ROAD FC 18 recap and photos: Kim and Ramos draw, Ham Seo-Hee brilliant vs tough Rassohyna

ROAD FC 18 Kim Hoon vs Luis Ramos
ROAD FC 18 Kim Hoon vs Luis Ramos

ROAD FC 18 took place on August 30, 2014. Luis Ramos and Kim Hoon matched each other to a rough Draw, Ham Seo-Hee and Alyona Rassohyna thrilled with a grappling barn burner.


Luis Ramos and Kim Hoon entered the ROAD FC cage coming off disappointment; Ramos fought to a Draw his first time in ROAD FC and Kim Hoon got knocked out by Minowaman. They came in hungry. The striking was ferocious and the groundwork was powerful. Kim landed trips, Ramos takedowns, and from there both worked to finish in the early moments, but as the fight wore on, a cage wrestling show began to play out. The two tired men were repeatedly separated and then the punching and kicking made for near KOs.

Kim landed a clean knee that split opened Ramos’ head, but with little damage other than blood, the fight continued. The entertaining 3-rounder delivered to everyone but the fighters, who received a Draw from the judges.

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Ham Seo-Hee and Alyona Rassohyna faced off in the co-main event of the evening, Korea’s top women’s MMA fighter versus Oplot FC’s arm bar princess. Neither fighter disappointed. Ham brought the fight to Rassohyna, who in turn put on incredible submission attempts from the bottom. Ham’s defiance of a heel hook at the bell of the first round was cringing. Rassohyna never stopped the limb attacks, yet Ham powered out and transitioned away from everything, ending with ground and pound on top or on the back every time.

Ham received and dutifully deserved the win, however Rassohyna’s performance was exciting and shows what her future as a star grappler in MMA can be.

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Mun Je-Hoon righted his records against Brazilians by finishing Marcos Vinicius with a liver kick. Mun entered the cage with a vengeance and never let Nia catch his breath. Later, Vina said it was the original knee that did the damage, and that the liver shot was insult to injury.

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In a very special move, ROAD FC hosted two women’s matches on the main card. The first of those featured King’s Cup Muay Thai champion Kamikaze Yukimi trying her hand at MMA against prospect Kim Ji-Yeon, who has fought twice against Japan’s top women to a draw. The match predictably began as a bar burner striking match. Kim Kim wanted to get a finish and a win on her record badly, so she smartly tripped Yukimi to the canvas, mounted, and choked her out.

After the match, Kamikaze said she thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and would go straight back to more grappling to ensure a future in MMA. Kim has now established herself in the rankings simply because of her opponents.

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ROAD FC’s head ref decided to get back in the cage as a fighter after a 4-year layoff in which he’s maintained Jiu Jitsu World academy and achieved his first dan as a black belt. Against Mach Dojo’s Irei Nobuhito, he surprisingly came out striking. It was a plan that backfired in the hurt department, as Irei’s reach smashed his face, but Jang wisely used the mat time to work with his strengths. Alas, Irei wouldn’t let him capitalize their either, fending off submission attempts and landing sporadic ground and pound.

The judges saw fit to split the decision in Jang’s favor. It caused a huge reaction in the fans, in Irei’s corner, and eventually ROAD FC itself. The acting head ref called for a video review, and within 24 hours the result was overturned for a win to Irei. ROAD FC then officially announced a 48-hour video review for any protested results would be in effect.

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For the opening bout of the main card, Kim “Armbar” Chang-Hyun came out in a gi with a white belt, humbling himself after a rough patch of luck in the cage. Kim Seok-Mo also sought to redeem his record by trying to stand and trade with Armbar. One trip and it was over. Kim Chang-Hyun used his long lauded ground skills to comeback via arm bar tap out.

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August 30, 2014
Seoul, South Korea

Main Card


5th ATOMWEIGHT BOUT : HAM SEO-HEE defeats ALYONA RASSOHYNA by Unanimous Decision at 5 minutes of round 2

4th BANTAMWEIGHT BOUT : MUN JE-HOON defeats MARCOS VINICIUS by TKO (pounding) at 2:30 minutes of round 1

3rd -60kg CATCHWEIGHT BOUT : KIM JI YEON defeats KAMIKAZE YUKIMI by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:19 minutes of round 1

** 2nd FEATHERWEGHIT BOUT : IREI NOBUHITO defeats JANG DEOK-YOUNG by Decision at 5 minutes of round 2 ** (overturned from original JANG Split Decision Win)

1st LIGHTWEIGHT BOUT : KIM CHANG-HYUN defeats KIM SEOK-MO by Submission (Arm bar) at 1:48 minutes of round 1

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