SHOOTO – 2nd Round 2014 results


SHOOTO 2nd Round features a double title headliner with both Pacific Rim Welterweight and Featherweight straps up for grabs. Exciting Shinji Sasaki takes on hard-hitting “Tyson” Nubumitso at WW and tactician Yuta Neza faces prodigy Kota Onojuma at FW. Unbeaten upstart Nobita Naito faces ranker Yuki Shoujo for the next chance at the World Flyweight belt currently held by Shinya Murofushi.

Also on the card, fan fave Taiki Tsuchiya is back against Ryogo Takahashi, and three matches from the second round of the Infiniti Tournament take place.

Announcements during the ceremony:

– A moment of recognition for recently deceased ISC Commissioner Urata.
– May 5th will be Rumina Sato’s Retirement Ceremony.
– VTJ 5th will take place on Osaka on June 28th.
– VTJ 6th will take place on October 4th back at Ota City Gym.

SHOOTO – 2nd Round 2014
March 16, 2014
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

#9 – Pacific Rim Welterweight Championship
Shinji Sasaki (13-7-2) 佐々木信治
Tyson Nobumitsu (7-2) 大尊伸光

Tyson Nobumitsu defeats Shinji Sasaki by KO

#8 – Pacific Rim Featherweight Championship
Kota Onojima (8-2) 小野島恒太
Yuta Nezu (15-7-1) 根津優太

Yuta Nezu defeats Kota Onojima by Unanimous Decision

#7 – Lightweight
Taiki Tsuchiya (10-3) 土屋大喜
Ryogo Takahashi (4-1) 高橋遼伍

Ryogo Takahashi defeats Taiki Tsuchiya by TKO, rd 2, 3:27

#6 – World Flyweight next challenger decision match
Yuki Shoujo (13-7-2) 正城ユウキ
Nobita Naito (6-0) 内藤のび太

Nobita Naito defeats Yuki Shoujo by Unanimous Decision

#5 – Featherweight
Naohiro Mizuno (11-7-2) “Chokugeki gamon” 直撃我聞
Keisuke Fujiwara (18-8-4) 藤原敬典

Naohiro Mizuno defeats Keisuke Fujiwara by Split Decision

#4 – Infiniti 2014 Flyweight round 2
Masayoshi Kato (7-4-1) マッチョ“ザ”バタフライ
Atsushi Takeguchi (9-10-3) ATCHアナーキー

Masayoshi Kato defeats Atsushi Takeguchi by Decision

#3 – Infiniti 2014 Flyweight round 2
Tateo Iino (3-3) 飯野タテオ
Ken Asuka (4-0) 飛鳥 拳

Ken Asuka defeats Tateo Iino by Unanimous Decision

#2 – Infiniti 2014 Lightweight 2 round
Yutaka Saito (6-1-1) 斎藤 裕
Kazuhide Shirota (2-1) 城田和秀


#1 – Welterweight
Takayuki Kobayashi (6-4-1)
Kazumasa Sugawara (1-2-1) 菅原和政

Kazumasa Sugawara defeats Takayuki Kobayashi by TKO, rd 1, 5:00

Courtesy @mma-live-shit on Twitter
Courtesy @mma-live-shit on Twitter

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