GrandSlam 1 Live streamed for Tokoro vs Henry, Shimizu vs Tobizaru 2, Nam Phan vs Ito

GrandSlam 1
GrandSlam 1

The Japanese MMA scene opens wider with Shuichiro Katsumura’s first GrandSlam event held on July 13, 2014 at Differ Ariake in Tokyo.

The event will be held in a cage with unified rules. Founder Katsumura, former Shooto Champ, GroundSlam coach, and Ninja Choke inventor, states that the target fighyers to appear will be anyone from new professions all the way up to those coming out of the UFC.

At the top of the bill is Hideo Tokoro who was selectively absent for a year after his shoulder slam loss at REAM New Years Eve 2011. Tokoro focusing on his gym and coaching endeavors and waited for the right opportunity to return to competition which came in the form of the new VTJ.

While his opponent is a mere 6-1, Victor Henry’s coach Josh Barnett thinks he has a combination of explosiveness and unpredictability which can confound and defeat Tokoro.

The next two of three top-billed fights for the card have recent UFC-cut fighters appearing. Shunichi Shimizu’s solo appearance at bantamweight gave him a bitter lesson that he needed to drop to fly, and this will be his first undertaking at the new weight division.

The stand out grappler faces the always exciting and unpredictable up and comer Tobizaru Number 2. Saruta was Shooto Rookie of 2013 and shot his war into title contention, only to be felled by the more experienced Ryuichi Miki.

Additionally, Nam Phan makes his way back to Japan after being silently released from the UFC also. He faces Zst stalwart Kenichi Ito. If the slugger in Nam comes back out, expect a fast-paced and fun fight.

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GrandSlam 1
July 13, 2014
Differ Ariake
Tokyo, Japan

Live 800yen PPV on Ustream at
Event start 2:15JST, PPV start 4:30JST

Main Card

8th match bantam-weight class(~61.2kg) [5min*3R]
Hideo Tokoro (32-26-2) 所英男(リバーサルジム武蔵小杉トコロプラス)
Victor Henry (6-1) ビクター・ヘンリー(CSW/ハイブリッドファイター)

7th match the fly-weight class(~56.7kg) [5min*3R]
Shunichi Shimizu (28-9-10) 清水俊一(宇留野道場/ハイブリッドファイター)
Yosuke Saruta (8-4-2) 飛猿 No.2 (リバーサルジム川口リディプス)

6th match 64kg-weight [5min*3R]
Nam Phan (18-13) ナム・ファン(パラエストラ八王子)
Kenichi Ito (12-11-8) 伊藤健一(カルペディエム)

5th the feather -weight class(~65.8kg) [5min*3R]
Koji Mori (10-3-1)

4th match the middle-weight class(~83.9kg) [5min*3R]
Bob Armstrong (1-0)
Luke Mori (3-2-1)

3rd match the light-weight class(~70.3kg) [5min*3R]
Daisuke Hoshino (8-8-1) 岡澤弘太(リバーサルジム横浜グランドスラム)
Kota Okazawa (11-9-5) 星野大介(総合格闘技津田沼道場)

2nd match the bantam-weight class(~61.2kg) [5min*3R]
Setsu Iguchi (8-2-1) 井口摂(BADASS13)
Taku Kajikawa (2-4-1) 梶川卓(スカーフィスト)

1st match the bantam-weight class(~61.2kg) [5min*3R]
Takeshi Kashiwazaki (7-0-2) 柏崎剛(K-PLACE)
Takahiro Furumagi (1-0) 古間木崇宏(パラエストラ八王子)

Preliminary Fights

Tokuaki Ninomiya (4-6-5)
Yuichi Miyagi (5-3)

Randolph Fields (0-0)
Masaki Sakurazawa (1-1)

Daiki Kaneko (0-0)
Hiroki Mihara (0-0)

Kohei Maruyama (0-0)
Takuya Hirano (0-0)

Shinya Sugimura (0-0)
Satoshi Fujiwara (1-1-1)

Keisuke Tamaru (12-14-5)
Kenta ‘Hachioji of the Dead’ Nagatsuka (4-3)

Yosuke Yaguchi (0-0)
Masahiro Mizushima (0-0)

Takayuki Komazawa (0-0)
Tetsuo Nakanishi (0-0)