ROAD FC – Korea 3: live updates and results


ROAD FC – Korea 3 takes place on April 6, 2014 with the Young Guns undercard starting at 6pmKST, and the main card live streaming at 8pmKST.

ROAD FC – Korea 3
The K Seoul Hotel
Seoul, South Korea

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#5 – Lightweight Superfight
Kwon A-Sol (17-8) 권아솔 vs. Giovanni Diniz (21-7) 지오반니 디니즈

Apparently Kwon feels he is getting paid by the punch so he is not throwing any. Diniz plays the bait game as well for 4 long minutes. Kwon nails a throw. Rd 2 and Kwon rocks Diniz with punches and knees. Kwon is abke to get him down where he grounds and pounds Diniz unto a bloody mess. rd 3 and Kwon finishes the job by practically KOing Diniz on the ground and then transitioning for an easy RNC that puts Diniz to sleep.

Kwon A-Sol defeats Giovanni Diniz by Submission to RNC rd 3

#4 – Middleweight
Moon Jae-Hoon (5-5) 문제훈 vs. Thiago Silva (5-2) 티아고 실바

Moon has some heavy kicks that buckle Silva who shoots. A wild scramble ensues that sees Moon get top position but he ends up sitting in Silvas back mount. Moon fights off chokes to the bell. rd 2 and Moon wallops Silva bloody from kicks to throws to ground and pound. In rd 3 Moon goes for the legs again but Silva shoots and mounts and gets an arm triangle.

Thiago Silva defeats Moon JaeHoon by Submissiin to arm triangle rd 3

#3 – Lightweight
Kim Won-Gi (1-4-1) 김원기 vs. Bruno Miranda (5-1) 브루노 미란다

Trading bombs starts the match. Bruno gets a standing guillotine then Kim works a trip that sees him eventually able to take the back. Bruno ends the round dominant. Round 2 and Bruno doesnt even need takedowns to get Kim on the canvas. Bruno beats on him until the ref calls it.

Bruno Miranda defeats Kim WonGi by tKO rd 2

#2 – Women’s Atomweight
Ham Seo-Hee (12-5) 함서희 vs. Shino Vanhoose (3-2) 시노 밴후스

Ham puts a few straight down the shoot and stuns Shino. Ham is dominant on top through the round but Shino has a big hip throw to put Ham on her back. Ham throws tons of pounding and Shino has to work hard to defend. The second and Shino is much more composed. She is able to reverse from the bottom but ends in a triangle so she picks up Ham and slams her. Shino goes into guard and from there Ham stands and reverses the tide to gain top mount eventually. Shino is able to get an inverted triangle which Ham works out of.

Ham Seo-Hee defeats Shino VanHoose by UD

#1 – Bantamweight
Ko YeongSik vs Tsujikawa Ryohei

After some short time trading punches and kicks Ryo clinches for a tkedown. Ko defends but Ryo muscles him down. He works all kind of top positions and punches until he gets an arm.

Tsujikawa Ryohei defeats Ko YeongSuk by submission to armbar rd 1

Young Guns 13

#5 – Featherweight
Lee Hyung-Seok (11-6) 이형석 vs. Jo Byeong-Ok (3-1) 조병옥

Both guys come out with slow motion striking. They work against the cage where Jo establishes clinch and executes a nice throw. But Lee works around to an awkward back crucifix on a sitting Jo, Lee looks for a submission and also works his hooks in. He ends securing a RNC and at 10 seconds left Jo taps.

Lee Hyung-Seok defeats. Jo Byeong-Ok by Submission to RNC rd 1

#4 – Lightweight
Park Dae-Song (3-1-1) 박대성 vs. Yoo Tae-Woo (0-0) 유태우

The round starts with a flurry and both guys attempt trips. Park wins in that arena where he makes Yoo fight off his back furiously for a couple of minutes. Eventually Park finds a home on Yoos face again and again and the ref has to step in to end it.

Park Dae-Song defeats. Yoo Tae-Woo by TKO ref stoppage rd 1

#3 – Bantamweight
Kim Jong-Hyun (2-0) 김종훈 vs. Lee Sung-Su (0-0) 이성수

Kim has very good throws and a ground game that MMA Story is getting known for. Lee has a nice reversal to standing once but Kim continues the takedowns and throws. Even when Lee gets a lucky top position Kim snaps on a supertight triangle. Lee lasts forever until Kim switches to an armbar and flips him on his face.

Kim Jong-Hyun defeats Lee Sung-Su by submission to armbar rd 1 3:38

#2 – Welterweight
Son Gyu-Seok (1-3) 손규석 vs. Yoon SungJun (0-0)

Son has a plan. That plan is to crush Yoon. With the crowd obviously in his favour he does just that. Striking to takedown to pounding to RNC.

Son Gyu-Seok defeats Yoon SungJun by RNC rd 1

#1 – Flyweight
Kim Kyu-Hwa (5-4) 김규화 vs. Kim Jae-Kyung (1-1) 김재경

Kyuhwa comes out with an obvious grappling game. Through the first he gets it to the ground and negates much of Jaekyungs striking. In the 2nd Jaekyung figures it out and starts stuffing the takedowns. His punches and kicks are effective. But Kyuhwa gets it back in his gameplan towards the end.

Kim Kyu-Hwa defeats Kim Jae-Kyung by UD