DEEP 69 Impact adds a star-studded cast: Otsuka’s title defense, Hirota vs Imanari, DJ Taiki vs Sage

DEEP 69 Impact
DEEP 69 Impact

DEEP is 69 Impact will be a mammoth affair on october 26, 2014 when the top talent comes out to shine on a card topped by Takafumi Otsuka’s Bantamweight title defense against Toshinori Tsunemura.


It may not be the walloping pair up that Otsuka expected, but no doubt it will be a fun one as he gets to pit his wrestling against the grinding Grabaca representative.

Mizuto Hirota will face Masakazu Imanari in a match filled with ominous overtones. We all know Hirota doesn’t tap and Imanari doesn’t let go, but things have changed since those times. Hirota went on to prove his toughness in the big leagues of Strikeforce and UFC, with an ultra competitive bid that was sadly cut short because of a highly aggressive division. He most recently defeated former LW Champ Daisuke Nakamura.

Meanwhile, Imanari stayed home and started to get “found out” by the young bloods Yuki Motoya and Haruo Ochi in his attempts at flyweight, yet still possesses all of the star quality and threatening flop-to-leglock action that fans clamor for.

In a pair of matches for some fighters recently hitting and then falling off the radar, Sage Akao and AB are back. Akao was to stage a comeback against Chase Beebe, but the latter decided not to get on his plane and Sage had to sit it out. He’ll be more than hungry to clash when he meets fan favorite and former Bantamweight title holder DJ Taiki in what should be a a fight of the century. DJ literally walked away from his belt, but now the icon is back and hungry for a new chance. Sage, of all fighters at bantamweight, will most definitely oblige.

AB was – like Sage – once poised to be a shining star, then meeting foreign opponents in Pancrase proved to be tougher mettle than he could handle. However two fights back into DEEP against lukewarm opposition have given him a feel-good win streak that’s put him back in the thick of it against Naoto Miyazaki, the former Lightweight title challenger who saw a whopping seven fight win streak stopped by Satoru Kitaoka’s taking home the belt.

Getting DEEP playtime again will be Korean Zombie Jung Chan-Sung who comes back to his old stomping grounds with two little zombies in tow, amateurs starting their pro roads as he did, hunting heads in Japan.

A few other notables grace the card without matches made, and one of them is the original arm bar woman, Satoko Shinashi, the original DEEP Women’s Flyweight Champ. This makes six years since her absence from the sport, at which time she racked up a massive 29–2–2 record, one of the most prolific fighters in women’s MMA to date.

And, Dice K is back.

As previously announced, Ryuta Sakurai comes back to the DEEP against Yoshiyuki Nakanishi to determine who will be the first challenger for Yuta Watanabe’s Welterweight belt. Also, Yuki Okano – who failed to get past Yuya Shirai (yet a second time) in his own quest for the belt – gets handed another of the toughest in the division as he meets fellow finishing sensation K-Taro Nakamura.


DEEP 69 Impact
October 26, 2014
TDC Hall
Tokyo, Japan

Bantamweight Championship
Takafumi Otsuka 大塚隆史(AACC)
Toshinori Tsunemura 恒村俊範(GRABAKA)

Next Middleweight title contender
Ryuta Sakurai 桜井隆多(R-BLOOD)
Yoshiyuki Nakanishi 中西良行(TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A)

Yuki Okano 岡野裕城(マッハ道場)
Keita “K-Taro” Nakamura 中村K太郎(K太郎道場)

Mizuto Hirota 廣田瑞人(CAVE)
Masakazu Imanari 今成正和(Team-ROKEN)

DJ.taiki Hata(フリー)
Sage Akao 赤尾セイジ(NEX)

Naoto Miyazaki 宮崎直人(総合格闘技津田沼道場)
Hiroyuki “AB” Aoki(和術慧舟會駿河道場)

Kamisako Hirohito 上迫博仁(チーム クラウド)
Jiro Takahashi 高橋憲次郎(マッハ道場)

Luiz Andrade (禅道会)
Kimihiro Eto 江藤公洋(和術慧舟會HEARTS)

Harunari Shinogawa Cabbage 篠川キャベツ(クラブ・バーバリアン)
Hiroto Sakuma “Furyo Senpai” 咲間“不良先輩”ヒロト (パラエストラ八王子)

Fujisawa Yusaku 藤澤優作(禅道会)
Niisato Yoshihiko 新里佳彦(総合格闘技道場MAKUGAN)

Odagiri Isamu 小田切勇(和術慧舟會東京道場)
“Hachioji of the Dead” 八王子・オブ・ザ・デッド (パラエストラ八王子)

Daisuke Nakamura “Dice K” 中村大介(U-FILE CAMP/夕月堂本舗)、
Satoko Shinashi しなしさとこ(フリー)
Daisuke Endo 遠藤大翼(和術慧舟會駿河道場)、
Yoshiaki Okada 岡田孔明(PUREBRED大宮)
Kim Sung キム・スング(KOREAN ZOMBIE MMA/本宮塾)
Song Jin-Su ソン・ジンス(KOREAN ZOMBIE MMA/本宮塾)

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