IGF 3 photo albums – Heavyweight Tournament Opening Round


IGF 3 Yosef Mohammad def Dion Staring
IGF 3 Yosef Mohammad def Dion Staring

The Inoki Genome Federation held their third MMA event named IGF Fight 3 on April 11, 2015 at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan.

The opening round of an 8-man open weight tournament called the World GP was held. England’s Oli Thompson decisioned Japan’s Isuhika Minowa. IGF regular Chris Barnett KOed Bulgaria’s Emil Zahariev. Brazil’s Fernando Rodrigues Jr finished France’s Antony Rea by punches. The biggest upset was when Yosef Mohammad defeated Golden Glory’s Dion Staring by KO.

The semifinals will be held on August 29th at IGF 4, and the IGF World GP Championship bout will take place on the annual New Years Eve event, Inoki Bom Ba Ye 2015.

April 11, 2015
Tokyo, Japan

#6 – Heavyweight Tournament Opening Round
Oli Thompson def Ikuhisa Minowa by Unanimous Dec

Oli Thompson def Ikuhisa Minowa_30.JPG
Oli Thompson def Ikuhisa Minowa_31.JPG
Oli Thompson def Ikuhisa Minowa_32.JPG
Oli Thompson def Ikuhisa Minowa_33.JPG
Oli Thompson def Ikuhisa Minowa_34.JPG
Oli Thompson def Ikuhisa Minowa.JPG
Oli Thompson def Ikuhisa Minowa_1.JPG
Oli Thompson def Ikuhisa Minowa_2.JPG
Oli Thompson def Ikuhisa Minowa_3.JPG
Oli Thompson def Ikuhisa Minowa_4.JPG
Oli Thompson def Ikuhisa Minowa_5.JPG
Oli Thompson def Ikuhisa Minowa_6.JPG

#5 – Heavyweight Tournament Opening Round
Chris Barnett def Emil Zahariev by KO/TKO, 2:58 R2

Chris Barnett def Emil Zahariev_14.JPG
Chris Barnett def Emil Zahariev_15.JPG
Chris Barnett def Emil Zahariev_16.JPG
Chris Barnett def Emil Zahariev_17.JPG
Chris Barnett def Emil Zahariev_18.JPG
Chris Barnett def Emil Zahariev_19.JPG
Chris Barnett def Emil Zahariev_0.JPG
Chris Barnett def Emil Zahariev_1.JPG
Chris Barnett def Emil Zahariev_2.JPG
Chris Barnett def Emil Zahariev_3.JPG
Chris Barnett def Emil Zahariev_4.JPG
Chris Barnett def Emil Zahariev_5.JPG

#4 – Heavyweight Tournament Opening Round
Fernando Rodrigues Jr. def Antony Rea by KO/TKO, 1:52 R1

Fernando Rodrigues def Antony Rea_6.JPG
Fernando Rodrigues def Antony Rea_7.JPG
Fernando Rodrigues def Antony Rea_8.JPG
Fernando Rodrigues def Antony Rea_9.JPG
Fernando Rodrigues def Antony Rea_10.JPG
Fernando Rodrigues def Antony Rea_11.JPG
Fernando Rodrigues def Antony Rea_0.JPG
Fernando Rodrigues def Antony Rea_1.JPG
Fernando Rodrigues def Antony Rea_2.JPG
Fernando Rodrigues def Antony Rea_3.JPG
Fernando Rodrigues def Antony Rea_4.JPG
Fernando Rodrigues def Antony Rea_5.JPG

#3 – Heavyweight Tournament Opening Round
Yosef Mohammad def Dion Staring by KO/TKO, 0:48 R1

Yosef Mohammad def Dion Staring_9.JPG
Yosef Mohammad def Dion Staring_10.JPG
Yosef Mohammad def Dion Staring_11.JPG
Yosef Mohammad def Dion Staring_12.JPG
Yosef Mohammad def Dion Staring_13.JPG
Yosef Mohammad def Dion Staring_14.JPG
Yosef Mohammad def Dion Staring_0.JPG
Yosef Mohammad def Dion Staring_1.JPG
Yosef Mohammad def Dion Staring_2.JPG
Yosef Mohammad def Dion Staring_3.JPG
Yosef Mohammad def Dion Staring_4.JPG
Yosef Mohammad def Dion Staring_5.JPG

#2 – Shinichi Suzukawa def Ik-Tae Jin by KO/TKO, 0:18 R1

Shinichi Suzukawa def Ik-Tae Jin_8.JPG
Shinichi Suzukawa def Ik-Tae Jin_9.JPG
Shinichi Suzukawa def Ik-Tae Jin_10.JPG
Shinichi Suzukawa def Ik-Tae Jin_11.JPG
Shinichi Suzukawa def Ik-Tae Jin_12.JPG
Shinichi Suzukawa def Ik-Tae Jin_13.JPG
Shinichi Suzukawa def Ik-Tae Jin_0.JPG
Shinichi Suzukawa def Ik-Tae Jin_1.JPG
Shinichi Suzukawa def Ik-Tae Jin_2.JPG
Shinichi Suzukawa def Ik-Tae Jin_3.JPG
Shinichi Suzukawa def Ik-Tae Jin_4.JPG
Shinichi Suzukawa def Ik-Tae Jin_5.JPG

#1 – Satoshi Ishii def Nick Rossborough by Sub, 4:22 R1

Satoshi Ishii def Nick Rossborough_15.JPG
Satoshi Ishii def Nick Rossborough_16.JPG
Satoshi Ishii def Nick Rossborough_17.JPG
Satoshi Ishii def Nick Rossborough_18.JPG
Satoshi Ishii def Nick Rossborough_19.JPG
Satoshi Ishii def Nick Rossborough.JPG
Satoshi Ishii def Nick Rossborough_1.JPG
Satoshi Ishii def Nick Rossborough_2.JPG
Satoshi Ishii def Nick Rossborough_3.JPG
Satoshi Ishii def Nick Rossborough_4.JPG
Satoshi Ishii def Nick Rossborough_5.JPG
Satoshi Ishii def Nick Rossborough_6.JPG

Entrance and Closing

Entrance and Closing_9.JPG
Entrance and Closing_10.JPG
Entrance and Closing_11.JPG
Entrance and Closing_12.JPG
Entrance and Closing_13.JPG
Entrance and Closing.JPG
Entrance and Closing_1.JPG
Entrance and Closing_2.JPG
Entrance and Closing_3.JPG
Entrance and Closing_4.JPG
Entrance and Closing_5.JPG
Entrance and Closing_6.JPG

Pro Wrestling Bouts

Pro Wrestling Bouts_46.JPG
Pro Wrestling Bouts_47.JPG
Pro Wrestling Bouts_48.JPG
Pro Wrestling Bouts_49.JPG
Pro Wrestling Bouts_50.JPG
Pro Wrestling Bouts.JPG
Pro Wrestling Bouts_1.JPG
Pro Wrestling Bouts_2.JPG
Pro Wrestling Bouts_3.JPG
Pro Wrestling Bouts_4.JPG
Pro Wrestling Bouts_5.JPG
Pro Wrestling Bouts_6.JPG