ROAD FC 17 official results and recap for Kwon A-Sol’s Lightweight title capture

Kwon A-Sol
ROAD FC Lightweight Champion Kwon A-Sol

ROAD FC 17 took place on August 17, 2014 at the Seoul Olympic Hall in Korea. Kwon A-Sol bested Kume Takasuke on the judges’ scorecards to become the Lightweight Champion.


Kume decided to show yet another version of himself when he entered the fight by taking a striking game to Kwon. While it seemed impressive and entertaining, Kwon is known for his own stand up and countered with some heavy hands. Kume’s flurries opened up opportunities to shoot, but Kwon was wise to his efforts there as well, and defended every time.

Kume mixed it up at the beginning of the third by switching levels and finally catching Kwon’s back. He latched on, Kume-style, and while Kwon was defending the grips, he locked on to his body with his legs. Even two back slams by Kwon couldn’t dislodge the Japanese grappler; it was of Kume’s own accord that he slipped off and Kwon was able to capitalize at literally the end of the round to mount and land heavy hands that seemed to do more damage than anything Kume’d been able to inflict.


Kume Takasuke versus Kwon A-Sol
Kume Takasuke versus Kwon A-Sol

Kwon’s final minute display was enough to put two of the judges’ in his corner. It was an emotional ending for Kume when his hand wasn’t raised, and much of the audience sighed along with him. Kwon’s been a controversial figure with smack-talking, disrespecting and missed weights, whereas Kume’s been a humble and exciting fighter who gained many Korean fans. Kwon’s attitude has changed in recent months – much like bad boy Nam Yui-Chul did before his title shot – however he will have to keep proving himself to hold onto his new belt and his supporters.


Song Ga-Yeon defeats Emi Yamamoto
Song Ga-Yeon defeats Emi Yamamoto


ROAD FC built up female fighter Song Ga-Yeon in the media well before her first MMA fight even took place. Against Emi Yamamoto she did put on quite the dominant display of chops for the fans, maybe a little too dominant. Yamamoto was making her MMA debut as well, and she looked fit and confident. Until she got hit. Yamamoto didn’t shy away, but she was clearly overpowered and Song landed hip throws at will. A final barrage of ground and pound ended it in the first and put Song legitimately on the map in women’s MMA.


Lee Yun-Jun defeats Thiago SIlva
Lee Yun-Jun defeats Thiago SIlva


Lee Yun-Jun could have been thoroughly tested on the ground by black belt Thiago Silva, but he made sure not to let it happen. Lee stuffed the long and fast shoots, and engaged in a clinch game where he used his striking to his advantage. Upon separation, Lee’s amazing kicks did the work for him, felling Silva with a crippling midsection blow. He then jumped on him and punched him completely cold.

After the fight, Silva said that the beginning of the end was in the clinch; Lee threw a knee that he thought broke his ribs, so the final kick was the follow up blow. Lee moves extremely high up on the roster of Korean bantam- and featherweights with the finishing win.


Park Jung-Kyo adefeats Kim Dae-Sung
Park Jung-Kyo adefeats Kim Dae-Sung


Park Jung-Kyo and Kim Dae-Sung made for an ugly, gruesome slugfest. Special Forces vet Park is a tough guy of sorts who does the egging-on in an old dirt boxing ring kind of way – taunting by respectful. He knocked Kim down in the second, and could have jumped in to finish him off, but he stood back, asked Kim to get back up and then applauded his late-notice opponent’s bravery.

It was almost Park’s undoing, as Kim opened up inside with elbows and blasted Park’s eye completely shut, putting him on the backpedalling route for a bit. Park was gassing, but his strikes were landing flush, and Kim’s granite face just took the punishment. Finally Park countered a takedown attempt and got himself onto top mount, and that was the end for Kim – and his face.

Kim Nae-Chul knew just how to treat kick boxer Yu Yang-Rae: get inside his distance and clinch, look for takedowns. It worked, although not enough for a finish. He muscled Yu around and made him work against the cage, and on the canvas he punched away at will. The judges gave Kim the deserved win.




Choi Mu-Song defeats Seo Jin-Soo
Choi Mu-Song defeats Seo Jin-Soo


On the Young Guns prelims, Choi Mu-Song and Korean Zombie’s new protege Seo Jin-Soo put on a very good match in their co-debut. Seo’s kicks were notable, but Choi kept on the pressure and became stronger with knees and striking as the match wore on, winning the decision.

Hong Sung-Jin got the first and only submission finish of the night by rapidly taking down Park Jung-Min, securing hooks from the back, and slapping on a tight RNC.

Kwak Jong-Hyun rebounded from a KO loss by repeatedly wrestling and taking down Kim Tae-Kyun to get a decision win. It wasn’t pretty, and Kwak didn’t use his dominant top game to transition or submit, but it was enough to neutralize Kim and get his record back in the win column.

Kim Jong-Hoon and Hong Jung-Gi played a game of “unified rules, no up kicks” game where Kim would stand, and Hong would frustratingly try to grab ahold of something. With fierce takedown attempts it went into the second round, Hong with the wrestling and takedowns but Kim turned on the striking. He tripped for a takedown, and finished the round strongly in mount position to score enough for a split verdict in his favor.


ROAD FC 17 Official Results
August 17, 2014
Seoul, South Korea

Main Card Matches:

Atomweight Women’s Match
Song Ga-Yeon defeat Emi Yamamoto by TKO (Pounding) at 2:23 minutes of round 1

Lightweight Championship
Kwon A-Sol defeats Kume Takasuke by Split Decision at 5:00 minutes of round 3

Bantamweight Match
Lee Yun-Jun defeats Thiago Silva by at TKO (Pounding) 1:38 minutes of round 1

Middleweight Match
Park Jung-Kyo defeats Kim Dae-Sung by TKO (Pounding) at 3:10 minutes of round 3

Light Heavyweight Match
Kim Nae-Chul defeats Yu Yang-Rae by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 minutes of round 2

Young Guns 16 Undercard

Bantamweight Match
Kim Jong-Hoon defeats Hong Jung-Gi by Split Decision at 5:00 minutes of round 2

Kwak Jong-Hyun defeats Kim Tae-Kyun by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 minutes of round 2

Hong Sung-Jin defeats Park Jung-Min by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:02 minutes of round 1

Choi Mu-Song defeats Seo Jin-Soo by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 minutes of round 2