Zhang Lipeng drops his first decision to Chris Wade at UFC FN 59



Chinese MMA fighter Zhang Lipeng (pre-fight interview here) went three rounds against Chris Wade at UFC FN 59, but a point deduction and the latter’s wrestling earned Wade the Unanimous Decision victory.


UFC Fight Night 59 took place in Boston, USA on January 18, 2015. Zhang was coming off his first western-led fight camp but it wasn’t quite enough for him to get the finish as he’d hoped.  Zhang came out with a strong first round and out-wrestled the wrestler in Wade.  He looked for takedowns and threw knees.  Into the second, Wade began to find the better pacing, and a second low knee from Zhang saw him penalized with a point deduction.

Zhang needed to end it in the third round badly.  Wade came on strong and didn’t allow him to use his burst of power to his knees, and scored points with a takedown and controlled Zhang from his knees for most of the round.  With the point deduction and clear control, all three judges gave the win to Wade.

Zhang Lipeng experienced his first loss in the UFC to go to 2-1, while Wade improves to 2-0.


  • 1st Round: They go into a clinch with Wade’s wrestling taking center stage.  Zhang gets underhooks by Wade uses them against him for a take down.  Wade with elbows.  Zhang works his way back up.  Zhang gets underhooks again and works knees.  Low knee by Zhang, ref time stops.  Wade works a few low kicks.  Zhang slips on a high kick.  Zhang gets underhooks again.  Zhang looks for an outside leg trip.  Wade reverses against the cage and has underhooks now.  Zhang works one arm back in, and then the other, throws knees.  Ref breaks.  Zhang goes for the hip toss, misses it.  Zhang back with underhooks.  Zhang is looking for a throw and lands a knee at the bell.


  • 2nd Round:  Wade lands a combo on the chin of Zhang as he’s backing up.  Zhang breaks free and goes for kicks.  Wade drops for a single, Zhang reverses with a nice sprawl, stands and forces Wade back up.   Wade has one underhook and tries knees.  Zhang reverses him and gets both underhooks.  Wae gets and arm in and reverses.  Zhang keeps a tight whizzer negating anything.  Zhang lands another low knee.  Wade comes out OK, Zhang gets a point deducted.  Restart, Wade with a side kick, Zhang goes in with punches.  Wade tries to go in, Zhang lands a right.  Wade shoots and gets the double to land inside Zhang’s half guard against the cage.  Zhnag is trapped and Wade tries for short shots and elbows.  Zhang turns in and gets to his knees, but Wade gets his back.  Zhang slowly works to his feet.  Zhang tries to reverse for a fancy takedown, but Wade keeps top control.


  • 3rd Round:  Wade shoots to the cage.   Zhang drops down an elbow.  Zhang reverses him against the cage.  Zhang is looking for the trip and gets it but Wade turns it and lands in top position.  Zhang is seated against the cage.  Wade gets Zhang’s back down and achieves side control.  Zhang to his knees and stands, almost avoiding the back take.  Zhang with underhooks and finally gets a trip but Wade grabs his neck and then goes for an ankle take.  Zhang is on his knees while Wade controls from the top and looks for a choke or back take.  Wade with knees to the body.  Zhang keeps a hand down, but when he takes it up, Wade lands a knee to the head.  Zhang back down to his knees, Wade keeping control and throwing punches.  Zhang tries a last minute burst up.


Result: Chris Wade defeats Zhang Lipeng by Unanimous Decision, 30-26 all