ROAD FC 22 Play by Play and Results: Park Jung-Kyo vs Jeon Uh-Jin


4 jeon uh-jin

ROAD FC 22 is going down at JangChung Gymnasium on March 21st, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea. It is headlined by a lightweight title fight between Champion Kwon A-Sol and challenger Lee Kwang-Hee.


The rest of the main card consists of Kim Seok-Mo vs Kuwabara Kiyoshi, Shim Gun-Oh vs Lucas Tani, Tamura Issei vs Cho Young-Seung, Park Jung-Kyo vs Jeon Uh-Jin, and Fukuda Riki vs Lee Dool-Hee.



March 21st, 2015

JangChung Gymnasium

Seoul, South Korea


Middleweight Bout (-84kg)

Park Jung-Kyo (Jungshimgwan) vs Jeon Uh-Jin (Team Max)


Round 1 – They dance around for the first two minutes until the ref warns them to engage. They get back to it and Jeon is much more active. He is throwing combos and finally lands a double leg. Jeon is punching to the body. Park turns his back and Jeon catches him a few more times. Round ends.

Round 2 – Again they just sway around the cage for the first few minutes. Then Park starts to kick with frequency. Park lands a superman punch. Jeon attempt a takedown but Park defends well. They start to engage more. This is starting to turn into a brawl. Jeon lands a right that rocks Park. Park swarms but Jeon lands a takedown and takes the back. The round is over.

Round 3 – Takedown by Jeon. He gets into side control but Park gets back up. However, Jeon puts him on his back again. Jeon is peppering with light hammerfists but nothing too serious. He traps the arm but then all of a sudden the ref stands them up. Jeon with a double leg and he sits there in half guard. Park finally gets back up and Jeon catches him with a left hook and drops him. But the round ends.

Result: Jeon Uh-Jin win via UD (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)