UFC TUF CHINA Episode 4 recap


On December 28, 2013 UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter: China reality show Episode 4 aired on Liaoning TV. Team Lions’ Dong Xin faced and defeated Team Dragons’ Albert Cheng by TKO.

On TUF China Episode 3, Ning GuangYou defeated Shih Liang and therefore Coach Zhang TieQuan was able to retain the next pick of fighters. He selected Albert Cheng to face Dong Xin. At the weigh ins Dragons’ Coach Ao Hailin didn’t show up, leaving the team in a depressed state. Cung Le took them aside and appointed his own coach, Scott Healy, as their new head coach.

At the fight time, Cheng rushed Dong, picked him up, and slammed him to the ground. The entire round was all Cheng’s top game and positioning with random elbows and knees. However the second round completely reversed. Cheng decided to shoot, and he was met by Dong’s fists. A second shoot and a bunch more punches sent Cheng turtling on the canvas until the ref eventually stepped in and called it.

TUF China Tally

Ao Hailin, Head Coach
An Hui, Thai Boxing Coach
Marco, Grappling Coach
1 – Yang Jianping, Featherweight
2 – Lee Junhan, Featherweight
3 – Chong Allen Solomon, Featherweight
4 – Shih Liang, Featherweight (0-1)
1 – Wang Sai, Welterweight
2 – Wang Anying, Welterweight
3 – Zhu Qingxiang, Welterweight (0-1)
4 – Dong Xin, Welterweight (1-0)

Zhang TieQuan, Head Coach
Flavio Bueno, Grappling Coach
Bao LiGao, Striking Coach
Vince Soberano, Thai Boxing Coach
1 – Ning Guangyou, Featherweight (1-0)
2 – Fu Changxin, Featherweight
3 – Yao Zhikui, Featherweight
4 – He Jianwei, Featherweight
1 – Zhang Lipeng, Welterweight (1-0)
2 – Cheng Albert, Welterweight (0-1)
3 – Wu Qize, Welterweight
4 – Li Jinying, Welterweight – Quit Episode 2
Reserve – Fu JiYi, Welterweight

#1 – Welterweight – Team Dragons pick
Zhang Lipeng defeats Zhu Qingxiang by Submission, strikes, rd 1.

#2 – Featherweight –
Ning GuangYou defeats Shih Liang by KO, rd 2, 2:44

#3 – Welterweight
Dong Xin defeats Albert Cheng by TKO, rd 2, 3:25