The trend of Asian MMA rising has taken on a high test-fueled burst of growth with DEEP‘s new social media presence in English and a YouTube channel aimed at getting the past fights more visible along with more intimate workings of the organization.  Since Japan’s A-league DREAM slouched into rarity, DEEP has taken up the mantle of many of its stars, upgrading from B-level feeder league to capitalizing upon the most internationally well-knon names in Japanese MMA.  Now everything seems to be heading towards a cosmic big bang with hints on forums from DEEP reps themselves about a live stream pending.

At possibly no time other than the next card, DEEP 62nd Impact, could this come at a more opportune time for the promotion to make it’s legitimate debut onto the global stage.  The ‘cult’ of JMMA could go mainstream with the sheer number of stellar matches it has made on the card.  There are revenge matches, out-of-retirement matches, weight class drops, style-versus-style matches – things you won’t typically see in ordered leagues built on making champions.  Many of these matches are just pure fun.  But in all seriousness, the fourteen matches slated featuring twenty-eight fighters have a whopping SIX HUNDRED bouts between them.

There are no fewer than three titles on the line – Lightweight, Bantamweight, and Welterweight. Dice-K Nakamura, the Lightweight champ, has fought for more organizations than possibly anyone else on earth. His spectacular flying arm bars will have a tough rope to climb against super koala Kitaoka. Lightweight champ Maeda has a resume that reads like a United Nations role call. “Dj.taiki’ comes at him for a third time in a best out of three match up for the shiny strap in what is sure to be a striker’s heaven. And in the final title contest Tribe Tokyo journeyman and Welterweight champ Yuya Shirai stays home to grind – or rather defend his belt against AKA’s well-rounded Dan Hornbuckle.

Masanori Kanehara steps back in the ring to cement his place at the top. Tatsumitsu Wada and Yusaku Nakamura drop weight to find out who can be the Flyweight title challenger. Takafumi Otsuka makes another run up the ladder against a tough-as-nails Makoto Kamaya. And Gono comes back!

Think of what you’d have sat through to really appreciate this card.  And think of the contributions all of these guys have made throughout their careers in furthering MMA.

DEEP 62nd Impact
April 26, 2013
Tokyo Dome City Hall
Tokyo, Japan

#14 – DEEPライト級(70.3kg以下)タイトルマッチ 5分3R DEEP lightweight (70.3 kg) title match 5-3R
王者:中村大介(U-FILE CAMP) Daisuke Nakamura (27-13) vs Satoru Kitaoka (30-12-9) 北岡悟(LOTUS):挑戦者

#13 – DEEPバンタム級(62kg以下)タイトルマッチ 5分3R DEEP bantamweight (62 kg) title match 5-3R
王者:前田吉朗(パンクラス稲垣組) Yoshiro Maeda (30-12-2) vs Daiki Hata (15-9-7) “DJ.taiki” (フリー):挑戦者

#12 – DEEPウェルター級(77.1kg以下)タイトルマッチ DEEP welterweight (77.1 kg) title match
王者:白井祐矢(TRIBE TOKYO MMA) Yuya Shirai (23-12-1) vs Dan Hornbuckle (23-5) ダン・ホーンバックル(ATT):挑戦者

#11 – 金原正徳(パラエストラ八王子) Masanori Kanehara (21-10-5) vs Wade Choate (14-14)

#10 – DEEPフライ級(58.5kg以下)時期挑戦者決定戦 5分3R DEEP flyweight Challenger finals 5-3R
和田竜光(吉田道場) Tatsumitsu Wada (8-7-2) vs Yusaku Nakamura (5-3-1) 中村優作(総合格闘技スタジオSTYLE)

#9 – 大塚隆史(AACC) Takafumi Otsuka (14-11-1) vs Makoto Kamaya (22=11-2) 釜谷真(Honey Trap)

#8 – 郷野聡寛(フリー) Akihiro Gono (32-18-7) vs Taisuke Okuno (11-7-2) 奥野”轟天”泰舗(CAVE)

#7 – 戸井田カツヤ(和術慧舟會トイカツ道場) Katsuya Toida (13-12-3) vs Seiji Akao (15-7-2) 赤尾セイジ(NEX)

#6 – 津田勝憲(総合格闘技津田沼道場) Katsunori Tsuda (5-2-1) vs Shota Shidochi (2-0) 志土地翔大(高田道場)

#5 – 遠藤大翼(和術慧舟會駿河道場) Daisuke Endo (9-4-2) vs Masato Kobayashi (6-3-1) 小林聖人(総合格闘技津田沼道場)

#4 – 宮川博孝(ALLIANCE) Hirotaka Miyakawa (6-10-2) vs Toshinori Tsunemura (5-2-2) 恒村俊範(GRABAKA)

#3 – 梅田恒介(R-BLOOD) Kosuke Umeda (12-12-3) vs Edward Matsuura (3-1) エドワード松浦(フリー)

#2 – 蛭川高重(TRIBE TOKYO MMA) Takashige Hirukawa (2-3-4) vs Hideki Kiyota (6-2-1) 清田秀樹(キングダムエルガイツ)

#1 – 高橋弘(蒼天塾) Hiroshi Takahashi (5-4-1) vs Yoshihiko Shinzato (0-0) 新里佳彦(総合格闘技道場MAKUGAN)