DEEP 64 Impact: K-Taro Nakamura takes on Lee KwangHee

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DEEP has announced another fight for its final show of 2013, DEEP 64th Impact, to be held on December 22 in Tokyo, Japan. Sengoku Welterweight Champ Keita “K-Taro Nakamura will face Spirit MC Champ and fellow Sengoku-ist Lee KwangHee.

Back in 2006, undefeated Keita Nakamura was picked up by the UFC and went three fights with the promotion. He went the distance all three fights but wound up on the wrong side of the decision and was released. K-Taro rebounded in style by becoming the Sengoku Welterweight Grand Prix Championship. In all of 2012 Nakamura was undefeated in Shooto and Legend FC, and most recently picked up by PXC in a championship bout offer. But first, he will make his only fight in 2013 in his home country.

Lee “Crazy” KwangHee became the Spirit MC Lightweight Champ at just 21 years old, and was picked up by Sengoku. He was set against major player Eiji Mitsuoka and became a casualty in the UFC veteran’s ascension. Then in 2011 DEEP, he was fed to Kikuno Katsunori and suffered a similar fate. Lee’s hiatus following that fight was two more years until the recent Mach Festival against Yuki Nakahara in which he finally notched up a win. Now he’ll be set in the ring against another top opponent and be forced to prove he still is within shot of the big leagues. “Crazy” versus “K-Taro” will be an interesting high-level Korean versus Japanese match which has become the rage in DEEP and ROAD FC.

The main event will be Flyweight Champion Tatsumitsu Wada taking on challenger Ochi Haruo. Ochi hails from Shooto and will be looking to bring the champ down with punches. Wada’s crisp footwork got him the belt, so it will be a difficult challenge for Ochi to overcome.

Also on the card, former DEEP Flyweight Champion Yuki Motoya will take on current Super Flyweight King Of Pancrase Kiyotaka Shimizu.  At just 23 years old, Motoya was handed a unanimous decision over Yuya Shibata to win the belt, but on his first championship defense he relinquished the belt to Wada. Shimizu won the Pancrase Neo Blood Tournament of 2009 then took Mitsuhisa Sunabae‘s Flyweight belt.  He has defended the KOP title a whopping five times, now renamed as Super Flyweight, most recently knocking out Yuki Yasunaga. Motoya versus Shimizu will be a candidate for fight of the night, because both young men are exceedingly fast and furious, have cardio for days, and feel the weight of defending their promotion’s names.

DEEP 64 Impact
December 22, 2013
Tokyo, Japan

Tatsumitsu Wada (10-7-2) 和田竜光(吉田道場) VS
Ochi Haruo (10-3-1) 越智晴雄(パラエストラ愛媛)

Yuki Motoya (8-4) 元谷友貴(CBインパクト) VS
Kiyotaka Shimizu (13-8-3) 清水清隆(TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A)

Keita “K-Taro Nakamura (26-5-2) 中村K太郎(和術慧舟會K太郎道場) VS
Lee KwangHee (6-3) イ・グァンヒ(CMA KOREA)

Hideto-Tatsumi 辰巳豪人(フリー) VS
Luke Mori ルーク・モリ(BRAVE)

Yasuaki Kishimoto (15-6-2) 岸本泰昭(総合格闘技道場コブラ会) VS
Luiz Andrade (15-15-3) LUIZ(禅道会)

Kawasaki, Yasuhiro (9-4-2) 川崎泰裕(R-BLOOD) VS
Yuta Kaneko (7-0-1) エドモンド金子(BRAVE)

Ryo Sakai (1-0) 酒井リョウ(パラエストラ松戸) VS
Gabriel Zobo-Lebay (1-0) ガブリエル・ゾボ・ラビー(フリー)

Kiyonobu Nishikata (6-4) 西方清信(KOコンバット) VS
Kimihiro Eto (2-0) 江藤公洋(和術慧舟會HEARTS)

Tatsuhito Satsuma (5-4) 薩摩竜仁(BLUE DOG GYM) VS
Hayato Suzuki (4-0-2) 鈴木隼人(BRAVE)

Kento Kayukawa (0-1-1) 粥川健人(チームカズ)

Hidehiko Hasegawa (19-19-6) 長谷川秀彦(アカデミア・アーザ) VS
Ken Hamamura (19-10-5) 濱村健(Honey Trap)

Yusuke Kagiyama (16-8-2) 鍵山雄介(総合格闘技道場コブラ会) VS
Yoshifumi Nakamura (14-5) 中村好史(マッハ道場)

Sota Kojima (12-4-4) 小島壮太(吉田道場)VS
Hideki Kiyota (6-3-3) 清田秀樹(キングダムエルガイツ)

Katsuyoshi Beppu (10-3-2) 別府セブン(総合格闘技道場コブラ会) VS
Kenjiro Takahashi (5-3) 高橋憲次郎(マッハ道場)

Yoshiki Fukumoto (2-0) 福本吉記(クラブバーバリアン) VS

Yoshitaka Ebina (2-1-1) 海老名義隆(CORE) VS
Yoshihiko Shinzato (0-1) 新里佳彦(総合格闘技道場MAKUGAN)

Tatsuyuki Nakamura (3-6-3) 中村龍之(IMPACT GYM) VS
Haruki Nakayama (6-7-1) 中山ハルキ(GRABAKA)