ONE FC boss Victor Cui to give $50,000 USD best fight bonuses, what would that get you?

ONE FC announces $50,000 Bonuses
ONE FC announces $50,000 Bonuses

ONE FC CEO Victor Cui today announced on social media that he will award $50,000USD bonuses to fighters who impress him. The deal starts with this coming weekend’s ONE FC 18 in Taipei, Taiwan. Certainly this will up the ante for those soccer kicks.

Fifty thou is no small amount, and in many Asian countries it will go much further than in the west. Here’s a look at ten things you could splurge on if you were awarded the bonus:

1. 500 punching bags


2. A fully-operational bar in Patong, Phuket, Thailand


3. Historical life-Sized Meiji Era bronze figures of Japanese Temple Guardians


4. 1,000 private leg lock sessions with Imanari


5. Complete Pokemon Gold Star card collection Master Set CHARIZARD


6. A month playing Dr. Eeeeevil on the private island resort of Isle Des Indies, Indonesia


7. A 4 carat GIA Radiant & Trillion 3 Stone 18K Gold Engagement Ring


8. 1 year living and learning at the Shaolin Temple


9. A condo in Manila’s tallest residential building


10. Darth Vader’s cape from the original Star Wars