URCC 25 Photos and recap: Benibe settles score with Transmonte, Baduria stops Palomar

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URCC 25 went down last Thursday, November 23, 2014 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines. The main feature of the night delivered a spectacular scrap for URCC fight fans as Andrew Benibe won the rematch against Onyok Transmonte.


Benibe has tremendously improved since their first meeting last year at URCC 24. He showed it off, especially his striking, which did a lot of damage to Transmonte’s face. Benibe almost made Transmonte tap in the opening round via RNC but fortunately for the Submission Sport fighter, he survived the early scare as time expired. At the end fifth and final round, Benibe settled the score with ground and pound.

In the co-main feature of the night, former URCC light heavyweight king, Caloy “Bad Boy” Baduria proved that he’s still got it and secured his spot in the URCC as the baddest man in the Philippines by coming back strong after being tagged in the early minutes of the first round. He stopped promotional newcomer Mark Palomar with punches in the opening frame.

Light Heavywheight up and comer Chris Hofmann made huge statement to the rest of the URCC LHWs as he put Nickson Kola to sleep in the first with a whopping right hook to his jaw. The crowd went nuts after the electrifying KO.

Miguel Mosquera of Submission Sport Philippines scored a huge win over th former lightweight champ in Angelito Manguray. Mosquera used his superb wrestling game in denying Manguray’s deadly striking skills en route to a unanimous decision victory.

Top pinweight contender Alvin Ramirez is back in the winning column as he stopped URCC newcomer JP Del Valle. Ramirez used his signature power kicks to spoil the Davao native’s promotional debut and got himself back into his winning ways in the second by way of TKO.

Japanese URCC vet Hideo Morikawa scored his third-consecutive stoppage victory by stunning highly decorated Muay Thai fighter Ryan Jakiri in the second round via vicious ground and pound. Jakiri’s sharp punches and elbows tagged Morikawa several times in the first and gave him a nasty cut, but Morikawa used his experience and survived Jakiri’s onslaught. In the second, Morikawa took wasted no time and threw heavy leather from the top until the referee stopped it.

Also, PXC vet Joseph Mercado was outhustled by Drex Zamboanga in three rounds losing via UD, and exciting flyweight prospect Carlo Laurel made quick work of Ric Empil as he made him tap by way of triangle choke in the opening round.

Main event title fight Red Romero versus Jian Kai Chee was said to be off due to a last-minute injury.


Photos by Raul Gasmeña Landingin


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October 23, 2014
MOA Arena
Manila, Philippines

Andrew Benibe defeats Onyok Transmonte by TKO, rd 5, 4:36

Caloy Baduria defeats Mark Palomar by TKO, rd 1, 3:59

Chris Hofmann defeats Nickson Kola by KO, rd 1, 1:00

Miguel Mosquera defeats Angelito Manguray by UD, 30-27, 30-27, 29-28

Alvin Ramirez defeats Jessie Paul Del Valle by TKO, rd 2, 1:36

Hideo Morikawa defeats Ryan Jakiri by TKO, rd 2, 1:24

Drex Zamboanga defeats Joseph Mercado BY UD

Alvin Solinap defeats Arnel Lomibao by Submission, rd 2, 1:48

Carlo Laurel defeats Myler Empil by Submission, triangle, rd 1, :48