It’s that time again! We bring you a look at the upcoming historic 10th Legend FC card by the man who is in the know: professional fighter, coach, and Legend FC commentator Vaughn “Blud” Anderson.

Liu Wenbo versus Yang Haejun

Not so long ago both these guys were fighting at over 100kg’s. Liu’s cut looked very painful when he weighed-in to fight Matt Cain, but he recovered well and submitted Cain who has an awesome ground game. Liu’s submissions are backed by a great boxing base, and a 6 cm height advantage in this match will make a knockout win more complicated for Yang.

Liu is pushing the limits to make 84kg, but Yang is no stranger to big opponents. He blew through the heavyweight division a few years ago, KO’ing the only guy so far to beat Junior Dos Santos. I expect Hungry’s superior wrestling will determine where the fight unfolds – and that will be with both guys standing… until one of them gets smacked unconscious.

Rob Lisita versus Yusuke Kawanago

Here is my pick for fight of the night! In Lisita’s Legend debut, he weathered a flurry of blows and was still able to put on a wrestling clinic with repeated, textbook takedowns. Despite all the hard shots he ate, his pace never weakened. With admirable, auto-pilot determination he took the decision from a very dangerous fighter in Choi Yeong Gwang.

In comparison, Champion Kawanago has smashed his way to the top with an equally aggressive Muay Thai style that often includes blood, flying knees, and early finishes. His familiarity on the ground gives him the confidence to get in your face and throw pain at you without fearing a takedown. If you manage to ground our Champ, he is happy to play there too – remember he is the guy who submitted Ji Xian! If anyone can dethrone Kawanago it’s Lisita. For sure though,Bancho won’t give up the Featherweight title without the fight of his life.

Cole Davids versus Brandon Ropati

These two guys look like twins on paper: Gone the distance? Check. Sub wins? Check. KO wins? Check. Both undefeated. Both Kiwis. Hell, they have even fought on the same card before.

It would scare most people to have Roptai staring at them from the opposite corner and hear him introduced with “a perfect 6-0 record”… unless of course, you’re Cole Davids, who has a perfect 7-0 record. On August 24th, someone will give up their ‘undefeated’ status – losing something this valuable makes people cry sometimes – no doubt added pressure in fighting to win.

Rob Hill versus Koji Oishi

Welcome Oishi! This UFC/Pancrase vet boasts 29 wins including W’s over Chris Lytle and Nate Diaz – what!! Hard hitting, experienced, and crafty, he’ll be hoping to liquefy Hill on his way towards Jadamba’s belt.

Hill is looking to join Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit in the short list of names to have beaten Oishi. We’ve seen Rob do things in the Legend ring that no one has seen in MMA. Hill has what it takes to beat big names like Oishi. I know he is training hard for this one too (I caught him posting pics of his abs on facebook a few weeks ago).

Ji Xian versus Ruel Catalan

Ji has just one loss, and that was to none other than Bancho Kawanago… one week after a previous fight no less. Even considering the odds were against him, Ji seemed to be disappointed in his performance – dropping to bantamweight after the loss. In his first shot at 61kg the ‘handsome executioner’ put a great fighter to sleep in the first few seconds on round 1!

I look forward to seeing what Ji’s next challenger has to offer. Regardless of what Ruel’s been up to Jitz-wise, it’s safe to bet he isn’t where Ji is on the ground. Catalan has dangerous kickboxing though and for Ji to torque out a submission he’s gotta first survive the trip through Muay Thai cross-fire. To win this fight, Ruel will need to patiently maintain distance and keep his neck and limbs far away from Ji’s chopping block.

Alex Niu versus Luke Jumeau

Alex chose to train at home for once and is here with me in Xi’an now. He has more power and better cardio than ever these days. It would be hard for anyone to beat him now. When you fight big names like Alex Niu though, guys typically train harder than ever before; expect no less from Jumeau.

With seriousness I say this should be a really entertaining fight. Jumeau and Niu both travel forward and only back up when forced. They both hit to kill, but know what’s up on the ground too. Jumeau is driven by some misfortunes in his past, and that drive counts for something. Alex has put his life on the line in all sorts of special forces ops, and that’s what he does in the ring too – neither will give less than everything. Hey, don’t buy any snacks – you’re probably gonna lose your appetite.

Jacques Marsters versus Yusuke Kasuya

A Kiwi champ at welterweight, Marsters’ newest challenge is dropping to lightweight and fighting Japanese submission wizard, Yusuke Kasuya. Like so many of Japan’s MMA elite, Kasuya is a Shooto Rookie Tournament champ. He would have even beat Rob Hill in his Legend debut, but forgot to shake the horseshoe out of Rob’s shorts before that fight.

Kasuya’s submission threat is no joke and will likely have Marsters training hard these days to keep this one standing. My crystal ball also tells me Kasuya is polishing those takedowns now and hoping to avoid completely Marsters’ belt-winning stand-up.

Choi Yeong Gwang versus Leonard Delarmino

Choi is everywhere you are, with no real safe way to fight him. He had huge setbacks recently, injuring his knee twice keeping him out of action for a year and a half. He lost just narrowly in his comeback fight to top featherweight contender, Lisita. Those 15 minutes with Ruthless Rob should have polished off the ring rust and reawakened the killing machine Choi was against Wakabayashi.

Delarmino’s strengths favour the stand up game. He is damn good at it too, forcing the guys he fights to take him down. Choi might play this card too against Delarmino. Remember though, each time Delarmino fights he is that much harder to submit. With kick-ass striking, he has time to focus exclusively on upping his grappling.

Kai Kara-Frace versus Sam Chan

I became an instant fan of Kara-France when he showed up on 4-days notice and took our Bantamweight KO King Austin Delarmino within one blow of a huge upset. Imagine how he’s gonna perform now with time to prep and develop a game plan! We saw in Chan’s countryman, Bin Zainal’s fight at Legend 9 that what these guys lack in proper coaching they make up for with heart, proving the fighter spirit goes a long way. Don’t brush off the potential this fight has
to be a bloodbath.

Ev Ting versus Rolando Gabriel Dy

Ting put up an impressive struggle in his Legend debut against still undefeated Mark Striegl, but was eventually choked unconscious. It looks cool on Striegl’s highlight reel, but it’s Ting who is honoured by fighters in that clip. It’s us that understand what getting strangled to death feels like. Even knowing the ref will save our lives, it still takes balls not to tap and fight ‘til you pass out.

Ting fights another Filipino this time. Ronald Gabriel Dy is better known for punching and looks like a killer – check out his profile pic. You know how far Ting is prepared to take it, Dy – so punch to kill, Kampeon.

– Vaughn ‘Blud’ Anderson