VTJ 1st
December 12, 2012
Tokyo, Japan

Yoyogi National Stadium 2 is about 60% capacity of about 3,000 seats as the event gets under way.  The stadium looks much larger than that.  The production is hosted by a very American sounding MC and the entire script is quite American themed as well, with a “bloodsport and cage” scenario laid out in English before a cheering crowd.  It’s a bit much, but the crowd seems to like it.  A huge screen details all the action, and the in-the-round set up is great for a view from every seat.  Smoke makes the lighting really glow and glitter, and the sound system backs it up.  This is a night for future fighters to be showcased, and legends to be tested.

1 160ポンド契約 5分×3ラウンド
星野大介 Daisuke Hoshino 7-6-1 vs Kuntap Weerasakreck 0-1

Daisuke Hoshino defeats Kuntap Weerasakreck by submission, rd 1.

2 177ポンド 5分×3ラウンド
(和術慧舟會)中村K太郎 Keita Nakamura 24-5-2 vs 鈴木信達(フリー) Nobutatsu Suzuki 9-0-2

K-Taro defeats Suzuki by RNC, rd 1.

3 (シューティングジム横浜)リオン武 Takeshi Inoue 21-6-0 vs 大沢ケンジ(和術慧舟會HEARTS) Kenji Osawa 18-10-

The crowd is loud! The first round sees both fighters dancing arouns, Kenji with some feints and Lion with some counters.  3 mins in Kenji goes for a double and gets Lion against the cage.  Kenji tries a spinning backfist.  Kenji rocks Lion with a nice sharp right, he sets up acombination then goes for a takedown, almost getting a suplex during the attempt.

Nice body punch by Kenji, and another.  He shoots against the cage and works to Lion’s back.  Halfway through the round and it’s Kenji dominating the stand up and Lion returning a few kicks, but his fancy footwork is not coming out today.  Kenji forces it against the cage again, Lion pushes him back then knocks Kenji down with a huge elbow!  Kenji’s up before Lion can capitalize on it.

Round three sees Kenji controlling the ring and pressing the attack, until an eyepoke by Lion.  Finally at the end of the round, Lion turns it on and it becomes a war!  Both guys are landing shot after shot to the head.  But it’s too little too late

Kenji Osawa defeats Lion Takeshi by decision

4 115ポンド 5分×2ラウンド
(AACC)藤井恵 Megumi Fujii 25-2 vs V.VMei (フリー) Mei Yamaguchi 10-4-1

They come out swinging!  VV capitalizes on a missed TD then tries for her own.  Megu goes for two throws and has a guillotine but VV’s arm isn’t in it, she pops out.  Megu gets the takedown but can’t pass, standing again.  Another dump on the canvas and Megu mounts!  Somehow Mei reverses it to guard!  Megu has an arm bar, VV gets out!  This fight is non-stop!!!  Megu goes for another td but VV’s catching on and jumps guard, the round ends in a scramble.

Rd 2 and Megu puts it straight to the mat.  She’s punching and trying to pass but VV is very active from the bottom.  Megu flattens VV and rains down elbows.  VV tries to power to standing and almost gets her back taken.  Megu mounts with ground and pound!  VV reverses again!  Megu again slaps on an armbar and VV stacks and powers out, but gives it back to her.  VV with the ground and pound from inside the guard, but this is too risky with Megu!  Still, VV continues to weather the armbar attempt and even escapes, but she never stands until the final 5 seconds and both women let fly.  A fight of the ages!!!

Megumi Fujii defeats VV Mei Yamaguchi by decision.

5 堀口恭司 Kyoji Horiguchi 8-1 vs Ian Loveland 16-9

Even though Ian is  much taller, Kyoji is able to land nice leg kicks and strikes.  He’s prey to Ian’s height in the clinch and has to work hard to get out.  A huge barrage and Kioji  knocks down  Ian and almost finishes him.  Ian holds on to a leg in desperation.  Back to standing and Kiyoji fires at will, and it’s amazing Ian hasn’t gone down.  Kyoji’s punches can be heard across the arena.

Rd 2 -Kiyoji with great light feet and speed.  He catches Ian’s kick, holds onto it, and returns his own kick to Ian’s head from the other side!  Ian capitalizes on a missed TD and tries every way he can to guillotine, but Kiyoji escapes.  Ian gives up a good position.

Round 3 – Kiyoji’s circling back and forth, picking his shots.  A couple of huge left kicks to the body put Ian on the defensive, but he waits it out and gets a takedown, but Horiguchi immediately powers up and out.  The final seconds see Horiguchi landing and Ian trying to counter.

Kyoji Horiguchi defeats Ian Loveland by decision

6 マモル Mamoru Yamaguchi 26-6-3 vs Darrell Montague 11-2

Mamoru is picking his kicks, Darrell looks quicker on his feet and feeds Mamoru a few jabs.  Nice uppercut from Darrell finds its mark.    Nice kick finds Mamoru’s chin.  Both guys look like they’ve zeroed in on their mark as the round closes.  Lots of precise striking.

Into the 2nd.  Darrell picks up on Mamoru’s quirks and imitates them.  Mamoru seems unfazed by any of Darrell’s strikes, but he doesn’t counter enough.  Darrell starts baiting him in and then countering.  Mamoru with a nice elbow, but not much on it.  Darrell is pursuing at will.

Round three, will Darrell show some ground skills?  His southpaw striking is outpointing Mamoru.   And he clinches and ties up Mamoru, finally going for a trip but Mamoru’s up.   Darrell is very active and Mamoru finally seems pressed to respond.  He’s getting inside with those elbows.  Darrell still has the ability to get in and out, avoiding most of Mamoru’s late stage combinations.

Darrell Montague defeats Mamoru by decision

7 弘中邦佳 Kuniyoshi Hironaka 20-8 vs Carlo Prater 30-12-1

Carlo gets Hironaka up against the cage for the first two minutes, working for a take down and finally getting a throw landing him in side control.  Kironaka works his way back to standing.  The two trade cautiously for the remainder of the round.

Round 2.  A very cautions minute.  Hironaka shoots for a double!  Carlo cage walks up, but Hironaka’s able to trip him back down quickly, Carlo gets guard.  Hironaka gets to half and fights to pass.  He passes but lets Carlo get to his feet.  Carlo gets it against the cage and starts landing knees as his coach asks, but Hironaka gets a burst and pushes him back and takes him to the ground.  Carlo turtles and Hironaka rolls him at the end of the round.

Carlo working his kicks.  Hironaka with a huge shoot!  Carlo tries a suplex reversal!  Hironaka trips him down!  Hironaka again controls from inside half guard and passes to the back, locking on a body triangle.  He looks for a choke but cant find it as Carlo keeps defending and throwing punches over his head.  The round ends with Hironaka securing a headlock.

Kuniyoshi Hironaka defeats Carlo Prater by decision.

8 [発表済み対戦カード] 135ポンド契約5分3R
所 英男(日本/トコロプラス) HIDEO TOKORO 30-25-2 vs (日本/root) 佐藤ルミナ RUMINA SATO 26-16-2

Tokoro blasts Sato and knocks him down, following up with vicious ground and pound and it’s over in less than a minute.