UFC FN 75 Main Event live results: Roy Nelson vs Josh Barnett

UFC FN 75 Main Event live results: Roy Nelson vs Josh Barnett.

UFC Fight Night 75
September 27, 2015
Saitama Super Arena
Tokyo, Japan

Rd 1. Barnett goes in and Nelson swings! Barnett with a hard leg kick. Barnett with a head kick! Nelson gets the singleleg take down! Nelson on top looks like he is smothering the breath out of Barnett. Nelson works inside ½ guard until halfway through the round the ref stands them. Barnett clinches and throws knees! Nelson breaks and throws leather! Barnett back in with a clinch and knees! Barnett big body kick! Barnett with some nice inside punches. Nelson underhooks and spins himself off the cage. Nelson with the trip and he’s inside half guard again! Nelson trying to pass until the bell.

Rd 2. Couple of big rights and more lefts by Nelson, Barnetts shrugs them off! Banrett kicks the inside of Nelson’s knee, had to hurt! Barnett wings a right! Huge shots being traded!!! Barnett at the cage with knees and elbows!!! Barnetts muscling Nelson around now, huge knees in the clinch! Body shots too! Barnett controlling Nelson’s wrists and sneaking in shots. Nelson with a head kick!!! Barnett back to the clinch with knees and foot stomps at ten seconds!

Rd 3. Barnett looking for the clinch, but this time Nelson muscles him to the cage. Now Nelson gets out the knees, to the thigh of Barnett. Break. Barnett gets it back to the cage with inside shots, Nelson elbows his way out. Nelson goes for the single to high crotch, Barnett defends it. Barnett grabs the neck and Nelson just lifts him up! Barnetts with a big body kick at the end!

Rd 4. Barnett throws body kicks, and punches Nelson back to the cage. Nelson catches a kcik for the single leg dragdown but Barnett scrambles up. Barnett has him back to the cage and ties him up to throw knees amd uppercuts. Barnett tees off on Nelson! Probably ten shots to the face, and Nelson comes back with a few! Barnett keeps the pressure on and throws elbows! Nelson forces his way off the cage, shoots, and gets Barnett’s back! Barnett stands, Nelson transitions to the single. Break. Barnett right back to the cage clinch.

Rd 5. Barnett spinning back kick! Nelson body kick! Barnett laughs! Barnett with clinch work at the cage to the halfway mark until Nelson reverses him. Nelson gets the tripdown! Nelson has side control, Barnett stands, Nelson backs up and Barnett comes at him again with shots against the cage. Nelson spins out. Break. Nelson’s big hands come out! Barnett High kick! Gong!

Josh Barnett def Roy Nelson by Unanimous Decision, 48-47, 48-47, 50-45