ROAD FC – KOREA 1 sees Fukuda dominant in debut, Kwon trumping Abdollahi, Lee YoonJun with another KO


ROAD FC – Korea 1 on January 18, 2014 sees Riki Fukuda dominant in his debut, Kwon ASol getting a needed win, and Lee YoonJun proves his KO power again.

ROAD FC – Korea 1 was the promotion’s first testing of the waters for a new league concept aimed at introducing foreign fighters both to its current roster and the fans. It took place on Saturday night, January 18, 2014 in one of ROAD FC’s previous venues it outgrew, the Grand Hilton Convention Center. At first look, it was a definitely smaller and scaled down atmosphere with only floor seating, but ROAD FC was able to tailor the event and provide a big punch for the sold-out crowd of approximately 2,000 packed in attendance. Production remained flawless with the exact same lightshow used for arena events and a very big screen provided a view for even those in the back rows.

The event kicked off with the Young Guns 10 preliminaries. The six bouts featured consisted of fighters who came up through the ranks of ROAD FC’s two amateur leagues, Into League and Central League. Although they had little to no professional experience in front of a big and highly vocal crowd, storage fright was not evident from any of them. Half the fights were finished in the first round, and half went the distance.

The full photo album of Young Guns 10 can be viewed here, and the main card of ROAD FC – Korea 1 can be viewed here.


Munguntsooj Nandinerdene opened up the night by dropping Lee ByeongHyeon with a barrage of punches that put the welterweight division on notice. Grappler Ryu KyungGwan then picked up a decision victory after a lively scrap with striker Yeo MyungGoo. Jo InHang showed off his crisp Muay Thai, but Kim HyoRyong reversed the tide and dropped him with an elbow and punches. Park DaeSeong and Oh HoTak showed off Korean-style toughness and action. They left everything in the first both standing and striking, so round two was a free-for-all. Park scored with two textbook judo throws to end the round; he was one of the most impressive on the tenth Young Guns event.

Park GwangSoo and Kim KyuHwa played a stand up game that started off hesitatingly and ended with a crescendo of punches. Park smiled from start to finish as he implemented a very smart game plan that earned him the decision. Kim MinWoo dismantled Lee DongJin with strikes that could have put a lesser man out flat on the canvas, but somehow he remained standing. Kim found his weakness with a head kick that ended the fight and the undercard with a bang.


Jeon UhJin and Ahn SangIl lit up the already polarized crowd with crowd-pleasing entrances full of swagger. In the cage, it was clear Ahn did not want to eat any of Jeon’s punches even while he darted in and out with his own. Jeon clearly headbutts him, but after a brief stop, action resumes with no consequences. Ahn warmed up a bit in the second and was put on his back for his efforts, however he looked for subs from the position. In the final round, Jeon smelled a win and landed a punch straight down the shoot. Ahn took advantage of the close distance and clinched to land some huge knees that put Jeon down and out.

Lee YongJae returned to action against Jeon DooJae in the second fight of the night. Jeon taunted Lee with disrespectful gesturing, but then he backed it up by demolishing him. Lee’s takedown technique was nice and he had good timing but Jeon had an unusual counter with a leg kick. Jeon’s upset in stunning fashion definitely puts him higher on the leader board.


Lee YoonJun told MMA-in-ASIA in his prefight interview that he planned on coming out with a new wrestling game plan. He didn’t have to. After one of Lee’s trademark front kicks on the button, Kim WonGi saw himself on a slippery downhill slope. Lee mounted a rapid offense that led with a flying knee and ended with punches put Kim to sleep. Quickly.

Kwon ASol gave a harsh welcome to Muay Thai champion Mostafa Abdollahi in his MMA debut. Even though he came in almost 2 kilos heavy at weigh ins, Kwon looked much smaller than Abdollahi. Kwon’s stiff penalty of 2 points deducted per round put him in a desperate need of a finish. Abdollahi’s striking technique and distance were very good, but a slip allowed Kwon the opportunity he needed to get the fight down, and worked to the back to get Abdollahi’s tap on the canvas.

