UFC Asia MD Mark Fischer outlines Asian expansion into Philippines, China, and Korea

Mark Fischer, UFC MD of Asia with Dana White, UFC President
Mark Fischer, UFC MD of Asia with Dana White, UFC President

UFC held a press conference and media kick off in Hong Kong on June 23, 2014 for UFC Fight Night Macau. Mark Fischer, Managing Director of UFC Asia spoke in detail about the promotion’s expansion into the region.

During the presser, Fischer stated that the UFC has a broadcast of 448 million in Asia, and a Chinese reach of 115 million since the beginning of the year – a figure which in five months equals what the promotion did the year before. Out of 40 Asian fighters on the UFC roster, 12 are Chinese. Many of those Chinese fighters came about predominantly because of the TUF China project last year, but when Fischer mentioned another TUF in the works, he did not specify China.

Beyond the China market, Fischer did state that the markets of South Korea and the Philippines were the next targets.

MMA-in-ASIA spoke with Fischer following the presser. He detailed the broadcast platforms for Asia which includes tertiary deals in Indonesia and South Korea, and said that a tertiary broadcast in Japan is forthcoming.

Fischer also expressed regrets that the Philippines market has yet to be opened and why, but that the UFC wants an entry in the first half of 2014.

As for China, a second TUF is still on the table but not yet ironed out, and may play a part in the UFC’s desired entry into main lain China during the second half of 2015. He also detailed the challenges of the Chinese market, regulation not being one of them.