The First Ever Openweight Tournament added to ROAD FC 27 in China

ROAD FC Openweight Tournament
ROAD FC Openweight Tournament

At ROAD FC 27 on December 26th, 2015 in Shanghai, China will now feature an Openweight Tournament as it’s main attraction with four quarterfinal bouts.

Originally, “Mighty Mo” (7-5) was slated to face Myung Hyun-Man (2-1) as possibly the main event but now things have taken a turn. Road Fighting Championship has decided to have an Openweight Tournament that will allow Choi Mu-Bae (12-5) to enter the tournament and rematch “Mighty Mo”.

They just faced each other at the beginning of October at ROAD FC 26. “Mighty Mo” crushed “The Heavy Tank of Busan” with an overhand right that left him with his face on the canvas unconscious. The fight is being promoted as a revenge match and it will be captivating to see who can land that big punch first for a second time.

Another contest, which was already announced for the card, that will join the Openweight Tournament is Chinese giant Aorigele (1-0) and Korean monster Kim Jae-Hun (0-1).

In his debut, Aorigele TKO’d his opponent in just seven seconds of the opening frame. However, in Kim’s debut at ROAD FC 15 he was TKO’d in a brawl that was very entertaining. Both these combatants are new to the sport and most likely will meet at the center of the cage and have a free for all until one of them connects and goes night-night.

Myung Hyun-Man seems to be the odd man out but in the coming days ROAD FC will announce his opponent and the final quarterfinal match for the tournament.

ROAD FC 27 in China
December 26th, 2015
Shanghai Oriental Sports Center
Shanghai, China

Openweight Tournament Quarterfinal Match (+120kg/+265lbs)
“Mighty Mo” Siala Siliga (USA) vs Choi Mu-Bae (South Korea)

Openweight Tournament Quarterfinal Match (+120kg/+265lbs)
Aorigele (China) vs. Kim Jae-Hun (South Korea)

Openweight Tournament Quarterfinal Match (+120kg/+265lbs)
Myung Hyun-Man (South Korea) vs TBA

Openweight Tournament Quarterfinal Match (+120kg/+265lbs)

Lightweight Match (-70kg/155lbs)
Lipeng Zhang (China) vs Hong Young-Ki (South Korea)

Light Heavyweight Match (-93kg/205lbs)
Zhao Zilong (China) vs “Minowa Man” Ikuhisa Minowa (Japan)

Lightweight Match (-70kg/155lbs)
Bao Yincang (China) vs. M. Nandin-Erdene (Mongolia)

Women’s Strawweight Match (-52kg/115lbs)
Yan Xiaonan (China) vs. Nam Ye-Hyun (South Korea)