UFC FN 75 Road to UFC: Japan Finale – Hirota vs Yashabo live results


UFC FN 75 Road to UFC: Japan Finale – Hirota vs Yashabo live results

UFC Fight Night 75
September 27, 2015
Saitama Super Arena
Tokyo, Japan

Rd 1. Yashabo opens with a big kick. Hirota rushes in with a combo. High kick from Yashabo. Hirota rushes in and gets tagged. Yashabo throwing more hard high kicks. Yashabo gets lucky with a takedown off a slip but Hirota pops up. Hirota comes in with two that land, Yashabo ducks the third. Yashabo lands one on the way out. Yashabo tries the trip again and his head switch throws Hirota off guard and he lands. But Hirota comes back with a high kick. Hirota rushed Yashabo to the cage. Good inside low kick by Yashabo. Hirot comes in with punches, Yashabo catches him with a counter. Yashabo’s weird left is finding a home, and then he lands it for a knockdown at the bell!

Rd 2. Hirota is going in again, Yashabo puts him on his butt again! Yashabo getting conservative and accurate with his left and reading Hirota’s strieks very very well. Hirota lands one and knows to go to the clinch but man Yashabo just ducks out of them! Against the cage and Hirota finally successful, gets a double leg. But Yashabo walks right out! Breif scramble. Hirota really wants to KO Yashabo but Yashabo is so slippery with his head movement.

Rd 3. Hirota punches in, Yashabo counters and drops him! They’re up! Hirota just can’t hit Yashabo, he has beautiful head movementt! Hirota’s best bet is in tight against the cage. He keeps trying to put Yashabo there. Finally Hirota gets a trip and Yashabo turtles.Hirota punches and punches but Yashabo backs out to his feet. Hirota works for the dragdown again, control against the cage. Yashabo pushes off, Hirota repeats. Ten seconds of mayhem at the end!

Hirota turned on the heat and Yashabo responded in excellent form to put on a thrilling bout.

Teruto Yashabo and Mizuno Hirota DRAW, 29-28, 28-29, 29-29