Riki Fukuda made his promotional debut amidst a crowd that was showing their ferocious support for his opponent, Kim HeeSeung. In the first round, Kim showed no hesitancy against his veteran opponent, gamely clinching and dirty boxing. Riki tripped him for a nice takedown, eventually taking Kim’s back. Kim was able to stand up close to the bell. In the second round, Fukuda implemented his game plan faster by getting Kim against the cage and dragging him down. Once there, he was able to take Kim’s back and while Kim wouldn’t let him latch on a choke, Fukuda was able to finish him off with punches.


ROAD FC’s next Korea series event will be ROAD FC – Korea 2 on March 9, 2014. Before that, however, the big event hits the stage for ROAD FC 14 on February 9th.

Official results and press release:

ROAD FC – KOREA 001, 18 January, 2014
Grand Hilton Convention Centre, Seoul, South Korea

Main Event
5th Match
Riki Fukuda defeated Kim Hee-Seung in 2R, 2″19 by TKO

4th Match
Kwon A-Sol defeated Mostafa Abdollahi in 1R, 3″31 by Submission, Back Choke

3rd Match
Lee Yoon-Jun defeated Kim Won-Gi in 1R “57 by TKO

2nd Match
Jeon Doo-Jae defeated Lee Yong-Jae in 1R 3″12 by TKO

1st Match
Ahn Sang-Il defeated Jeon Uh-Jin in 3R 1″35 by TKO

Young Guns 10, 18 January, 2014
Grand Hilton Convention Centre, Seoul, South Korea

5th Match
Kim Min-Woo defeated Lee Dong-Jin in R1 2″34 by KO

4th Match
Park Gwang-Soo defeated Kim Kyu-Hwa in R2 by Unanimous Decision

3rd Match
Park Dae-Seong defeated Oh Ho-Tak in 2R by Unanimous Decision

2nd Match
Kim Hyo-Ryong defeated Jo In-Hang in R1 2″15 by KO

1st Match
Ryu Kyung-Gwan defeated Yeo Myung-Goo in 2R by Unanimous Decision

Opening Match
Munguntsooj Nandinerdene defeated Lee Byeong-Hyeon in 1R “24 by KO

ROAD Fighting Championship Announces the Official Fight Results for the Inaugural ROAD FC – KOREA 001 in Seoul, South Korea which took place on January 18, 2014

January 18, 2014 – ROAD Fighting Championship held ROAD FC – KOREA 001, the first of a series of monthly league events at the Grand Hilton Convention Centre in Seoul, South Korea today. The six matches held under the Young Guns 10 banner showed the exciting future of Korean MMA fighters, as half of the fights ended by KO in the first round, and the other half were fought to decision. All of the fights on the Main Event ended in thrilling finishes – the judges had a very easy night!

Riki Fukuda had a successful debut in ROAD FC with a very good boxing game against Kim Hee-Seung. The sold-out home crowd of 2,000 was in Kim’s favor as he traded punches with the famous Japanese fighter. Fukuda was able to bring Kim to the canvas in the second round where he took the back and pounded to get a referee stoppage. Fukuda was very respectful when he addressed the audience after his hand was raised in victory,

“I really appreciate my opponent because he waited to fight with me. The match was supposed to happen in October but I was injured so it was cancelled.”

Fukuda was asked who he would like to fight next,

“Any middleweight fighter in ROAD FC, a strong fighter. I just want to fight and become the Champion.”

Kwon A-Sol made a very tough “welcome to the ROAD FC MMA cage” to Mostafa Abdollahi, a Muay Thai Champion. Abdollahi’s striking and distancing was very high-level so Kwon knew he had to get the fight to the ground. One there, Kwon wasted no time in fighting for a Back Choke and making Abdollahi submit. ROAD FC is very honored that Abdollahi made his first MMA fight with us in Korea!

