Glen Ranillo set to grapple and strike his way back into PXC contention

glenn ranillo

Glen Ranillo, is gunning to make an impressive run in the lightweight division as he is set to face the always-dangerous fighter in Isaiah Ordiz at the monstrous Pacific Xtreme Combat 39 card happening on September 14, 2013 at the Smart Araneta Colesium in Manila, Philippines.

By Zike Sugawara

Ranillo currently trains at Team Insider Gym in Makati, Philippines.  He was the 2012 ADCC Philippines No Gi Advanced Absolute Silver medalist, losing only to TUF veteran black belt Andy Wang.  Coming off an impressive submission win over Mark Billena at PXC 35, he aims to make his second straight win of this year by taking out Ordiz, who lost his bid to a world title when he got submitted by the current PXC champion Harris Sarmiento at PXC 35.

Ranillo knows how dangerous of a fighter Ordiz is, but he is confident that he will win the fight against the crafty fighter from San Pedro, Laguna. He may not be as athletic compared to Ordiz or the other lightweights in his division, but Ranillo is a physically and mentally strong fighter who is always down to stand toe-to-toe with his foe, and a very intimidating grappler as well.  His first love of combat sports came through boxing, and his grappling credentials have now been proven.

If you were to ask Ranillo on how confident he is in his striking game, he is going to answer you without any hesitation that his striking is one of the aspects of his game that needs to be improved, but make no mistake about it because he according to him, he can strike harder than any other fighters in his division.


This is an exclusive interview with Ranillo during the beginning of his camp for PXC 39 in Manila.

ZS: First of all, how is the injury you got from sparring with Mark Striegl a few months ago?

Ranillo: It’s completely healed now. I’m ready to rock!

ZS: You’re next fight is set on September 9th against Isaiah Ordiz, who happens to be a good friend of yours. Tell us your thoughts about this match-up.

Ranillo: I wasn’t really expecting that he will be my next foe, but this is business, nothing personal.

ZS: In your recent PXC win against Mark Billena, he tipped the scale if I’m not mistaken, 2 to 3 kilos heavier than the official fight weight of 70 kilos. But despite of his size advantage, you still got the W fight via armbar submission.  Who was your inspiration on that fight?

Ranillo: Honestly, I don’t care if he came in overweight on that night. I came very prepared for that fight because during my training camp, all I was thinking was Wang Sai [whom Ranillo fought on only several days’ notice, with a weight discrepancy of almost 25 pounds between them]. I want to fight avenge my PXC 34 loss against Sai, but unfortunately for Billena, he was the man scheduled to fight me and I just did what I got to do and that’s to win.


ZS: What do you think will be your keys to victory over Ordiz?

Ranillo: As of now I don’t know how the fight will end. I don’t want to sound too confident against Isaiah. But of course, my focus right now is to train hard and to beat him.

ZS: Do you see any holes in Ordiz’ game?

Ranillo: Yes. I can take heavy punches from a middleweight guy. I don’t know if Ordiz can take my punches. I would be thankful if he will take me down because that is where I wanna be – on the ground.

ZS: Tell us your preparations for this fight.

Ranillo: There are no major changes in my training, but I am putting on some muscles right now, working a lot on my speed and cardio.

ZS: Any message to Ordiz and your fans?

Ranillo: To Isaiah, I really didn’t expect that you will be my next opponent, but I will do my best to beat you. Nothing personal between me and you. I just hope that after the fight, we’re still friends and hope to drink beer with you afer.

To all the fans, thank you so much for your support, if you want to train with me or have some beer with me, let’s do it! (Laughs) Also, to all my friends and family in Baguio, thanks as well. And to all haters out there, just keep doing what you’re doing, you are the ones who are keeping me on fire during training!