong in front of a full house of around 5,000 spectators.


Both fighters came out with one goal: knock the other one out. When that didn’t work, the smashing and grinding began. Jo was landing the crisper and more frequent shots, but Song was never out of the mix. Song used the second round to execute well-timed takedowns to neutralize Jo’s aggression on the feet, but each time, Jo got back up and pressed Song to defend against the cage, knees blazing. In the third and final round, Song was nailing takedowns left and right but couldn’t do much with Jo against the cage, who used the moments to box Song’s ears and cage walk.

It was a well-fought battle between both fighters, however Song’s first time at flyweight put him at a power disadvantage. Jo amply went all out and was able to take the belt by Split decision

10_song min-jong vs jo nam-jin_77.jpg
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UFC stand out Riki Fukuda took on Korean judo hero Yoon Dong-Sik in the co-main event. Fukuda was smart to the judo throws that Yoon was attempting every time he got his hands on him. Yoon’s two moments that elicited “oohs” from the crowd here a jumping guard tanning guillotine and a harai goshi attempt – which Fukuda nicely evaded. It put him in a position to dominate Yoon from the top, and the ref stepped in when Yoon couldn’t defend against Fukuda’s rough ground and pound.

9_yoon dong-sik vs riki fukuda_41.jpg
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Lee Kwang-Hee lived up to his name “Krazy” when he came out and stood toe to toe with the epic striker Bruno Miranda. The Brazilian nailed Lee with everything he had, but the Korean’s concrete chin stood up to it. So Miranda began working the body and a beautiful knee to the liver dropped Lee to the canvas, grimacing and holding his ribs.

8_lee kwang-hee vs bruno miranda _44.jpg
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Song Hyo-Kyung versus Kimura Hazuki was a David and Golaith event of sorts. While Hazuki – the Grachan Fukuoka kickboxing Champ – was happy to stand and trade with the much rangier Song, she changed her mind after eating a few leg kicks and shot for a takedown. Song took her back for it, and proceeded to smash her into the canvas and look for submissions. Scrappy Hazuki took the pounding and even escaped an arm bar in the first round, but in the second, Song tossed her like a rag doll, mounted, and smashed her until Hazuki’s corner threw in the towel

7_song hyo-kyung vs kimura hazuki_35.jpg
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Crying Fist Season 3 runner up Park Hyung-Geun proved he deserved the rematch against the winner Lim Byung-Hee.
Park took Lim down and transitioned through mount and back mount of the entire first round. Lim turned on the heat in round two, momentarily getting Park on his back from a failed shoot attempt. Park was able to reverse it and Lim tried for a guillotine but it was the last submission he would attempt. Park tried to crank on every limb he could grab, and while Lim rode it out until the bell, Park got the well-deserved nod from the judges – and vindication.

6_park hyung-geun vs lim byung-hee_43.jpg
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ROAD FC 16 Official Results
July 26, 2014
Park Chung-Hee Stadium
Gumi, South Korea

Flyweight Championship
Jo Nam-Jin defeats Song Min-Jong by Split Decision at 5:00 minutes of round 3

Middleweight Match
Fukuda Riki defeats Yoon Dong-Sik by TKO at 3:32 minutes of round 1

Lightweight Match
Bruno Miranda defeats Lee Kwang-Hee by TKO at 4:21 minutes of round 1

Women’s 54kg Catchweight Match
Song Hyo-Kyung defeats Kimura Hazuki by withdraw at 2:21 minutes of round 2

Featherweight Match
Park Hyung-Geun deafeats Lim Byung-Hee by unanimous decision at 5:00 minutes of round 2