ROAD FC 18’s Young Guns 17 prelims recap and photos: ammys turn pro and deliver a knock out card

ROAD FC 18: Young Guns 17
ROAD FC 18: Young Guns 17

ROAD FC 18 took place on August 30, 2014 in Seoul, South Korea. In the preliminary undercard, Young Guns 17, eight fighters from the ROAD FC southern Into League amateurs division made the leap to the big show. Not a single fight disappointed.


At the top of the Young Guns 17 prelims, Won-Gi Kim came in with an advantage over Jun-Young Ahn due to points the latter was deducted. But he didn’t rest on the laurels, and Ahn knew he had to finish in order to win. Ahn repeatedly wobbled Kim who threw right back and made it to the first bell. Reinvigorated, Kim added mean kicks to his striking game in the second and watched Ahn slow and throw looping punches. Kim earned the decision from the judges even without the need of points, though it wasn’t an easy match at all.

won-gi kim def jun-young ahn_33.jpg
won-gi kim def jun-young ahn_34.jpg
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_won-gi kim def jun-young ahn_23.jpg
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won-gi kim def jun-young ahn_4.jpg


Byung-Ok Cho and Young-Jun Cho put on an identical appearance in their opening round. They traded punches and trips while trying to gain the upper hand on one another. In the second they diverged; ByungOk scored with blistering punches while YoungJun chose to get fancy with flying knees and spinning backlists. In the end, it was Cho ByonOk who did enough damage to score the decision.

byung-ok cho def young-jun cho_23.jpg
byung-ok cho def young-jun cho_24.jpg
byung-ok cho def young-jun cho_25.jpg
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byung-ok cho def young-jun cho.jpg
byung-ok cho def young-jun cho_1.jpg
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Jung-Min Bae knew he was at a huge size disadvantage against Gyu-Seok Son, so he took to a striking offense quickly. But for his efforts, Son picked him up and slammed him. Bae tried to work off his back but Son systematically pounded him out.

son gyuseok def bae jungmin_22.jpg
son gyuseok def bae jungmin_23.jpg
son gyuseok def bae jungmin_24.jpg
son gyuseok def bae jungmin_25.jpg
son gyuseok def bae jungmin_26.jpg
son gyuseok def bae jungmin.jpg
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son gyuseok def bae jungmin_3.jpg
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son gyuseok def bae jungmin_5.jpg
son gyuseok def bae jungmin_6.jpg


Jin-Ho Son came out like a monster against Sung-Jun Yoon. Son wrestled Yoon against the cage, and assaulted him with knees, punches and throws. After Son ran roughshod through the whole round, Yoon managed to hold onto an arm as he was slammed, and transition to an armbar for a huge comeback win by tap.

sung-jun yoon def  jin-ho son _24.jpg
sung-jun yoon def  jin-ho son _25.jpg
sung-jun yoon def  jin-ho son _26.jpg
sung-jun yoon def  jin-ho son _27.jpg
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sung-jun yoon def  jin-ho son .jpg
sung-jun yoon def  jin-ho son _1.jpg
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Yong-Geun Kim showed incredible grappling prowess against Jong-Han Kang. In a scramble he grabbed for a kimura and fell to his back to take it. When Kang defended by twisting out, Kim switched to an armbar, flipped to his belly, and got the tap.

yong-geun kim def jong-han kang_17.jpg
yong-geun kim def jong-han kang_18.jpg
yong-geun kim def jong-han kang_19.jpg
yong-geun kim def jong-han kang_20.jpg
yong-geun kim def jong-han kang_21.jpg
yong-geun kim def jong-han kang.jpg
yong-geun kim def jong-han kang_1.jpg
yong-geun kim def jong-han kang_2.jpg
yong-geun kim def jong-han kang_3.jpg
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yong-geun kim def jong-han kang_5.jpg
yong-geun kim def jong-han kang_6.jpg


Chan-Sol Park and Myung-Gu Yeo opened the card the right way – by throwing leather for two straight rounds. Park’s terrific knees in the clinch and takedowns and Yeo’s punches in bunches and attacks from off his back made both bloody at the bell, and it was finally Park picking up the win.

chansol park def myunggu yeo_33.jpg
chansol park def myunggu yeo_34.jpg
chansol park def myunggu yeo_35.jpg
chansol park def myunggu yeo_36.jpg
chansol park def myunggu yeo_37.jpg
chansol park def myunggu yeo.jpg
chansol park def myunggu yeo_1.jpg
chansol park def myunggu yeo_2.jpg
chansol park def myunggu yeo_3.jpg
chansol park def myunggu yeo_4.jpg
chansol park def myunggu yeo_5.jpg
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