RIZIN 2017 in Yokohama: Sakura weigh-in results [PHOTOS]

Weigh-ins for RIZIN 2017 in Yokohama – Sakura took place today (15 April) at the Westin Hotel Tokyo with RIZIN CEO Sakakibara.

Before weigh-ins RIZIN CEO Sakakibara-san said the following issues.

His thought for this Year 2017
PRIDE 1 was held on 11 Oct 1997 in Tokyo Dome with Nobuhiko Takada vs Rickson Gracie as a main card. Some 20 years later and many things happened to get Japanese MMA to this point. There is a word J-MMA (Japanese MMA) and he wanna call this year to “Takada VS Rickson  Memorial Year” and set this year as the year to summary this 20 years of J-MMA and to change something for future.

Two Grand Prix in 2017
He said it’s a first time in the world to have them at a time in a year…RIZIN will have male and female Grand Prix in 2017. They will run in parallel. More details to follow.

New Years Eve Show
Every sports have their PEAK season/event. For example “Super Bowl” is for American football and “Champions League” is for football/soccer and there are NO PEAK season in MMA.

He will create a culture for NYE to be recognised for fighters and fans as the PEAK day like a Super Bowl. If the culture was created the PEAK day will and should be the most special one.

Sakura Featured Opening show
RIZIN is famous for its special opening show with Special movie, Lazor beam,Pyro-work etc… before fights as well as PRIDE-era and he said RIZIN set special opening show featuring Sakura (Cherry blossom) for tomorrow’s event.

Now Sakura is full-blooming and it’s a good timing to have Sakura featuring event. It’s worth to expect!

RIZIN 2017 in YOKOHAMA – SAKURA will on air via fite.tv (PPV) and the PRIDE and UFC Legend Frank Shamrock was set as a commentator.

RIZIN Yokohama will see Tatsuya Kawajiri face Anthony Birchak in the main event, alongside some notable former UFC fighters including former No. 3 ranked Kyoji Horiguchi, who makes his promotional debut against Yuki Motoya.

At today’s weigh-ins heavyweight’s Amir Aliakbari and Geronimo Dos Santos came close to trading blows after some heated exchanges.

The event will be available for purchase on the RIZIN website.

Main Event (RIZIN MMA Rules/Elbow attacks allowed: 10min + 5min.
Tatsuya Kawajiri (65.75kg) vs Anthony Birchak (65.8kg)

Semi Final (RIZIN MMA Rule: 10 min + 5 min)
Amir Aliakbari (117.0kg) vs Geronimo Dos Santos (131.15kg)

9th Fight (RIZIN MMA Rule: 10min+5min)
Kyoji Horiguchi(57.95kg) VS Yuki Motoya(57.85kg)

8th Fight (RIZIN MMA Special Rule: 3min x 3R)
RENA (48.8kg) vs Dora Perjes (47.1kg)

7th Fight (RIZIN MMA Special Rule: 3min x 3R)
Tenshin Nasukawa (56.55kg) vs Francesco Ghigliotti (55.95kg)

6th Fight (RIZIN MMA Rule/Elbow attacks allowed:10min+5min)
Satoshi Ishii (107.15kg) vs Heath Herring (118.8kg)

5th Fight (RIZIN Women’s MMA Special Rule: 5min x 3R)
KING Reina(73.2kg) VS Jazzy Gabert(88.5kg)

4th Fight (RIZIN MMA Rule: 10min+5min)
Daron Cruickshank (70.05kg) vs Yusuke Yachi (69.95kg)

3rd Fight (RIZIN Women’s MMA Special Rule: 5min x 3R)
Saori Ishioka (48.0kg) vs Bestare Kicaj (47.7kg)

2nd Fight (RIZIN Women’s MMA Special Rule: 5min x 3R)
Kanna Asakura (47.6kg) vs Aleksandra Toncheva (47.65kg)

1st Fight (RIZIN MMA Rule: 10min+5min)
Kizaemon Saiga (57.95kg) vs Seiichiro Ito (57.85kg)