21-years-old Japanese MMA fighter passed away…


Very sad news came to Japanese MMA fans this morning.


Iyori Akiba… 21-years-old hard-puncher-mma-fighter from TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A
passed away due to traffic accident.

He fought and won at DEEP 77 IMPACT on 27th August against Tomohiro Adaniya.
After only 3 days he rode his small motor-bike in his city and big garbage-
collection-vehicle stuck him… Ah… πŸ™



He was Karate-backboned-talented-fly-weight fighter… huge loss to Japanese MMA world…

May his soul rest in peace…


Iyori Akiba at DEEP77 01

Iyori Akiba at DEEP77 02

Iyori Akiba at DEEP77 03