For the first time in history, the people of Inner Mongolia get to use their amazing indoor stadium to host an MMA event.  The cards at RUFF are starting to include higher levels talent each show, and despite losing the Andy Wang versus Rodrigo Caporal BJJ black belt showdown due to Wang’s training injury, and now Juma “Bieke” Tuerxun versus Song YaDong battle due to Song’s “documentation issues“, the card is still impressive.   Given the history of Mongolian culture, their penchant for combat sports, and the popularity of MMA around the world, putting a RUFF event together in Inner Mongolia should be very well-recieved.

Most important to watch for will be undefeated “Dongbei Tiger” power striker Wang Guan versus Brazil’s BJJ black belt and Capoeira master Sando da Silva.  They are locked into the million RMB championship, and the purse is so big that no one even mentions the belt the champ takes with it!   There are all sorts of distractions when fighting, but a purse that big will throw off some guys in the competition for sure.   Only the most focused will advance to the next fight.

Also, ‘A-ting’ (Arthit Hanchana) versus Jiang Li Peng will be an awesome rematch; LiPeng first met A-ting in a UMAC bout, and defeated him by decision back in 2009.   More recently, LiPeng knew how to fight off three rounds of Caporal’s ground attacks, so A-ting should know to forget about the ground and put his south-paw Muay Thai game to use.  A-ting has likely fought MMA more than any other China-based fighter in history, and compliments that with likely hundreds of Muay Thai fights.  Jiang LiPeng, Ao Hai Lin’s protégé, has a great ground game which he disguises well while representing Sanda.  A brutal knock out from A-ting or cleaver submission from LiPeng can be expected; lasting until the decision would require equally impressive illusiveness from both men.

Finally, after their RUFF 2 Fight-of-the-night performance, Irshaad Sayed and Ayideng Jumayi are back to do it again.  Both guys spent 15 minutes getting to know each other really well in their previous clash which ended in a split decision win for Sayed.  Has that experience given them ideas for different strategies?   A repeat performance might be even more fun to watch.

Here’s the full card:

Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation
June 30, 2012
Inner Mongolia Indoor Stadium
Hohhot, China

Sandro da Silva vs. Wang Guan 66kg

Irshaad Sayed vs. Ayideng Jumayi 61kg

Zhang LiPeng vs. Arthit Hanchana 70kg

Dong YanJun vs. Yuan ChunBo 66kg

Liu PingYuan vs. Yang Liang 57kg

Shang ZhiFa vs. Amu RiJiRiGaLa 57kg

Wen JunCheng vs. Liu LianJie 61kg

Kong HanDong vs. Li JiXiang 93kg

Zhao EriDeMuTu vs. Ta Yier 66kg

-via China Correspondant