DEEP Haleo Impact took place on December 22, 2012. It was Kazuo Misaki’s retirement ceremony. Following the emotional event, MMA-in-ASIA’s Japan correspondent Kenichiro Nakagawa quickly spoke with a few of the fighters who were on the card or in attendance.

Hiromitsu Kanehara

How was your fight today?

My body couldn’t move much.

But your last fight was good.

 Yes, my last fight was good, but this time, I should have started earlier.  I had a slow start.

Your second round you almost had an armbar.

Yes, almost.

Do you have another match set?

Yes, on March 9th.

Can you see out of that eye?

Yes, I can see.

Please come visit me at Golds Gym again soon

I will.

Takafumi Otsuka

When is your next fight?

I don’t know right now.

Where have you been training?

I’m training at my gym AACC, at Gold’s Gym. And I’m training at Mach Dojo.

How is your weight?

I am big now!

Are you training any differently these days?

Well I don’t have many fights, but I still do lots of training.

Thank you.

Riki Fukuda

When is your next fight?

UFC Japan.

Who is your opponent?

I don’t remember. His name is… His name is.. His name is… I know one thing, he’s Hawaiian. And also he’s a striker.

Are you training for him?

I just do hard work, that’s it.

Thank you.

Masanori Kanehara

How was your fight tonight?

One week ago they changed my opponent, but he was the same kind of guy – tall and a grappler – so I didn’t change my plan much.

When is your next fight?

I don’t have one yet. But I’m not injured so I’ll keep training hard and be ready for the next one.

Kazuki Tokudome

When is your first UFC fight?

March UFC in Japan.

Where are you training?

Paraestra Hachioji.

What kind of training do you do now?

I don’t know my opponent and I haven’t seen him fight yet. But I will study his fighting style. I have two more months so I have time to train for that.

Do you do any strength training, anything aside from sparring?

Yes, I’m doing a lot of that until one month before the fight.

Good luck.

Daijyu Takase

How was your fight? Was your opponent strong?

His striking was very strong. I just tried not to get hit by him.

You beat him by guillotine, was that what you were training for?

Yes, because this is Kazuo Misaki’s favorite technique.

Do you train for the next fight now?

Yes, I will train with Korean and Thailand champions because I will go fight there. Maybe in DARE.

Good luck.

Thank you.

Kazuo Misaki

How did you feel when you were listening Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi sing?

I was listening from my heart. I was listening to every beat and I felt that I can’t go back anymore.

I understand. You trained with Nagabuchi in the past; did it help you?

Of course, yes. Our hearts are together. The strength of our hearts can’t compare with anything. That training worked so well for me.

Thank you, Misaki Kazuo.