DEEP JEWELS Bout Announcements


DEEP Fighting Championship announced the match ups for the first DEEP JEWELS card on August 31, 2013. A cross-section of legends, top fighters, and prospects set to face off.

DEEP Boss Shigeru Saeki, one of Japan’s most stalwart MMA advocates, took on the struggling JEWELS promotion in an effort to keep women’s MMA opportunities from slipping into obscurity. While the division is staggeringly shallow, its competitors all put their effort and talent into keeping it going despite the odds. Saeki’s move has provided a much needed lifeline. In open association with Invicta FC, the US’ and world’s largest all-female MMA promotion, DEEP will now be in a position to spread and hopefully grow women’s MMA in Japan.

On the card will be legends and prospects. High on the notable list is Yasuko “Pink Spider” Mogi, founder of Valkyrie and matchmaker for JEWELS. The submission grappler has participated in every womens’ event in Japan, and at 44 years of age, she is still going strong for the cause. Mika Nagano, JEWELS poster girl, will make the transition to the roster, as will one of the most well-known female MMA fighters, Emi Fujino. Celine Haga, who has turned a career upside down and is riding a 4-fight winning streak will appear against Kobra Kai prospect Sadae “Manhoef” Numata.

August 31, 2013
Shinjuki Face
Tokyo, JAPAN

セリーナ((5-11) (team hellboy hansen) Celine Haga
サダエ・マヌーフ (4-1)(総合格闘技道場コブラ会)Sadae Numata

玉田育子 (14-8)(AACC) Yasuko Tamada
関友紀子 (11-22)(FIGHT CHIX)Yukiko Seki

茂木康子 (3-8) (“リバーサルジム新宿Me,We”) Yasuko Mogi
アミバ (5-3)(IMPACT GYM)Yuko Oya

吉田正子 (16-18)(FIGHT CHIX) Masako Yoshida
高野聡美 (2-1)(クラブバーバリアン)Satomi Sakano

梅原拓未 (1-1)(禅道会)Takumi Umehara
杉本恵 (0-0) (AACC)Megumi Sugimoto

長野美香 (13-8)(CORE)Mika Nagano

藤野恵実 (12-6)(和術慧舟會GODS ) Emi Fujino


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