The three first fights on the Main Card were full of blistering action. Lee Yoon-Jun proved why he is one of the most impressive fighters in ROAD FC by knocking out Kim Won-Gi in less than a minute. His front kick is so strong, just like his previous opponent Takafumi Otsuka already knows! Jeon Doo-Jae knew exactly how to handle southpaw Lee Yong-Jae. Lee had very good timing, but Jeon acted confident in the cage and taunted Lee. In the end Jeon proved to the audience he was right. Ahn Sang-Il and Jeon Uh-Jin started the Main Card with a thrilling back and forth game that lasted into the third round. These exciting fighters had the whole audience cheering for them. Ahn came on strong in the final round and landed so many knees to Jeon in the clinch, but Jeon was so tough that he didn’t go down and the referee had to stop the fight for him!

Young Guns 10 brought together twelve of South Korea’s next generation of MMA champions. Munguntsooj Nandinerdene put on a fast and furious show against Lee Byeong-Hyeon in the opening fight. The Mongolian native knocked out his opponent in just 24 seconds! Yeo Myung-Goo vs Ryu Kyung-Gwan went the distance of two rounds and showed that they have skills both standing and on the ground. In the end, the judges unanimously decided Ryu’s ground fighting edged out Yeo’s knees in the clinch. Kim Hyo-Ryong defeated Jo In-Hang with an excellent striking combination, but for the first part of the round it was Jo’s Muay Thai striking that was very impressive!

Park Dae-Seong and Oh Ho-Tak gave everything they had to put on a show! The two young fighters played both standing and on the ground and tried to finish in every way possible. Park really shined in the final moments with judo throws and he earned the Unanimous Decision. Park Gwang-Soo and Kim Kyu-Hwa were equally determined to make it an exciting fight. Kim’s knees in the clinch were very impressive, but Park’s crisp striking made the judges side in his favor. Kim Min-Woo and Lee Dong-Jin brought the crowd to their feet. Kim hit Lee with everything that he had, but Lee was so tough and just wouldn’t be knocked down! Kim finally got out his big high kick and finished the Young Guns 10 card in spectacular fashion.

Get ready for the next big event! ROAD FC 014 will take place on February 9, 2014. After that, ROAD FC KOREA 002 will return to the Grand Hilton Convention Centre on March 9, 2014.


ROAD FC – KOREA is a new monthly league event that will serve as the launching point for the most exciting and entertaining fighters from all over the world into ROAD FC. ROAD FC – KOREA events will be broadcast live on Super Action in Korea and streamed Pay Per View internationally.

About ROAD Fighting Championship

The sport of MMA is booming in South Korea, and behind the incredible growth is ROAD FC. As this new era of Mixed Martial Arts begins, ROAD FC is committed to creating more opportunities for fighters in growth, experience, and support. The amateur and semi-pro Central and Into Leagues provide a structured, safe, and competitive atmosphere for beginning fighters. “ROAD FC – KOREA” monthly events now will provide many more opportunities for foreign fighters to compete and ascend in the rankings. ROAD FC numbered series events with the Young Guns undercard will be held approximately four times a year in major cities across Korea and Japan in 2014, featuring the most exciting and well-recognized Korean and international MMA fighters.

About ROAD FC Official Gym

To support this expansion and all ROAD FC fighters, the ROAD FC Official Gym in Gangnam, Seoul has been constructed. This state-of-the-art facility is approximately 500 square meters, has a cage built to ROAD FC specifications, and generous mat area for martial arts training and CrossFit. Famous Korean MMA fighter Seo Doo-Won, formerly of the National Wrestling Team, is the Head Coach.

ROAD FC is the stage where legends shine, rookies thrill, and epic battles are waged that determine the future of MMA. From the pageantry of the grand entrance to the final crunch of the KO, ROAD FC showcases the very best of Mixed Martial Arts sports and entertainment.

As we say in Korea, “Fighting!”

For updates please visit the ROAD FC website at and the Official Facebook page at

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