TOP FC National League 2: 11 bouts streaming live, results and updates

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Korean Top Team-produced TOP FC returns on March 22, 2014 to host National League 2 in Seoul, South Korea. Aimed at fostering the youth from amateur competition in their first pro bouts, the event will see eleven matches between fighters from a wide variety of gyms across Korea competing in a ring.

The main event is Choi Yeong-Gwan versus Han Sung-Hwa. Choi made a name for himself in Legend FC against international opponents. He went 4-1 there, his only loss being to tough up and comer Rob Lisita. Han looks average on paper, but in his short career he’s already faced Yukio Sakaguchi, Kim Jong-Man and Harris Sarmiento. Complimentary skills sets should make this a very active bout.

TOP FC – National League 2
March 22, 2014
Seoul Olympic Park
Seoul, South Korea

Broadcast at 7:50pm KST on IPSN IPTV
Live streaming at 8:00pm KST on and KMP

5경기 68kg 계약체중]
Choi Yeong-Gwang (8-6) 최영광(노바MMA)
Han Sung-Hwa (3-3) 한성화(전주퍼스트짐)

Han from First Gym in the red and Choi from Nova MMA in the orange. Han tries a front kick and Choi grabs it for a takedown. Sharp elbows and fists from Choi. Han scrambles up, Choi breaks the clinch. Choi swings, misses, goes low. Spinning back kick from Han glances. Choi returns fire and clinches fro a throw. More huge elbows from Choi and Han looks for a tight high guard. Reset in the middle. More elbows and punching for Choi while Han looks to creep up for a triangle. Upkicks from Han and Choi lands in a triangle but stands out. Han finds another triangle at the very end of the round but Choi is blocking it.

Rd 2. Head kick by Han floors Choi! Choi tries to get up and go for a single, but Han beats on him until a perfect right hook topples Choi, and the ref jumps in.

Han Sung-Hwa defeats Choi Yeong-Gwang by KO, rd 2

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 8.59.52 PM

[4경기 미들급]
Kim Eun-Soo (3-3) 김은수(노바MMA)
Choi Seung-Hyun (0-3) 최승현(코리안탑팀)

Choi from KTT is in black and Kim from Nova is in white. Choi rushes in. Big mistake. Kim wallops him to the canvas.

Kim Eun-Soo defeats Choi Seung-Hyun by TKO, rd 1

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 8.36.29 PM

[3경기 라이트급]
Lee Dong-Young (2-1) 이동영(부천 트라이스톤)
Hwang Gyo-Pyung (4-3) 황교평(코리안탑팀)

Hwang from KTT in the black vale tudos and Lee from Cube in the black shorts. Tentative start and the ref quickly urges the action. Twice. But it’s not slow engagement, just more technical. Well into the last minute they start exchanging furiously and Hwang’s knee almost drops Lee. Dying seconds see Lee with a trip and on top. Whoops. ref doesn’t hear the bell.

Rd 2. Hwang comes out with a little more crispness in his attack. Lee seems to sense it and goes for the clinch. Standing, he throws knees from a back take. Hwang just stays and takes it, then in a throw attempt, Hwang grabs the ropes and prevents it. Warning only. Restart separate and standing. Lee lands one right down the shoot and Hwang returns a knee. Lee is energized and comes in with more combos to clinch again. Almost out the ropes it goes, restart again.

Rd 3. Very tentative first round, both guys obviously honing in for a KO. Lower frequency of combos as they begin to trade. Hwang with a high kick and left hook. Lee walks in with rights. Hwang seems to be waiting on the counterstrike.

Hwang Gyo-Pyung defeats Lee Dong-Young by Unanimous Decision

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 8.22.31 PM

[2경기 페더급]
Nam Gi-Young (3-6-1) 남기영(화정 익스트림컴뱃)
Kim Pan-Soo (2-1) 김판수 (큐브MMA)

Nam from Extreme Combat and Kim of Cube both in black vale tudos, Kim’s has blue panels. Both stand and trade with lowered guard. Nam throws a barrage to open up for a clinch and double leg down. He rains down elbows until Kim kicks him off. Nam jumps back down to north south and grabs for a kimura. Kim spins to turtle and tries for a single, but Nam takes advantage of it to try for another arm. He maintains top control in a scramble, locks up Kim’s arm, and throws more elbows. Nice up kick from Kim. Nam on the assault again, this time going to the lower limbs for a heel hook, and Kim is able to reverse to top and get standing. Arms low, they swing to the bell.

Rd 2. Kim lands a knee and gets the best of a clinch and takedown when he lands in Nam’s half guard. He wants it standing, but Nam is winning the turf by talking it back to the canvas. Kim surprisingly tries for his own kimura from the bottom. Ref stands them. One two front kicks and a knee from Kim! Nam comes back with some hooks. Everything is landing. Kim tries for a spinning back elbow (the new Korean “thing”) but Nam is super speedy and gets his back for a throw. Kim scores with a punch-kick combo and Nam just eggs him on. Nam protests a low blow that doesn’t look like it, still he gets a rest. Kim ends the round with several nice kicks high and low.

Rd 3. Kim’s on the assault with his kicks now. Wobbles Nam and almost lands a flying knee. Beautiful elbows from Kim and he teeps Nam into a corner then lands a knee to his face. Nam clinches, ref breaks. Now both guys are walking into strikes face first, and Kim’s kicks are definitely wearing down Nam until he crumples in the corner.

Kim Pan-Soo defeats Nam Gi-Young by TKO, rd 3

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 7.52.22 PM

[1경기 웰터급]
Kim Jung-Soo (0-1) 김정수(대전 몬스터팩토리)
Kim Il-Kwon (0-1) 김일권(파라에스트라서울)

Ilkwon from Paraestra in the gray camp shorts faces Jungsoo in the blue shorts out of Monster Factory. Lee Soo-Jae is the ref. They both trade high kicks that damage, and a struggle for a mutually thought of takedown sees Ilkwon on top and pounding. He opts for a heel hook, but that gives Jungsoo his back. Ilkwon won’t give up on the heel, so Jungsoo let’s him keep it while looking for a modified choke from his side. The ref finally thinks it’s a stalemate and stands them. Both trade standing, and Jungsoo’s ducking gets him caught in a guillotine.

Rd 2. Some trading with low guard until Jungsoo clinches and trips. Ilwon tries to scramble up and goes for a single from his knees, which allows Jungsoo works to the back and gets an RNC.

Kim Jung-Soo defeats Kim Il-Kwon defeats by Submission, RNC, rd 2


[5경기 73kg 계약체중]
Son Song-Wun (2-1) 손성원(화정 익스트림컴뱃)
Kim Hyung-Ju 김형주(코리안탑팀)

[4경기 페더급]
Kim Dong-Gyu (1-0) 김동규(부천 트라이스톤)
Kim Tae-Kyun (2-2) 김태균(코리안탑팀)

[3경기 밴텀급]
Jung Han-Kook (0-1) 정한국(부산 팀매드)
Lee Chang-Ju (0-0) 이창주(정심관)

[2경기 밴텀급]
Kwak Kwan-Ho (1-0) 곽관호(코리안탑팀) vs.
Kim Sang-Kook (0-2) 김상국(대전 몬스터팩토리)

[1경기 페더급]
Cho Sung-Won (0-2-1) 조성원(부산 팀매드)
Oh Kwun-Sik (0-0) 오권식(본주짓수)

[오프닝 63kg 계약체중]
Park Chan-Jeong (1-1) 박찬정(정진와일드짐) vs.
Lee Jae-Yeong (0-0) 이재영(코리안탑팀)

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