Ham Seo-Hee makes her UFC debut a 3-rounder, drops decision to TUF vet Joanne Calderwood

UFC's Ham Seo-Hee
UFC’s Ham Seo-Hee

Ham Seo-Hee made her UFC at the TUF 20 Finale on December 12, 2014 against Joanne Calderwood. Ham went the distance with boxing and clinching, but her larger Muay Thai opponent edged her out with landed strikes and takedowns.


Ham showed her high level striking ability by gamely standing in the pocket with the much longer Calderwood, and used her footwork and head movement to avoid the worst and get herself inside to land combinations. Calderwood’s reach allowed her to land the jab over and over, but Ham ate them with aplomb and continued to trade.

In the first, Ham’s wrestling clinch looked strong, but as she tired in the next rounds, Calderwood began to reverse her and used her Thai plum with more knees and elbows for which she’s known. Ham looked for throws but Calderwood defended and tried to reverse. At the end of the second, Calderwood found success, and in the third she used her second throw to work a top game with punches that sealed her the decision.



Play by play

Round 1. Calderwood comes out with the kicks early. Ham returns with some punch kick combos of her own. Calderwood starts landing her jab, but Ham’s lateral footwork and head movement staes off the worst. Calderwood throws a spinning back kick that lands. Ham shoots, puts her against the cage. Calderwood reverses. Calderwood sperates, Ham follows her with a nice punch. Calderwood with a left, Ham with a right. Ham puts it to the cage, Calderwood reverses, attempts Thai plum, knees, separates. Ham throws a right at the bell!



Round 2. Calderwood and Ham go toe to toe with crisp striking. Calderwood with another spinning kick, jabs that are landing nicely. Ham still stays in the pocket. Ham looks to get inside for a takedown, eats an elbow. Ham lands a few that bloody Calderwood’s nose. Ham tries to push against the fence, Calderwood takes her back standing. Ham grabs her right arm to defend as Calderwood tries to get in a hook. Calderwood with knees. Ham is able to turn in! Ham with the body lock, Calderwood fights to get free. Ham lands a combination, Calderwood returns with her own heat, jab and kicks. Ham tries for a throw, Calderwood reverses to try her own. Ham defends it, but Calderwood gets a throw at the bell.



Round 3. Ham goes back into then pocket, Calderwood lands a nice right hook. Ham shoots, Calderwood reverses to the cage. Calderwood pressures with knees, elbows in the clinch. Ham defends, throws a knee, tries to punch out. Calderwood backs off. Ham again goes in, Calderwood puts her back against the cage and looks for the trip but Ham defends. Calderwood with an elbow. Calderwood throwing knees. Ham ducks under a spinning back elbow. Calderwood backs off. Ham goes in, Calderwood with a great front kick to the face. Calderwood goes in and gets the throw. Calderwood looks for the arm triangle, no go, Ham smartly defends. Ham’s out, turns, Calderwood takes her back, punches. Ham turtles, looks to turn out at the bell.

Joanne Calderwood defeats Ham Seo-Hee by Unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-26