UFC TUF China Episode 7 recap and photos


UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter: China reality show Episode 6 recently aired on Liaoning TV. Team Dragons’ Yao ZhiKui faced and defeated Team Dragons’ Allen Chong.

Yang JianPing was caught with a cell phone so Team Lions had to forfeit their upper hand in the picks. Zhang TieQuan’s team got the pick of the fight. They chose Yao Zhikui, former Legend FC Bantamweight Champion Yao Hongang’s brother, to face Allen Chong of Malaysia in a featherweight eliminator.

Wang Sai says Allen told them he could box, but in reality it was just his BJJ that was good.  Coach Zhang said Yao’s wrestling is what he needs to rely on.  Coach Scott Sheely says he wished Allen could train more, but he had some injuries.

Yao weighs a lot less than Allen, and the team thinks it may be a small problem so he’ll have to rely on his speed, even though he is stronger.  Both make weight at 66kg, and Allen says he will get back up to 72 kg by fight time.

Allen’s team chants “Malay” for him, and he walks out like bruce Lee to his fight, Rocky Lee and Coach Scott in his corner.  Yao comes out with his team chanting his name.


The two clash, Allen kicks and Yao grabs the heel for a take down. Allen is on his back grabbing guard.  He climbs up as Yao pressures.  Yao drops elbows.  Allen tries a sit up but Yao keeps hammering the elbows.  Allen tries to get a triangle but eats three successive elbows and is KOed.  The ref jumps in to prevent any further strikes.

Yao says he admires his opponents spirit, but says it’s MMA not BJJ.  Allen says he should have played a different game starting against the cage.  Cung Le says he expected it would be a longer fight and end in the third as a matter of who had the best heart.

Welterweight alternate for Team Dragons Fu Yiji bows out because the weight cut is too hard. Therefore, Wang Anying advances to the semifinals without having had a match.

A post-show run down takes place between the two coaches Zhang and Ao Hailin.  They talk about the personalities of the fighters.


TUF China Tally

Ao Hailin, Head Coach
An Hui, Thai Boxing Coach
Marco, Grappling Coach
1 – Yang Jianping, Featherweight (1-0)
2 – Lee Junhan, Featherweight
3 – Allen Chong, Featherweight (0-1)
4 – Shih Liang, Featherweight (0-1)
1 – Wang Sai, Welterweight (1-0)
2 – Wang Anying, Welterweight (0-0) advances
3 – Zhu Qingxiang, Welterweight (0-1)
4 – Dong Xin, Welterweight (1-0) – out due to injury
Reserve –

Zhang TieQuan, Head Coach
Flavio Bueno, Grappling Coach
Bao LiGao, Striking Coach
Vince Soberano, Thai Boxing Coach
1 – Ning Guangyou, Featherweight (1-0)
2 – Fu Changxin, Featherweight (0-1)
3 – Yao Zhikui, Featherweight (1-0)
4 – He Jianwei, Featherweight
1 – Zhang Lipeng, Welterweight (1-0)
2 – Cheng Albert, Welterweight (0-1)
3 – Wu Qize, Welterweight (0-1)
4 – Li Jinying, Welterweight – Quit Episode 2
Reserve – Fu JiYi, Welterweight – Quit Episode 7

#1 – Welterweight – Team Dragons pick
Zhang Lipeng defeats Zhu Qingxiang by Submission, strikes, rd 1.

#2 – Featherweight –
Ning GuangYou defeats Shih Liang by KO, rd 2, 2:44

#3 – Welterweight
Dong Xin defeats Albert Cheng by TKO, rd 2, 3:25

#4 – Featherweight
Yang Jianping defeats Fu Changxin by Submission, armbar, rd 1

#5 – Welterweight
Wang Sai defeats Wu Qize

#6 – Featherweight
Yao Zhikui defeats Allen Chong by TKO, rd 1