ROAD FC – Korea 2 live results and stream info


ROAD FC – Korea 2
March 9, 2014
Grand Hilton Convention Center
Seoul, South Korea

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Lee Yoon-Jun (5-2) Team ONE
Kosuke ‘Coro’ Terashima (9-3-3) Wayjutsu Keishukai TLive

Lee puts together some amazing combinations that Coro just manages to back out of. Lee has his kicks in play too and they visibly hurt Coro. Rd 2. Lee owns it until the last minute when Coro almost knocks him out twice. Rd 3. Lee has recovered. Coro starts to turn up the heat but it is too late. He’s exhausted and drops his hands. A huge double leg from Lee ends the round with him once again on Dominant top position.

Lee Yoon-Jun defeats Kosuke ‘Coro’ Terashima by Unanimous Decision

Lee Hyung-Seok (8-6) Pohang BD
Ben Buchan (4-2) Tsudanuma Dojo

Ben hits a td but can’t do anything with it. Ref stands them and Lee starts to shine. A few huge punches then he gets a throw and a slam to seal himself the round Rd 2. Lee swarms then rocks Ben. A takedown and while Ben threatens rubber guard off his back Lee is able to pass through several positions. He gets Ben back and that’s the end.

Lee Hyung-Seok defeats Ben Buchan by Submission, RNC, Rd 2

Han Yi-Moon (5-2) Team Finish
Ryo ‘AKB’ Takagi (2-4) Purebred Kawaguchi Redips

Catchweight 58.5kg
Kim Ji-Yeon Kim (0-0-1) Impact Gym
Takayo Hashi (14-4) Wayjutsu Keishukai Tokyo

Kim comes out with nice boxing and definitely has reach on Hashi. She opens Hashi brow. Kim shows good cage defense but eventually Hashi gets her down and works to finish. Bell. Round two is Kim boxing and Hashi keeping it against the cage, finally with a takedown to side control that she does nothing with.


Kim Min-Woo (4-1) MMA Story
Song Chang-Hyun (0-4) Team Finish

Song had it in him to stand toe to toe but it was clear he had nothing to trade with Kim. Kim blistered his legs with kicks and spanked his face with fists. But ultimately it was a takedown and control that allowed Kim to take the back and sink in a quick choke for the win.

Kim Min-Woo defeats Song Chang-Hyun by Submission, RNC, Rd 1,

Young Guns 12

Ki-Bum Moon (1-0) Team MAD
Kim Hyeong-Ryeol (0-5) MPA

Moon and Kim trade a little striking. It’s clear Moon is tentative of getting hit. Kim eggs him on only to receive a knee to the nuts in the clinch. A second trade sees Moon kick him to the groin again. After the time start Moon wastes not a moment doing the Team MAD takedown-mount-pound routine to get what might have been a tad early but deserved stoppage.

Ki-Bum Moon defeats Kim Hyeong-Ryeol by TKO, Rd 1, 4:30

Catchweight 76kg
Jung Jae-Il (0-0) Bros Gym
Oh Jae-Sung (0-1) Team Fighter

Jung clearly wallops Oh. Somehow Oh finds the heart to get back into a slugfest. In the second Jung brats the daylights out of Oh but he just won’t go down. Quite a load of bloody violence between these two.

Jung Jae-Il defeats Oh Jae-Sung by Unanimous Decision

Kwak Jong-Hyun (1-1) Team Force
Kim Oo-Jae (0-0) Team POMA

Rd 1. Active 1st. Kwak nails a td but Kim reverses. Kwak is able to land several more throughout the round and control on the ground he looks for a kimura at one point.

Rd 2. Repeat the perfect formula. Kwak nails takedowns and smothers Kim on the ground. Kim is strong but Kwak has the formula.

Kwak Jong-Hyun defeats Kim Oo-Jae by Unanimous Decision

Kim Seok-Yong (0-0) SSABI MMA
Kim Jin-Min (0-1) Gumi MMA

Kim Seok-Yong makes his pro debut in Dominant fashion with aggressive striking, effective takedowns and a finish.

Kim Seok-Yong defeats Kim Jin-Min by Submission, RNC, Rd 1,4:51